Meticulous Search Seeking Secret Menus

Rose walked in first. The drive to Netopia that led to this small café had been fair and nondescript, in her opinion. It was something that came as a mix of a relief, due to the length, and a bore, due to the length.

This cute little café was big news, and she liked it. She also probably wouldn't mention that she'd never been in there before this moment, since that information wouldn't help anyone, and didn't reflect well upon her worldly-and-trendi-ness.

She got into the quaint little shop and decided to wait a moment. She saw no need to rush in looking all eager, but all the same they did want to move with some speed. She decided against sitting down, as that would be entirely too slow, so standing for a moment was really all she had left to choose from.

She was careful to slide around to avoid foot traffic, as people avoided others in the somewhat crammed space.

Once her friends followed her in, they could go ask about those menu listings.
Zeo entered the NetCafé moments after Rose, stepping aside to avoid blocking traffic. He looked around the establishment. "If the name is that bland and the restaurant's still well known, this place has to be pretty good," he reasoned to himself.

The ride there had been relatively uneventful. Zeo had simply spent time messing with PET programming and trying to catch a glimpse of the tier 3 chips they'd gotten their hands on. The former had been pretty fruitful, but the latter hadn't. Zeo didn't really want to ask outright to see them, and had instead spent the whole ride perking up whenever the subject was addressed. He himself was unsure why he'd been unwilling to ask to see them; it was probably due to some irrational fear that Sabrina would mind. Of course, now that we're on to the next item I know she wouldn't...

On that note, Zeo had no idea how to procure the NetCafé's secret menus. Walking up and asking seemed... dumb, to him. He dodged a few people and got closer to Rose. "Any idea on how to do this one?" he asked her. If she didn't, Sabrina probably would. No more human bulldozers, hopefully. Thankfully the building wasn't sustaining as tight a crowd as the Electown bookstore. "We can't really go up and ask outright, can we?" Zeo continued before turning back to look for Sabrina, her being the group's resident "innovator".
Unlike the other two, Sabrina had actually been to this particular establishment before. Also unlike the other two, she entered the cafe with a big yawn; she spent the latter part of the ride over snoozing. For some reason, all this running around was starting to wear on her. At least for now they could just step to the side"We're we need to think of a way for them to give up the listings."

Unfortunately, neither Rose nor Zeo had any riveting ideas. And one unriveting one. That usually meant she had to dig into her bag of tricks to come up with something. But somehow, the boring option intrigued her. "Actually, I'm kinda wondering about that. If they're previous listings, that means they don't need them. And there's not much point in them keeping something they're going to throw away anyway..."

Okay. Since no one else seemed that willing, Sabrina prepared to make her way over to the main counter. But first, she needed a favor. A favor that apparently involved removing her fanny pack. "Zeo, mind holding onto this for me for a sec? I can probably sneak over quicker without it!" As usual, she didn't wait for an answer, handing her storage space over to her friend before starting the process of slipping through.

And slip she did. Without the extra width and weight of the fanny pack on her butt, she managed to quickly get through before very many people who cared noticed. Now to ask the vital question. "Excuse me, but would it be possible for me to receive copies of the last three Secret Menu listings?"

It never hurt to ask. ...Right?
"Yes, may I take your order?" the girl at the counter asked politely. Shortly after, Sabrina voiced her request, which elicited a surprised reaction from the attendant. "E-Eh? Secret Menu? The listings?" the girl repeated. She looked kind of flustered for a bit, then turned to a fellow workmate to whisper something unheard over the din of the place. A few seconds later, the other worker slipped into a door opened slightly ajar behind the counter, leaving the attendant looking kind of uneasy for a bit. "U-Um," she stuttered, "I'm sorry, but I'm new here, but my friend's going to call for the manager. Sorry for having to make you wait." Her eyes darted around a bit, uncomfortable around so many people.

A short while later- though it felt like forever in the cramped place- the door creaked open again, much to the relief of the attendant. A middle-aged man, dressed casually in shirt and slacks, walked out, with the other worker following behind. The important-looking guy said something to the worker, who nodded, and got back to his work. He then walked up to the register, smiling.

