Back at the Park

Rose finally made it back to ACDC Park and parked in a similar spot to the one she'd left originally. They were coming full circle, but since they weren't done yet, Rose imagined they'd actually end up coming into a sort of full inter-locked chains.

They had dropped Sabrina off at the chip shop with the promise that she'd catch up, so Rose wasn't too worried about it. It did trouble her a bit that the girl felt the need to use the chip trader.

She got out of the car, locked up, and decided to make small talk with Zeo while she waited for Sabrina.

"She's pretty into the whole chip roulette thing," Rose said with a joking tone and a smile. "I mean, just wait till we hit NetVegas."

Rose glanced back from Zeo, the other end of her conversation, and the direction the chip store should have been in, waiting for Sabrina to arrive.
Zeo followed Rose out of the car, trying to hide his concern at Sabrina's quick sojourn to the chip trader. I hope she gets something decent... but I guess we'll be able to tell right away and start running if she's annoyed at all. When Rose brought up the topic, Zeo could only moan jokingly. "Tell me about it. They might as well be mortal enemies, her and the chip trader."

When Rose mentioned NetVegas, a whole new reason to fear the place arose. What would happen if the place had some kind of mega chip trader or something? Zeo could just imagine Sabrina inserting chip after chip into the machine and getting a MiniBomb. Definitely something to fear... He didn't want to say any of that out loud, though. "Hopefully we won't run into anything that will... distract her," he said nervously. If we don't, that's one less obstacle in our way. Zeo briefly wondered what kind of attachment an older Sabrina would develop towards NetVegas before shuddering and dismissing the thought. "She'll probably be here soon, for better or for worse," he said to Rose before looking in the direction of the shop.
Luckily, the pair didn't have to wait long, as the group's third member made her way over to them, waving to get their attention. "Sorry 'bout that, it just came to mind on the ride over here." Without going into any kind of detail about her unexploit, she started scanning the park for a certain familiar face. "All right, now that we're here, where's Dad..."

It didn't take long. Her sights soon focused on a man sitting on a bench, casually inserting chips at lightning speed. Also they were close enough to hear what he was saying. "All right. I think the time's come to finish this...ready?"

"But of course. Transfer when ready."

"Roger that." In one smooth motion, the man pulled out a chip and inserted it. It was too quickly done to even see what chip it was. "Battlechip, FireBlade! Slot in!"

A visable cutting sound suddenly entered the ears of those around him. "Hmph, that was less than a challenge. Transferring the rewards as always..."

"All right, let's see what we've got...ah, cash and DynaWave. A shame we couldn't finally end our streak with a M-Cannon, eh?"

"Indeed. But such is the luck of the draw. ...Shall we keep going? I have no issues with proceeding farther."

The man sat back, thinking for a moment. "...No, now's a good time to jack out. I have company." He stood up, and turned straight towards Sabrina. "Hello, Sabrina. Sorry I had to walk out on you back home. But some...circumstances arose."

"Yeah, that was sorta weird when it happened. Lemme"

"More or less." Without a further explanation as to what that meant, the man walked over to the trio, making it a...quaddrio? Quadio? Fourio? "So, I take it these are your friends?"

"Oh, yep! Everyone, this is Christopher Jetto, my father!"

"Pleasure to meet you two." The eldest Jetto pressed a button on his PET, causing a hologram of a red and gray Navi with flames on its wrists and shoulders to appear on his shoulder. "I suppose I should introduce you to my Navi, as well. FlareMan."

"...Hmph. How pathetic."

His Navi had only spoken three words, yet he couldn't help by sigh a bit. "What is it?"

"Those two people with your daughter...I can't even detect a small amount of power coming from them. It's been a while since I've had to deal with Navis that weak. At least SplashMan appears to be strong enough to give off a small reading."

"All right, if you're going to be demeaning like that, I'd rather you just hang back and let us talk."

"...I suppose I really should hold my tongue concerning the matter. But I've still only mentioned the truth."

"Right, right..." Despite the insulting of other peoples' Navis, Mr. Jetto didn't even bat an eye, maintaining a faint smile the entire time. "I apologize on FlareMan's behalf. He's prone to not caring about the consequences of his, shall we move along in the introductions?" He looked at Rose and Zeo, waiting for them to reveal their names.
Rose simply nodded to Zeo's answer, since it didn't giver her much to go off to continue the conversation. Especially not with the subject rapidly approaching.

