Advertising Teamwork

As the first foot fell on the warp-pad, the sleek look of the gray and maroon suit slid into place, permitting all to see that Rodger.EXE had entered NetSquare. "Well. I'm here, NetSquare." An impatient quivering voice stated, practically jumping in anticipation for the event to come. His optics scanned the area: plenty of Navis to join, tons of time to kill... And the virii were just waiting to be busted.

"Don't get your hopes up, there may not be anyone here who wants to Team up. Just... wait." Jared said patiently, tapping his fingers together from behind his monitor. "I'm sure if you're patient enough, people will simply-"

"Hey! Anyone in the mood for busting some viruses?! I'm looking for a team up!" Rodger screamed confidently. His voice boomed over the entire area of NetSquare, just begging to be answered.

Somewhere in the real world, Jared could be seen shaking his head, sighing. "I never thought he would try to advertise teamwork..."
Hey! Anyone in the mood for busting some viruses?! I'm looking for a team up! The words echoed throughout the Square as Eternalis warped into the large space. Never being here before, he looked around to find the screaming Navi, making a bit of a fool of himself. A light gray navi, fitted with a gray and maroon jumpsuit, shrieking his voice processes out.

(Screaming. Hmm. Maybe I'll have a go.) Walking out of the portal, he threw his head up and let his voice to its highest volume he could muster.

Yes! I would like a team up please! Introduce yourself! I'm Eternalis.EXE!
"Yes! I would like a team up please! Introduce yourself! I'm Eternalis.EXE!" A voice rang out in response.

Wow. That didn't take long... Jared thought silently as he heard the reply. Apparently Rodger knew what he was doing; perhaps there were other Navis who were as enthused and excited to bust virii as he. Let the puppies have their fun then. He mused, watching on with slight interest.

"Oi! I'm Rodger.EXE, pleasure to meet you Eternalis!" The Navi yelled out with a short bow, then pumping his fist to indicate that he was ready. "If you're ready, I'd like to get started. All that remains is for you to pick where we bust, and then for the virii to start hitting the floor!" A cocky grin masked his excited attitude for the moment as he approached his new Navi.

"Excuse me..." Jared began, "Eternalis? Rather, your operator. This is Rodger.EXE's operator, Jared. Please excuse my Navi's impatience, he can be quite irritating..." The man spoke from behind his monitor, hiding a chuckle beneath his voice. Rodger immediately yelled out at him, "Hey, Jared, why you gotta be that way? I'm not impatient... I just... don't like waiting!" He said with excitement. "Yeah, I don't like waiting."

"Heh... that would be the definition of impatience, Rodger. Anyhow, I too am itching to bust, so shall we?" Jared encouraged, leaning back in his chair. It was always a good thing to meet new people, perhaps these would one day become great allies.
Jacking into the area, Koumori, calmly, heard the yelling and commotion from a duo of navis, obviously, they had never met before. Busting partners... she thought, walking towards them without even thinking about it.

Momo materialized behind her, jumping up and curling her arms and legs around her mother's chest and her waist for the most part. "Who are those people mama?" she asked, looking over Koumori's shoulder as to get a better look at the strange navis. "Potential busting partners, Momo. Perhaps I can get more power by being around them." She whispered back before stopping near them, perhaps a couple feet from them. "Hello." she said, bowing to the duo as she placed one wing in front of herself as she bowed.

"My name is Koumori.EXE." She said, introducing herself as she righted herself to her full height. "And the girl on my back is Momo. She is my...ahm...daughter of sorts. It is complicated to explain." she continued. Momo let go of her mother and flapped her wings quickly to keep her aloft above the ground before maneuvering herself to the right of Koumori, giving a playful wave to the duo. "Hi there!" she said happily before "auntie" Kedamono chimed in. "I-I'm their netop, Kedamono Kodarashi. N-Nice to meet you." she stammered. "I overheard you two were going to go virus busting together. Perhaps you wouldn't mind a third navi to join you. I can assure you both. I may not look it, but I am a powerful combat navi." She said as Momo landed onto the ground gently.
Loki finally trotted into Netsquare, catching up with his presumptive busting partner. Slowly walking up behind Eternalis's... erm... "shoulder," he calmy spoke up in his quiet, deep voice "Wow, you're going all-out, aren't you? I feel sorry for those Metools..."

"Hi guys! The name's Jack!" Loki's operator exclaimed over the PET. "And I am Loki.EXE," the stealthy Navi said with an honorable bow. "I assume you two--three?--will be joining us in our virus-busting excursion? We'd be glad to have you, provided you don't get in the way," he said with a wink.
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Eternalis replied to Loki, I don't think any Metools are going to mess around with us anymore, now we've got four people. Wow. Four people together in a team? This is quite unheard of! Harke, Eternalis' operator spoke up. He'd heard of four-people teams before, but that was way back in the old days, and even then they were rare.

Impatient to get going, Eternalis exclaimed, Well, I'm raring to go! Seeya guys at the starting line! He then went, fast as lightning again, towards the portal back into ACDC and jumped in headfirst, into the strangest busting run he'd ever go on.
"Wait! I-" Loki unsuccessfully tried to stop Eternalis as he leapt back into the ACDC portal. He shrugged it off, and looked at the other two. Well, you comin'? There's no telling what type of trouble we could get ourselves into!" he said in mock excitement. This certainly would be something new. Loki was more of a solo artist anyway, preferring to take out his opponents silently and not having to worry about protecting others. However, making friends and contacts was important in the business of virus busting. Loki shook his head in resignation and stepped into the portal, preparing himself for what may lie beyond.
The look on Rodger's face was simply priceless. Well, it would have been if anyone saw it. Three people had joined him? What a wonderful adventure this was going to be! He was already starting to feel the twitching enthusiasm shiver through his body as two more people introduced themselves. There was a Mother-Daughter pair... Koumori.EXE and Momo. They seemed nice enough; Rodger figured they were due a welcome and introduction. "Hi there little one... I'm Rodger.EXE." He said, bent down to Momo's height before looking up to Koumori and extending a firm hand. "I'm glad you will be joining us!"

"Good to meet you all, Kedamono, Jack. I suppose we should get going, seeing as Eternalis has jumped the gun on us." He said plainly over the intercommunication program through his PET. Rodger chuckled and nodded. "I'm excited too! Let's goooo!"

And then there was a certain fox-like Navi, Loki.EXE. He appeared before the three of them clad in ninja gear with a stout stature, looking over to Rodger and Koumori. His two tails shone brightly as he introduced himself, his NetOp, too, and invited Rodger and Koumori to join him in virus busting. "Well!" Rodger started, a bit offset. "I was under the impression I was getting a group together here... but whatever, the more the merrier!" With a nod of the head and a slight grin, he began to feel his own excitement overflow. "Alright, let's go!"

Ready to bust some virii, Rodger took his leave of NetSquare and charged into the portal that Loki and Eternalis had already jumped into, ready to come out firing. He welcomed any oncoming virii with a battle cry, "Fi-yaaaaah!" His voice faded out as the teleporter did it's thing, transporting him back to ACDC Net. A smiling Jared sighed behind his terminal, "Eh... He just doesn't rest, does he?"
"What did I get myself into?" Koumori asked no one in particular, though Momo had to chime in on her mother's question. "Did we meet insane people, momma?" She asked, looking for the ACDC town portal. "I believe so, Momo, I believe so." Koumori sighed as she ushered Momo into the ACDC portal.