Impromptu Booth

Jumping into Netsquare, Rhea looked for a nice, comfy spot for her to set up her booth, dragging a digital cardboard box-like item with her. Hastily scribbling childish words onto one side of the box, she faced that particular side outside as she settled down to sit behind the box.

Out of curiosity, Harley watched the Navigator perform her antics, before approaching to read the words scribbled comically across the box.


Harley shook his head and lowered it, attempting to bury his head into the rigid panels making up the Netsquare grounds.

((Awaiting Grim))
MachMan and Vector materialized side by side on the portal from the ACDC hyperlink, transferred directly from their PET into the large, public area. Mach rolled his shoulders, feeling quite refreshed from the quick restore, and Vector's now shining metal body reflected the effectiveness of the pit-stop. His glowing red eye swept across the area, trying to identify anyone familiar amongst the groups of Navis ahead of them. Most were moving from link to link, some seemed to be lugging cargo while others appeared to be simply wandering around. There were plenty of Navis just hanging out as well, it seemed.

I don't see any acquaintances, sire.
Me neither, let's take a look around; see if anything piques our interest.
Vector nodded his head and followed close behind the Navi as he walked towards the center of the NetSquare. His bright color scheme and uniquely designed SP did attract some wayward glances, but no one seemed to be approaching the pair as they weaved through the streams of traveling Navis.

As they continued onwards, something caught Mach's eye. There was a rather impressive-looking mechanical horse, seemingly designed after a motorcyle of some sort, standing next to a purple female Navi sitting behind a box. As they approached, Mach noticed the high amount of mechanical detail in both programs. Both the girl and the horse were quite mechanical and robotic, but with rather high quality designs. Vector's eye met Mach's own before the Navi glanced back at the pair. Vector also shot a glance towards them, uttering a low "hm.." Aera was also looking at the programs, noting the impressive look of the horse, and the calm, cute face of the seated Navi.

It wasn't long before Mach saw a purple message scrawled into the side of the box, a seemingly innocent plea for a busting ally. The pair certainly didn't look like pushovers or typical scam artists; were they just bored? Mach slowed to a stop, causing Vector to turn towards him.
Interest piqued, sire?
Mach tilted his head slightly and raised his eyebrows.
Yeah, a bit. Let's take a look, I don't really foresee a threat, especially not here in the middle of a busy netsquare. Just watch our six, just to be safe.
[[i]Will do, Mach. They look nice, though...[/i]]

With 'preparations' set, Mach calmly walked towards the pair of programs, giving a slight wave and smiling.
Hi there, looking for teammates?
"Just how much further are you going to embarrass yourself, lass? Nevermind your horrible handwriting, which seemed impossible with your deadpan humour, but now you're also acting totally silly and nonsensical with a cardboard box and-- oh what on Earth are you scheming?" the tall equine snorted, exhaust fuming from his piping.

Rhea was unfazed by the smoke, keeping a straight face. "I saw an old online drawn image of children sitting behind boxes offering services. It is an interesting process that I would like to try out," the petite Navigator responded, her head turning instantly to the two approaching Rhea and Harley's way.

"Observe. It is now a tried and tested theory," Rhea concluded like an ACE DETECTIVE, motioning to the two approaching. If Harley could facepalm, he would've done it a few times already. The purple Navi stood to her full height (which isn't tall anyway) and greeted the other Navigator, who spoke up in introduction.

"Affirmative, fellow Navigator. On top of trying the 'Cardboard Box Theory', it is indeed in my agenda to seek for an accompli-- accompany-- a partner to obtain invaluable combat experience with. I am Rhea," Rhea announced, reaching to pat Harley. "This is my subordinate, Harley."

Harley scoffed. Who was the bigger one in terms of size? Totally not the lass. "Now, now, lass, I don't remember having an agreement that I be the subor--" Rhea tackled and attempted to budge the horse over his feet, but to no avail due to his big bulk. "-- and let me re-introduce myself. *cough* I'm Harley, the unfortunate support for tiny lass Rhea." A hoof is out and ready for any 'hand'shakes.

Rhea embarrassedly also moved to the front to offer a handshake, giving glares at her support program for being not co-operative.
Mach stopped in front of the Navi's cardboard box as she stood to greet them. He learned the Navi's name was Rhea, and the mechanical horse, named Harley, appeared to be a SP. However, Harley didn't seem to take too kindly to the idea of being referred to as a 'suboordinate.' Aera giggled as Rhea made a futile attempt to knock Harley off balance, an "elbow to the ribs" of sorts.