Once the gal had arrived on the scene, she began apologizing. "It's no problem," replied her friend, "It's nice to see you. You got here pretty fast; I'm impressed."

Then she waited a minute for Sabrina to seek out her father. It didn't take long, he was again a figure of interest, and made it clear fairly quickly that he was related to Sabrina.

The first thing Rose noticed was that he was . . . different from the other Jettos she had met thus far. He seemed calm and laid-back, which was a big swing in the other direction after meeting Sabrina's mother. He seemed skilled, confident, and cool.

The next thing she noticed was his appearance. He was older: not too old, but old enough that he was clearly more mature and macho than most males her age. He looked fairly fit, unlike a lot of people near his age. He still had his hair, and his hair still had its color. He also had a beard, which added to the maturity and manliness of his overall appearance.

Another thing Rose noted was his shirt. It was red, so, in keeping with the theme she'd noticed, she made her prediction that his Navi would be red, too. "More important than the shirt, though, I wonder what he looks like without it. . ."

And then Rose found herself blushing.

The girl quickly abandoned that train of thought and took this chance to glance at her feet. She realized that she'd definitely just found herself thinking about her friend's father in a non-professional way, and that that was terribly inappropriate for the time being.

Try as she might to look cool, now, though, she'd definitely slipped up there. She resumed normal stance and stopped looking at her feet, but she could feel the slight heat radiating from her face. Blushing was an involuntary reaction, and one she couldn't deal with very quickly. Regardless of how friendly she may look now, it would still be evident for a few seconds at least that she'd started blushing.

After looking at Mr. Jetto. "And I probably looked at him for longer than usual, too," the girl moaned inwardly. "That was such a mistake. What's wrong with me? Focus, Rose. It can't have been that long. And he's here now, so keep cool. "

She took a deep, albeit masked and quiet breath. Sabrina and her father were saying something about how he'd walked out. Rose paid attention. She didn't have much to say though, and still found herself slightly distracted.

He introduced himself, and Rose planned to do the same, since it was a good opportunity. His Navi appeared, too. He was red, as Rose had predicted. She almost laughed, but caught herself. " Laughing at someone when they introduce themselves wouldn't be very polite," she admonished herself.
She didn't have to dwell on this long, though, as his Navi then said something offensive. She didn't find herself too offended. She was sort of thrown off. She didn't know how to react.

Sadly, SummonerMan did. For the first time in a long while, the Navi activated his Hologram and appeared on Rose's shoulder. "This new guy. . . I can't even sense a small amount of personality coming from him." He said, doing his best impression of FlareMan's posture and mannerisms as he spoke.

Rose wasn't sure how to respond to this either. "I'm so out of it," she thought, as she snapped a little more into it. She reached for her PeT, knowing this couldn't go anywhere good. However, she fumbled with it, and dropped it on the ground.

SummonerMan, in Holo-form, shimmered for a second when the PeT landed, and then continued. "It's been a while since I've had to deal with such a Navi that cocky and dickish." Rose smiled awkwardly and then dropped to her knees to pick up her PeT.

"At least most navis have the common courtesy to not sound like buffoons when meeting new people," the incredibly weak Navi concluded. Rose had the PeT in her hands now, but SummonerMan had already disappeared, so she shoved the PeT into its holster and smiled self-consciously.

The man apologized for his Navi's remarks, and Rose quietly did the same. Then it was time for introductions, as Mr. Jetto had prompted. Rose looked up into his large, blue eyes, "No, stop it!" She scolded herself and returned once again to reality a bit more.

She had done nothing but made respectful eye contact, as is usual upon introducing oneself, but the thoughts she apparently couldn't control had caused her to blush once again. She came dangerously close to rolling her eyes at herself when she felt the heat returning to her cheeks, but continued the introduction properly. "I-I'm Rose. A pleasure to meet you, too." She left her mouth open a half beat too long, but that wasn't something most people would notice.

All the same she found herself messing up a simple introduction. This was important business, and Rose found her facade failing her. She was getting tripped up by hormones in a terrible way.

On the bright side, Rose was probably her own biggest critic, and she was so obsessed with appearances that chances were most people wouldn't read her slip ups as clearly as she had. She shook her head and looked askance, staring towards some grass off away from the group, and hoped Zeo's introduction would take attention off her so they could get on with this.

