This Navi swap was given the go-ahead by Eon after a bit of discussion. (Which isn't saying he approves of the result, only the concept.)

Please note: This swap is supposed to take place AFTER the event, in an RP mini-plot-twist that only affects my Navi this one time, also approved. I will be allowed to keep most of my items, thanks to that.... also approved. I'm keeping my Net-Op.

PS: Sorry for the huge Navi description in advance. I simply c/p'ed it from the GX archive.


Name: Jared Travis Farnam, "J.T."
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jared stands at 5' 10" and weighs in at around 150 lbs. He has light skin and short, curly red hair. His normally poor eyesight forces him to wear glasses for every-day activities. His preferred manner of dress includes loose fitting clothing, but nothing really baggy. For pants, he prefers cargo or craftsman's khakis (various colors, depending on the day you see him) with lots of pockets to keep tools and other items in, while affording comfort and a generous range of mobility, yet still very durable. For shirts, a simple, comfortable, and loose fitting t-shirt works just fine. Add a jean jacket when it gets cooler.

Personality: Jared's a fairly easy going guy. Light, upbeat, and friendly; he has no problems talking with just about anyone. He's level headed, insightful, and a natural-born problem solver. While he is tolerant and possesses a great deal of patience, it's also true that that only goes so far when he knows someone's pushing it. When all else fails, he'll go with his gut.

PET Modifications:
- Enhanced data storage capability. (Broadside's data requires alot of memory)
- Extra durable PET casing. (to protect the extra memory)
- Smoke Grey case color with White and Black markings, and Red Chip-Slots.
- Cable, IR, and Wireless Jack-in capability.

Name: Broadside.EXE (another GX Project Navi)
Gender: Male
Element: Elec (Energy Weapons)
Type: Break

Appearance: Broadside.EXE is roughly double (and then some) the height of Megaman.EXE when standing up on the ground, and weighs in at several times his mass.
The Body is obviously heavily armored (mecha-style). The armor itself is quite blocky in appearence, with colors ranging from White in some spots, to Black in others. Each "piece" of the armor is uniformly colored, aside from the ocassional Red-color markings or (illegible) print. The upper portion of the body is a bit broader than the lower portion. The left and right torso appear to be modified for concealing hidden weaponry. There are also weapon/jet pods mounted on his back. They are white with grey and black accents. They allow for limited hover capability, and facilitate more than one of Broadside.EXE's attacks. The torso is capable of 360 Degree rotation (back-stabbers beware).
The Navi's right arm, aside from being encased in white armor with grey-and-black accent parts, ends in a normal, yet fairly large mechanical hand. There is a large white squared-off sheild mounted on the upper-arm on the right side. This sheild can rotate, and extend smaller plates from the top and the bottom when defending. The shield itself stands almost as tall as Broadside when the extension plates are deployed, and is 2/3 the width of his body, regardless.
The Navi's left arm is simply a non-descript looking dark-grey-colored "box" that is as long as the Navi is tall. The appendage appears to be a very large, if crude, chizel. It's width is uniform until it narrows to a wide-edged point (much like a stake) starting very close to the long-end of the "arm." This arm can only pivot up and down, no side-to-side movement is possible. This arm houses several weapon programs, and will open in different places to launch various Navi attacks and chips. The Frag-Shot Cannon, Bunker Buster Howitzer, and Deletion Cannon are housed here.
The legs are encased in very solid-looking armor, sporting jets that allow rapid movement and the ability to jump. These jets are internal, and angle out of the lower portion of the Navi's armored legs. There are also spiked anchors mounted on hinges at aproximately where the Navi's ankles should be. These are used to anchor Broadside.EXE to the ground for some of his more... spectacular attacks.
The top half of the Navi's face is covered by an opaque grey metallic face-plate, with the lower half of the face being visible. The face-plate appears solid from the outside, with no visual scopes or lights of any kind being visible (aka: it looks plain). A boom-mic curves around in front of the mouth from the left side of the Navi's helmet. A pair of antannae rise up from both sides of the helmet (thats 4 total) right about where the Navi's ears would be from a disk-like protrusion. The ones in the front are longer than the ones in the back, but they all angle up and backwards. The Navi's lower face is human-like. It is impossible to tell how the Navi can see at all, just from looking at it.
Broadside.EXE's navi symbol is mounted on the center of his shield, and on both ear-covers. The symbol is a picture of a cannon shell.


-As Broadside: As far as anyone can tell, he would have to be described as Quiet and Stoic. He rarely speaks. It takes quite a bit to get him to react to others at times. He is highly intelligent, but doesn't give any overt indication of it. He follows orders well, though not always in the manner specified if he thinks there is a better way. This Navi fears nothing.

-Form Shift: Depends upon the form Broadside assumes. He will act in whatever manner he deems appropriate for the form he assumes.

Innate Normal Abilities
Form Shift: One of Broadside's evolved capabilities. He can change his appearence to any of the forms he has spent time crafting and has added to his programming. The change is purely cosmetic, and has no effect on his battle capabilities. Broadside can take on these forms, but cannot copy the attacks and abilities of the form itself. To mimick these abilities, Broadside must use Battle Chips, NaviCust Programs, and Sub Chips. This ability is used because it is impossible to mask Broadside's massive form with something as simple as a cloak. It is also used to allow him to walk amongst the other Navis and Progs on the net without scaring them half to death with his normally imposing form.

