Meeting space

[From Electown Net > Netbattling]
Near the edge of the netsquare, one of the portals suddenly flared into life. As the lights faded away, they left behind a netnavi, almost entirely covered by a suit of red and white armor. The navi immediately stepped off the portal, and began to walk towards the center, where most...well almost everybody was. As he walked, the navi opened a menu window, and quickly made some selections. Almost immediately, his armor disappeared, leaving him wearing a red t-shirt, tan cargo pants, and white tennis shoes.

As Delta continued onwards, he asked his netop, Henry, "Do you think I should make a topic on the BBS, or would it be better to just wait?"

Henry thought for a moment, then said, "Check the BBS for other postings, but we might as well wait a while."

With that, the navi reached the BBS and began to look at the messages posted there.
[ activated]
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Materializing from ACDC net is a male teenage navi wearing a white karate gi and black belt over a full black bodysuit, kickboxing boots and fingerless gloves. Neon blue eyes, sitting under wild platinum hair, gaze around as if seeing this place for the first time.

He reaches up to his gi for a moment and growls as he balls up part of it in his fist and looks like he is about to tear it but he hesitates and holds it instead. A moment later he sighs, releasing it and adjusts it to be strait again.
He came from a Beach Net portal sector.

A armored navi moved past in a hurry, looking like a knight. At a few inches over a Real World's measurement of six feet tall, the knight filled out his armor well. He wore armored boots, woolen pants, and gloves that shimmered, all the color of the morning mist in the vale. He bound his outfit in gleaming steel plates, scaled like a dragon's, over layers of gray wool and supple leather. His mantle was a thick cloak, soft and white as dove's down. A great winged helm masked his head, wings folded like horns. Wisps of dark-gray hair peeked through the cracks at the neck and over his eyes. That peered milky-gray out from the slits in his helmet in a determined look as he rushed past.

He was heading to a Sharo Net portal sector.
Delta turned his head slightly to watch the cloaked and armored knight rush past, towards the portal to the Sharo network. "I wonder where he's going in such a hurry?" Delta wondered aloud.

Henry, however, was more concerned with the gi-clad navi who had arrived earlier. "Hey, there's another navi here. Why don't you go say hi to him?"

Delta sighed, then said, "Very well." With that, he began to take long strides towards the navi, moving quite quickly. Stopping a short distance away from the other navi, Delta said, "Hello, my name is Delta," just loud enough for the other navi to hear, and waited for a reply.
Musou looked up and found himself measuring up this unfamiliar face. After a moment he realised he was being rude and burried his emotions for now.

"I'm Musou. Nice to meet'cha", he said as he offered a hand to Delta and gave a pleasant enough smile.
"Likewise," Delta said, grasping Musou's hand and shaking it. As he released the other navi's hand, he went on, "Would I be correct in thinking that, like me, you came here to see if there were any navis who you could ally with for the purposes of virus busting?"
He scratches his chin and thinks a moment. Seems like it will help him blow off some steam. "Sure, why not?" Musou says. A thought occours to him and he adds "I have to warn you though, I don't have any support. I won't take it personally if you don't want me fighting with you."
Delta looks puzzled, and asks, "Sorry, by that do you mean, that you don't have an operator right now?" He stops frowning and says, "Shouldn't be a problem. Which network do you want to visit?"
He nods and replies "Yep. No operator. I'm game for anything though, anywhere. I'd call anything a learning experience." He grins sheepishy.
Delta thinks for a moment, then asks "I think that we should head for SciLabs net. We should be fairly safe there." As he finishes speaking, the netnavi starts walking towards the scilab portal, motioning for his new acquaintance to follow.

It doesn't take long for the pair to arrive at the portal. Delta steps through first, vanishing in a beam of red light, his body appearing to separate into pieces of data the are lifted up into the sky.
[Going to SciLabs net.]
((Scilabs alright for a venue?))
Musou nods and follows Delta, heading to scilab area for the first time. Sounds like fun.

((Thats fine))