Rose was so disappointed with herself. To be fair, she hadn't expected Mr. Jetto to be so attractive- "Focus, focus, focus!"

She stared a bit harder at the grass, focusing on it and just listening to the others.
Next to Rose's... introduction, Zeo was set to look like the most normal person in their group. Which sounded really odd to him. Mr. Jetto was certainly the most down-to-earth member of the Jetto family they'd seen yet, which probably meant their next item was going to be a cakewalk with his help. All throughout Rose's introduction (or rather reaction) to Mr. Jetto, Zeo stood still and attempted to keep a straight face. When SummonerMan spoke up, Zeo couldn't help but agree completely, derogatory adjectives included. He didn't take kindly to elitism like that. Too bad he didn't have nearly enough self-confidence to verbally support Rose's mouthy Navi. Zeo did hear ViralMan throw in a few mumbled words of agreement, possibly indicating the Navi's opinion of SummonerMan had improved.

He had a "way with words," and that was all Zeo was admitting to.

After Rose was finished falling all over herself, Zeo moved in to draw the enemy's fire. Or rather, distract Mr. Jetto. "Uh, nice to meet you, sir. I'm Zeo Yamikagi." Part of him was urging Zeo to make some kind of remark about the man's Navi, but he'd already apologized and Zeo was too much of a chicken. "And," he started, grabbing his PET. "This is ViralMan." He held the device up to briefly display his Navi. "A pleasure," the Navi grunted with crossed arms. "Your Navi needs to keep his mouth sh-" That was as far as he could get before the PET went back in its holster. "That was a mistake," Zeo sighed sheepishly. "Uh..." he continued, unsure of what to say next. "You're an avid virus buster, I see," Zeo improvised quickly. That he was, though. Just the sound of the chip "FireBlade" made Zeo jealous.

"I can see where Sabrina got her enthusiasm." Zeo briefly wondered if she'd gotten her love of (or hatred for) the chip trader from him too. He kind of seemed the type. "You do this kind of thing a lot?" Zeo asked in regards to the man's casual yet seemingly intense park busting.
If Mr. Jetto had noticed Rose's...reactions, he certainly didn't show it. He simply nodded slightly at each greeting, before deciding to address Zeo's remarks. "But of course. I'm not sure if Sabrina told you before, but virus busting is my job, in a sense."

"Aww, don't be modest, Dad! You're one of the greatest operators around! And even though his personality's nothing special, FlareMan's a heck of a Navi! I've seen the two of them beat Chaos Net viruses like they were just a bunch of tackling dummies!"

"Indeed. My remarks as to your Navis' powers weren't meant as insults. I abhor those that swagger around, yet have little to no ability to support their attitude." Amazingly, FlareMan seemed to completely ignore the remarks of SummonerMan and ViralMan, as though he hadn't even heard them...or was that meant as a counter? Considering his face was made up of unflinching eyes and a flamethrower nozzle, it was impossible to tell by looking at him.

"Er, hey, FlareMan!" Another Navi decided to join the fun; this one had even fewer facial features than that. "It's been a while, huh?"

"Ah, SplashMan. Unlike the other two, I see that you could present me with a minor challenge. Perhaps the day we can spar isn't far off..."

"Uh, thanks...but, do you really have to keep talking about SummonerMan and ViralMan like that? Just because they're not high leveled doesn't mean they don't have any skills, you know..."

"...I suppose. But that doesn't change the fact that they're no match for me."

"...Aww, come on! Can't you stop focusing on their levels and focus more on who they are?"

"I have a better idea. How about if both of you just can it? You're embarrassing yourselves!" Sabrina shot death glares at both Navis, not wanting things to descend into a name calling contest or anything like that. "I know you two don't get along very well, but you can at least try!"

"I agree. All your arguing is going to do is give more than one of us headaches. Now stop."

While he had shown no signs of anything other than existing up to this point, the fiery Navi flinched. It wasn't obvious; short of his operator, it was likely that no one could notice it. "...Point taken. I apologize."

SplashMan simply looked down, appearing more than a little down about the ordeal. "Sorry..."

"Glad that's settled. Now, onto business. Jose-Sabrina's mother called me a few minutes ago to tell me you three were coming. Said you wanted to ask me something about some list...I'm not exactly sure what she was talking about, since she was a bit preoccupied." Admittedly, knowing his wife, that wasn't why it sounded like borderline gibberish. But he wasn't about to just say that.