The pair extended hand and hoof in introduction, and Mach gladly took Rhea's hand and gave her a firm handshake. Vector carefully extended his arm and shook Harley's hoof, even though it looked hard enough to bear the brunt of his sharpened fingers with no ill effect.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Rhea. I'm MachMan, and this is my SP, Vector.
Nice to meet you, sir.

As Vector released Harley's hoof, Mach moved over to introduce himself to the SP, while Vector nonchalantly slid to the side to shake Rhea's hand.
A pleasure, miss Rhea.
Nice to meet you, Harley. I can't say I've met someone like you before!
Mach was practically looking up at the SP, since the equine program stood almost a foot taller than him.

Mach released Harley's hoof, before his eyes widened slightly, remembering something.
Oh, how rude of me. This is my second SP, Aera. She's filling in for our NetOp at the moment.

Mach gestured with his hand towards an empty space off to his side, but at soon as he made the introduction, a pop-up window opened above his hand, showing Aera's face. She waved and smiled warmly as she introduced herself to the group.
[[i]Hi~ I'm sorry I couldn't meet you both in person, but it's great to make your acquaintance![/i]]
The handshake(s) ceremony done, Harley lowered his hoof while staring at his Navigator.

Rhea wasn't letting go of Vector's hand.

"Ahem. You're being rude, lassy," the equine snorted, his head edging ever closer with a glare at Rhea. The petite Navi, on the other hand, was just blinking and staring at Vector's splendidly unique and shiny build, taking in every detail presented to her like a sponge.

And then her eyes set on Mach's wings.

Of course, now lost on who to stare more at, Rhea turned and shifted her stare in-between both Vector and Mach in obvious appreciation of their design / detail. Harley nudged her with his head out of her appreciative stupor. "There's another one making her introduction. Mind your manners, lassy," Harley whispered next to her ear, before straightening himself to full height.

"Greetings, Lady Aera! It is such a fine and fortuitous occasion for us to be graced by your presence," the equine brightened at the sight of a female, though via a restricted screen. Rhea meekly bowed at the sight of a prettier female, before letting her eyes set on Vector and Mach's shiny apparel and equipment.

Vector's single eye looked square at Rhea, emotionless as she continued to shake his hand... and not letting go... Vector was incapable of expressing his rising uncomfortableness, though at least it didn't seem she had any bad intentions, it just appeared she was fixated on his fragmented body. He sort of felt... flattered, and didn't want to be rude by collapsing his hand and sliding it away. Mach could see the look in her eyes as she examined his SP, then was surprised by that enthralled stare moving over towards his direction. Mach smiled as Harley attempted to get his Navi out of her trance, before being surprised by Aera's introduction.

Aera blushed slightly at Harley's flowery greeting, while Mach was intrigued by the SP's very sudden shift in behavior. It seems the mechanical equine has a fairly advanced AI, with a complex personality. ...or Harley is trying to flex his bravado with some sweet talk. Regardless, a complex personality indeed.
[[i]Heehee, you're too kind, Harley. You're quite the gentleman![/i]]

Though introductions are always fun, Mach felt it may be helpful for all of them to get on the right track.
Miss Rhea, was there something in particular you wished to do, or a location to visit?
On the topic of main business, Rhea and Harley both sobered up immediately.

"Yes sir Mach, we do have a destination in mind," Rhea said, to which Harley silently asked "we? I never asked for this!" behind her back. "Is NetVegas a fine location for you and your team?" she offered, open to any other suggestions.

The cardboard box behind her folded up and flattened itself to the floor.
The trio were pretty amused with Rhea's suggestion, considering that was precisely where they had just come from. However, the area is essentially a smorgasbord of different terrains and viruses, so each visit is different. Besides, with Rhea and Harley around, it would be a lot more interesting than before. With that, Machman gave a thumbs up, his orange-ringed sapphire eyes shining in the light.
Sounds like a plan. I assume you're ready to head out?
"That we are. Harley, roll and move out," Rhea announced gallantly, reaching to hoist herself up onto the tall equine's back.

It took her two tries before she could get herself up, and that was only because Harley lowered himself slightly to accomodate for her height. Then together they trotted in all presumed coolness towards the portal that linked to NetVegas.

[[To NetVegas]]
Mach managed to keep his composure as Rhea attempted not once, but twice to saddle up on Harley, and only succeeded to do so after he bowed down slightly. As the pair started to trot off, Mach couldn't help but put his thumb and index finger on either side of the bridge of his nose and chuckle, his shoulders shaking slightly. What an odd pair they've run into. The Navi shook it off before looking over to his SPs.
Alright then, let's head out.

Vector and Aera nodded, and her window closed before Mach and Vector rose a few inches in the air and took off after Rhea and Harley.

((To NetVegas))
[FXP: +5 to MachMan/+5 to Rhea]