Current Forms
Broadside.GMB (Graphic Model Base)
White Guard.GMO

Innate Battle Abilities
Super Armor
Jet Propulsion
(This allows Broadside to jump and dodge in spite of his enormous size and weight, but does not allow him to fly.)

Custom Weapons: Broadside was designed and programmed for heavy combat, and comes equipped with an entire arsenal of Anti-Navi weaponry.

- Hailstorm Gatling: Broadside deploys the Hailstorm Gatling and fires Power X Rapid number of shots at the opponent for 1 Null Dmg each at incredible speeds.

- Pulse Cannon: This weapon charges and fires an energy blast capable of punching through defenses . Deals Power X Charge X 4 Elec Damage and has a chance of piercing defenses and also heavily damages objects. This attack gives the enemy a moment to make themselves scarce while it charges, making it fairly in-accurate.

- Power Jab (Gigas Arm): Broadside executes a quick jab attack that deals Power X Rapid Null Damage to the target.

- Gigas Fist (Gigas Arm): Broadside closes his only hand into an enormous fist, twists his torso to wind up for the punch, charges it with electricity, and then lets fly with an extremely powerful punch that shatters even the strongest armor like a sledgehammer hitting glass. This attack deals Power X Charge X 4 Elec Damage and is capable of piercing and/or flat destroying defenses and objects alike. This attack is fairly in-accurate due to the wind-up.

Additional Armamanet:
-Frag-Shot Cannon
-Tower Shield
-Missile Launcher (x2)
-Cluster Bomb Mortar
-Bunker Buster Howitzer
-F.A.E. Launcher
-Remote Attack Units (x6)
-Deletion Cannon

Starting Sig Attack:
1.0: Towering Guard (Block up to 3 Attacks/Hits) Add 1 Turn of Cooldown per Charge, uses 1 Action to generate 1 Magnetic Charge, Navi Cust Boosted.
- Desciption: Broadside utilizes his massive Tower Shield to attempt to block incoming attacks. The shield is brought into the line of an incoming attack, the extension plates are deployed, and the shield is magnetically charged to help repel the attack, providing a solid wall of defense that will hopefully deflect an incoming blow. Broadside can charge the shield with up to 3 Magnetic Charges at one time (without an NCP boost), with 1 turn of cooldown added for each additional charge given to the shield. Cooldown begins when the Tower Shield is hit enough times to expend all of the charges, which also causes the shield to move back to its storage position. The Shield NCP grants a +1 Max Charge Limit bonus to this move if equipped, and does not add to the CoolDown of this move. The bonus charge still has to be activated using an Action, and the shield cannot be charged more than 4 times total before cooling down, even with the NCP.

- Note : Towering Guard can only defend attacks from one direction at a time. If attacks come from 2 separate, and widely diverging directions at the same exact time, one is guaranteed to hit. The Tower Shield, when deployed, also hampers some of Broadside's other Sig Attacks.

Future Sig Attacks
1.5a: Frag-Shot Cannon (Double shot, Spread attack on impact, Break effect, Null damage)

1.5b: Missile Barrage (Launches a volley of low-damage smart missiles that seek the target and deal Elec Dmg, ignores Invis and Drop Down)

2.0: Cluster Bomb (rains countless energy bomblets down upon the enemy... breaks and stuns, ignores Mole as the bomblets can fall into the hole that mole generates)

2.5: Bunker Buster Howitzer (Breaks defenses, shatters objects, and cracks terrain with impunity over a wide area, deals additional damage to targets that are underground or submerged)

3.0: Cuncussion Blast [F.A.E. Launcher] (Fires an F.A.E. shell that deals Fire Dmg + Null Dmg from the force of the concussion + MORE Null Dmg from the subsequent fall or impact that results from being sent flying by the blast. The blast ignores most forms of defense.)

4.0: Bit Cycle [Remote Attack Units] (Continuous automated remote attack, OPB activation. Constantly launches an attack unit each turn to shoot the enemy target and stun them and then returns automatically.)

5.0: Main Battery [Deletion Cannon] (Super Piercing plasma beam to a single target that also deals spash damage to nearby unfortunates and pierces through all objects and creatures in it's path. Deletes Objects outright and erases terrain. Deals some backlash damage to Broadside. A true double edged sword. Stopped by Non-Aqua Barriers and Non-Aqua Auras. Requires charging.)


......Got Break? >:3
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This is Break Type taken to the extreme.

Have at it!

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[Flees the awesomeness]

........................That's the same reaction he got at ToNE. <_<

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[Flees the awesomeness]

........................That's the same reaction he got at ToNE. <_<

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Yep...we all Love([HIDDENMESSAGERAWR!!]DESPISE!!!!! *cries*[/HIDDENMESSAGERAWR!!]) your navi :3
You have chosen the honorable path of mecha. : D

I wish you fortune in your future endeavours. I guess there might be a little more editing till it's ready to go, but I'm looking forward to seeing this.
Edited my Navi:
-Rewrote Towering Guard to accomodate future changes.
-Added notes on Towering Guard for clarity.
-Added Form Shift. (He had this ability before I knew about GMO's. Regardles, it is an important ability.)
-Added a note about Form Shift's affect on Broadside's personality. (Told you it was important.)
-Added a Sprite of Broadside to his profile. (I can't sprite worth a damn... It's as close as I could get.)
-Added Graphic Models. (base and override)

So yeah...

Comments, questions, suggestions?
Looks alright. Is that the same operator?
Yep. He's about to have a bad day.... (points at old PM about plot twistage)


Chips: Same.
NaviCust: Reset to basic pack.
Zenny: You wanted it stripped, I think.