"Oh, right!" Sabrina whipped out the list yet again. At this point, it might be easier to just keep it out the whole time. "We're gathering stuff for a mission we're all on, and we need two Tier 3 battlechips. And you're the only person I know that we could ask for something like that, so..."

"Hmm...I see. Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy. You may be my daughter, but that doesn't mean I'm about to simply give you a pair of rare, hard to obtain chips."

"Come on, Dad! I mean, we have an emergency backup plan for it, but it's not exactly an easy one...or a safe one, for that matter. You don't have any really lousy tier 3 chips we can have?"

"Sorry, but I'm afraid not." ...Was that it? Was he simply going to stop them in their tracks, just like that...?

"A moment, Christopher. That's not necessarily true." An objection. Phew. Granted, not exactly by who one would expect to object to that line of thinking, but no one was complaining. Probably. What about those chips you recently obtained that don't work properly anymore? I believe a few of them were Tier 3. And they're useless to us, so what point would there be in not giving them a couple?"

"Hmm...I hadn't thought of that. Good idea, FlareMan." The elder Jetto looked on at the trio, something still unresolved in his eyes. "But, is it all right for you to give the person broken chips?"

"Um...well, he didn't say that they couldn't be. And if they're actual chips that don't work anymore...I think it should be okay." She turned over to her friends. "What do you guys think?"
Rose was very relieved when no one called her out for being so out of it. "Or worse, called me out for the reason..."

SummonerMan had considered it, but had decided against it. Regardless of how annoying it was that his operator was so affected by this whole thing, he was better off not saying anything. "It'd just delay everything," the Navi had decided, "Besides, I'm too busy being correct to go and be a jerk right now. It'd make me look hypocritical."

Rose listened to the others speaking. She turned back to face the group, and watched the fight. It resolved itself pretty quickly, so she didn't really have much of a chance to respond.

SummonerMan ended up in a similar position. He briefly considered commenting that he had plenty of personality to back up his attack, but then the fight got too involved and he lost his will to participate. It was too much of a hassle.

Then FlareMan made a decent suggestion. And it sounded even better coming from Mr. Jetto.

Sabrina then turned the question to them. Rose couldn't think of anything that seemed too wrong with the suggestion, so she quickly offered that. "It sounds fine to me."

Then she thought more. She knew she was somewhat out of it, so she figured focusing more on the concept might help. After a brief pause she did come to something she'd missed. "Wait. . . How do the chips look? I mean, being non-functional is alright, but if he's a collector or something they should probably at least look correct, since looks are probably what he's going for."

Looks weren't exactly something Mr. Jetto seemed to have an issue with, though, so-

"Focusing," the girl thought. She was getting far more into it now. She was still somewhat out of it, as the fact that she had to correct herself showed. "But at least I'm not tripping all over myself or blushing like a loser or anything."

She was even making more normal eye contact with the people in the group. It seemed, to most outward appearances, that she'd returned to normal.
"Bringing back broken chips..." Zeo spoke aloud, trailing off. The idea didn't exactly appeal to him, but getting real working tier 3 chips by themselves would either be suicidal or bankrupt them. Zeo wasn't about to insist Mr. Jetto give them working chips either. "It doesn't seem like we have much choice," Zeo laughed halfheartedly. "Unless SplashMan's feeling up to more Chaos Net battles and you're willing to give up two amazing chips," he said to Sabrina jokingly. "So yeah, I-" he was about to say he didn't have a problem with it, but that would be lying. "-uh, it works," he finished.

"Even if it doesn't, we've still got a ton of other stuff finished." Zeo wondered whether the client even expected them to get everything. At this rate they would, which was all the better. I wonder what kind of chips they are. And why they'd stop working, at that. Zeo made a mental note to find a safer place for his chips than in various pockets on his person. Maybe some kind of fancy holster like the one for his PET. But that wasn't important now. "So, what kind of chips are they?" Zeo asked, curious and interested in seeing (even if they were broken) tier 3 chips.
Mr. Jetto listened to the possible problems, though he raised an eyebrow upon hearing something that wasn't said particually seriously. "Hmm? Sabrina, you can access Chaos Net yourself?"

...Uh-oh. That was a fact she didn't want to spill if it could be helped. "Well, um, yeah...but I only got access recently, so I'm kinda having some problems in it..."

