Mission: 'The new toys'

As kedamono walked off the metro near the end of beach street, she quickly scouted over to the intersection, quickly spotting the DNN station, after a little walking, she made it right outside the front doors as she quickly looked around for the man she needs to talk to about the mission.

"Ohhh...where is he? I need to talk to him before I can even start this mission..." Kedamono moaned quietly while koumori kept sleeping in her PET.
Standing outside the DNN station was Sinro Coga, strangely close by Kedamono without realizing it was the person he was looking for. Sinro was a relatively tall and muscular man, wearing a black business suit with a tie that had little Mr. Progs printed on it. "I was told the person would be waiting here," Sinro said as he looked on his watch, "They also didn't give any information on what the person would look like... I dislike doing this through the NetPolice." He then turned towards the doors of the building and shouted out loud, "HEY! SOMEONE GET ME A HENCHMAN WITH A SIGN!" Quickly someone ran out of the building, towards Sinro, with a sign that had 'Kedamono' written on it. "I'll let the person come to me..." he said with a grin on his face.
"hmmm?" Kedamono mumbled as she turned to face the sign that had her name on it. "Oh?" she said before walking towards it and the person whom had called out the sign as Kedamono looked over to the only guy in a buisness suit that was outside as she walked over to him. "Are you the one who requested the mission? I'm kedamono, I was assigned to it." she said cautiously as she spoke to Sinro.
"FINALLY!" Sinro blurted out and grabbed Kedamono by the back of her shirt's collar, immediately dragging her off to the building without even thinking about Kedamono's thoughts about these actions.

"S-Sir," the nameless person shouted, still carrying around the sign, "That's inhuman! You don't treat a person like that!"

"Oh right," Sinro said as he glanced over to the person and let go of Kedamono. He looked down at her and continued to talk, "Sorry about that. I didn't think about my manners." With that said, he lifted her up and carried her over his shoulder. "My dad told me to handle women with care!" he shouted and entered the DNN building with Kedamono hanging over his shoulder. They went through several different pathways inside the building, the henchman still following although he had dropped the sign, and eventually came to their destination. "There you go," he said and placed Kedamono in front of him, "This is the place." He walked away from her and started to talk to some people already present in the room although it was impossible to hear what they were talking about. After a minute or two, Sinro returned to Kedamono and talked to her again. "Over there," he said as he pointed at a door, "Is a changing room. Within that room is a black skin-tight bodysuit, something like what NetNavigators wear, and a black helmet with a white visor. Don't worry, it's one size fits all quality. And another thing..." He then pointed at Kedamono's PET and continued to talk, "You won't be needing your NetNavigator. This 'toy' we've spoken about is for humans." Afterwards, he sat down on a chair and decided to wait for her to change clothes.
Kedamono quietly walked into the room and shut and locked the door as she placed koumori's PET on a nearby table and began to change.
"Mistress...this doesn't seem right..." She said as kedamono quickly got into the body suit with her underwear underneath.
"This feels a bit demining...but...it's all for the batter good...right?" she whispered to koumori as she got the helm on. "Well...i'd better go out there..." She said to herself as she left her clothes neatly aranged on the floor, out of the way of others, left Koumori on the table and quickly got out. "I'm ready, and, please, don't carry me this time, that was quite assinine how you brought me in here." she said, keeping a smile to herself.
"EXCELLENT!" Sinro shouted as he saw Kedamono leaving the room. Within a second he flexed his muscles so they'd expand, causing his outfit to rip and fall off in shredded pieces. Below it he wore a bodysuit like the one Kedamono was instructed to wear which was quickly followed up by the helmet put over his head by a henchman of his. While Sinro was making ridiculous poses, a person with a white coat and goggles on walked over to Kedamono.

"Please follow me," he said and guided Kedamono to an circular device in one of the corners of the room. Guiding Kedamono into it, he put her in place properly as he attached some guidance wires to the helmet she was wearing and her bodysuit. Before leaving the device, he pressed a button and left the room, closing the door.

In the start it was entirely dark around Kedamono, until a soft whirring sound started and the lights went on. But instead of being able to look around her in the orb, feeling that she levitated above the ground but capable of putting her feet onto a simulated ground, she saw a virtual world with 3 Navis looking at her.

((Continued in Beach Net))
Quickly the people of the DNN station helped Kedamono out of the pod she was in and into the main room. "I apologize for this abrupt interruption... It was something we couldn't prevent," a female programmer said to Kedamono, "You can change your clothes again."

On the other side of the room, behind a computer, sat Sinro Coga looking at a screen and shouting commands at the Navis who were fighting. He then spotted Kedamono in the corner of his eye and turned to her. "Hey, you! I forgot your name, but listen! We'll send a message to the NetPolice station about your help! And we might call for your help again if we need it, if you don't mind!" he shouted at her with his hands around his mouth to emphasize the volume. He waved at her, after that, then went back to the screen and shouting commands.
"No...is this...because of me...?" kedamono asked herself in a hushed voice before casting her eyes downward and left for the dressing room, quietly closing the door behind her.

As she walked in, she was met with a familiar voice. "What happened?" Koumori asked before Kedamono began to get out of the suit and back into her regular clothes. "A navi interupted the testing, I managed to get out before the fighting began, I can only hope the other navis are alright." she said before changeing into her cavilian clothes, picking up Koumori's PET and leaving. "I don't know what happened, but i'm sure that they are fine." Koumori said calmly before images of SportsMan and ArcadeMan being crushed by the other navi as it sent shivers up her spine before walking out and going away from the Beach.