"Makes sense. Chaos Net's no cakewalk, that's for sure." With a smile and a nod, the elder group member returned to the bench he was first seen sitting in, reaching past the far end to reveal what appeared to be a backpack. A very boring, all-black backpack. Opening one of the side pockets, he reached in and pulled something out. Two of something, to be exact. He then returned to the teenagers, presenting what, to the naked eye, looked like completely ordinary chips. "I called them broken, but they're not physically so. I'm pretty sure their actual flaw is in their coding, but I lack the ability to fix them myself, and it's a fairly costly process to restore them. It'd be easier for me to just bust for replacements, so I have little need for it."

The chips themselves were quite recognizable by their pictures; the only thing that was different about them were their colors; a red Canodumb, and a light gray, almost white looking Spikey. Which FlareMan felt like elaborating on, for some reason. Specifically, those are M-Cannon and HeatSide chips, the 3rd in the Cannon and HeatShot series, respectively. Of course, if you know anything about battlechips, that last fact would be rather obvious."

"Wow, they look completely normal. You can't even tell by looking at them they're messed up!"

"Ah, yes. I should tell you that even if you have these chips, they won't register in your chip library, as they're unusable. Though I don't think that's a very big problem for you. So, think these will work?...For your mission, of course."

"I think they're worth a shot. And you said they're free, right?"

"Heh, of course. I'd never make anyone pay for chips that didn't work properly."

"Then I'm all for trying them!" Before anyone could object, the Netopian girl snatched the chips from her father's hand and stored them away. She also had unstored the list, having inexplicably put it away earlier, but decided to hold off on marking on it until one more thing was resolved. "So, think those chips will work for the mission? They looked flawless to me!"
Rose was glad to see everything was wrapping up pretty quickly. She was also somewhat saddened, as it meant that she wouldn't be around Mr. Jetto for much longer. However this was a mixed blessing; though she did think he was incredible, his presence was making her feel less so.

Rose didn't say much. Her question was answered when the chips were presented, out of a fairly cool looking back pack. FlareMan then explained what they were. Usually Rose would have greatly appreciated this, as new chips weren't exactly something she was very knowledgeable about. However, she happened to have the lower versions of both of these chips, and knew how higher tier chips worked thanks to her experience with her old HiCannons and Cannons.

Since these were tier three chips, she could have made that accurate a description on her own, as a result. FlareMan's comment at the end confused her a bit, though. "I should have recognized Heat-side as the third tier? Is it that much more important than cannon in NetBattling circles?"

Rose didn't worry too much about it, though, as she hadn't been on top of her game so far and decided to chalk it up to this and her lack of Net Battling experience.

She turned back to Sabrina as the girl took the chips and got a closer look at them before the girl stuffed them away. "I'm sure they'll be fine. They look the same to me, and he didn't say anything about them having to function properly."

The girl ended this with a shrug.

SummonerMan had returned to virtual stasis, eavesdropping without offering any more input. Rose had returned to being fairly competent again. All was right with the pair once more.
Zeo took particular interest in the tier 3 chips as they were taken out. In the minute or so that they were visible, he marveled at how cool that red cannon looked. Unfortunately, Sabrina "procured" and pocketed the chips as soon as she had approval, so that didn't last long. Zeo also appreciated FlareMan's explanation, even if he could have figured it out himself. He spoke up after Sabrina's question and Rose's reponse. "So long as we don't say anything and he doesn't check them right away, there isn't any way for him to know," Zeo added after Rose. "Feels a little... dishonest, so hopefully he wasn't planning on using the chips." That was about all that needed to be said, so Zeo didn't bother continuing.

"Thank you for your help," Zeo quickly added, realizing he hadn't thanked the man yet. "You made what sounded like such a difficult task really easy." The alternatives... well, they'd already been considered. Zeo didn't know where the trio was going next, so he kept quiet and waited. Rose or Sabrina probably had somewhere in mind, and if they didn't they'd say so. Not NetVegas, I hope, Zeo couldn't help thinking.

He glanced at Rose after speaking, curious as to whether she was back to normal. She looked like it, so Zeo quickly averted his gaze back to Mr. Jetto and waited for someone (probably Sabrina) to declare this part of the hunt finished.
A single mark of the pen signaled the end of the the hunt for Tier 3 chips. And quite frankly, Sabrina was glad that she didn't have to do it herself. Having to get two of them herself, then give them away would've been rough. "Well, that's that. Thanks again, Dad!"

"Well, if you're going to thank anyone, thank FlareMan. Without him, I probably wouldn't have remembered those chips."

"Right...thanks, FlareMan."

"I have no need to be thanked. As Christopher's Navi, it's my duty to be aware of such things."

"Too bad, I'm not taking it back!"

"...Then I suppose I have no choice but to accept it, ill-desired as it may be. ...Speaking of ill-desired, we should probably be heading back to SciLab."

"Ah, that's right. Well, I guess I need to be going. Glad I could help you three."


"Yeah. And you're not finished either, right?"

"Yep, got two more things to get. Not looking forward to it, but...well, we'll manage!"

"Glad to hear it." With that, Mr. Jetto started a walk over towards the MetroLine station. "Goodbye, everyone. Good luck with those other items."

And then there were three. Plus their Navis, but aside from SplashMan, none of them were really up for discussion. "So Sabrina, what two things do we need to get?"

"Hmm, let's see...a Nil-Zenny Poker Chip, and the previous three NetCafe Secret Menu listings."

"...So, the three of you need to go to Netopia to finish that even possible?"

"...Uh..." That was a very good question. One that needed friend input. "Is it?"

Quote ()

Scavenger Hunt

1- Batch AA-00001 Process Upgrade ~SciLab (Suitachi's Navi Shop)
2- Nil-Zenny Poker Chip ~NetVegas
3- [Neuronomicon], author Maya Frasser ~Bookstore in ElecTown
4- Previous three NetCafe Secret Menu listings ~NetCafe
5- Two (2) Tier-3 Battlechips ~Dad?
6- Thousand Year-Old Spring-Boiled Egg ~Yoka (Mom?)
7- Dentech University 200X Vision Statement Plaque ~DenTech
It looked like everything was all clear here. This appeared to be a good time to thank those involved, so Rose stepped to it.

She offered what appeared to be a hybrid between a polite bow and a curtsy, extending her arms out, sans fabric, as she lowered her body. "Thank you very much," she said with a smile, "Your help is greatly appreciated."

She waved when he turned to leave, wishing him good bye, as well. As Mr. Jetto walked away, she glanced at him, quickly up-and-downing his back side, as well as his backside, before turning back to the group.

Rose was totally capable of answering the next question, as well. "Yeah, of course," She offered. "I've driven there a few times, so I know the way pretty well. I even gave Zeo a ride home from that tournament at the Coliseum."

Rose had done it before, so she knew it was possible. She knew it seemed odd, but in her opinion, if it worked, it was sometimes best not to question it.

"I think the café will probably be easier. Sound ok to you two?" Rose posed this question fairly evenly. If it wasn't, she could deal.

Assuming they all agreed and were ready to leave, she was, as well, and prepared to head out to her car with the others.
So NetVegas will be the "finale" of sorts...

Not that Zeo had any problem with that. Maybe it wouldn't even be as bad as he thought. He'd never been there, after all. Been to the network, though, Zeo recalled. The gaudy, blaring lights of NetVegas Net had annoyed both him and ViralMan, and he was outside the network. Maybe I should find a pair of sunglasses. Then again, if the lights were that bright in the real NetVegas it would probably be an annoyance to tourists too. Zeo had to worry about the NetCafé now, though. He had never been there before, but he anticipated some difficulty in getting "secret menus". They were secret for a reason, Zeo assumed. There had to be a way, at least.

"The café sounds alright to me," Zeo said finally. Wonder what it's like. He started walking back in the direction of the car. "Not like it'll be another fun experience like the Navi Shop..." he mumbled as he walked. Zeo stopped a few seconds later and sighed. "...maybe I shouldn't have said that." It had already been said though, so Zeo stayed where he was and turned to make sure Rose and Sabrina were with him.
And the cafe was decided upon. Worked for her. "So, we'll do the cafe, then finish up with NetVegas. Cool. No point in standing around here, then..." Sabrina put away her list as she said this, not realizing the truth that was staring her in the face.

The truth that her Navi was willing to just spit out. "Sabrina, they're already headed for the car..."

"They are?" Sure enough, Rose and Zeo were quickly becoming smaller and smaller as they headed for their mode of transportation. "Ah, shoot! Wait up, guys!"
Rose x Zeo: 2 FXP
Zeo x Sabrina: 1 FXP
Sabrina x Rose: 1 FXP