"Good evening, miss. I've uh, been informed that you were looking for.. previous listings of our Secret Menu? I'd like to ask what you're going to need them for, since they're not really worth anything," he said as pleasantly as he could.

There were a few grumbles to be heard from her back, but that was typical for a place this packed.
Rose didn't have enough time to react. Sabrina followed her in, pushed by her, and went on in to ask about the listings.

That certainly was aggressive and proactive, but it wasn't a very team-oriented way to go about it. Rose decided to approach this one as she had approached the book signing: by disassociating herself from the group in order to provide them with a back-up.

She got into the line, at the end, and followed it as it went along, casually trying to be as unassuming as possible. She also went on eavesdropping nonchalantly to local conversations about Sabrina or their Secret Menu goal, and to the conversation between Sabrina and a man who appeared to be the manager.

"Worst case scenario I waste time in line, and need to leave it. I may have to buy myself something, which wouldn't be too bad, since I could go for some refreshment. Or Sabrina could need me and I could go back her up." In any case, the girl wasn't too worried.

So long as neither of her friends blew her cover, she'd be fine. She may even get some benefits out of the deal, like some drinks, information, or a second chance at this item.

"It worked last time, so who knows?"

Sabrina had pushed her out of the frontlines, so Rose made due working from the sidelines.
Having been handed Sabrina's pack without his own consent, Zeo had to take a moment after the girl's departure to recover and find her in the crowd again. She expertly dodged around numerous patrons before making her way to the front counter. "At least I wasn't in front of her this time..." Zeo chuckled to himself. Rose seemed to have found her own purpose making her way up the line of patient consumers like a normal person. Zeo agreed with this approach, but figured it would probably be a good idea to get after Sabrina before she did something that might hinder them.

So, tucking the ambitious girl's pack under his arm like a football, Zeo advanced forward through the crowd, albeit at a slower clip than the girl. About half to the counter, he heard her ask straight out for the menus. Yep, that's exactly what she'd do... Zeo sighed to himself as he navigated around a table. Now the objective changed from "get up there to stop Sabrina" to "get up there and provide support". Zeo picked up the pace, managing to come to a stop beside Sabrina a few seconds after the management responded to her blatant query. He made it clear that he was with her by giving her a withered look before motioning for her to take back her pack. Maybe it'll help if they see that there's more people looking for the menus than just one "eager" girl.

Zeo then waited for Sabrina to accept her pack and receive a response, trying to keep from looking too winded.
Sabrina calmly watched the employee switch, though it somehow struck her as a bad thing. And...they needed a reason. Because it was worth nothing. That...made zero sense to her. If it was really that worthless, they had no reason to keep it from her. Oh well, there really wasn't anything she could do about it, as much as she wished there was. "Well, if you really want to and a couple of friends are trying to find stuff for someone, and those listings are one of the items. I can't really say any more than that...because I honestly don't know any more than that."

With that, she noticed that someone was standing next to her. They were quiet, but their breathing was slightly labored. A look revealed the source. "Oh, hi Zeo! Thanks for holding that for me!" The fanny pack was reattached to the appropriate fanny once more. Unlike Zeo, however, Sabrina didn't seem at all fazed by the extra weight. "Oh, and this is one of the friends I'm doing this with. If you don't believe me, I'm sure he'll back me up."

Now, to see if all this honesty would pay off.
"Finding stuff... from a listing... that sounds like some weird errand," the man commented. Scratching his head, he appeared to contemplate on something for a moment before continuing. "It sounds somewhat like a scavenger hunt or something similar to that," he said, chuckling. For some not-very-apparent reason, it was amusing to him. "All right, I'll try my best to find those, I think I have them somewhere in the back. Please, take a seat for a bit, I'll just be a moment."

After that, the man walked back into the back door. Immediately after, an impatient patron shoved his way to the front as the two of them had, and ordered his meal. The attendant seemed relieved that everything had returned to the status quo, at least for the moment. For a while, all was well again, and the attendant returned to her chipper self once again. Rose, who was eavesdropping on the general conversations being had, heard that people behind the lines did talk a little about the sudden interruption, but the topic died down quickly.

A couple of minutes passed before the door opened yet again, with the man holding some laminated pieces of paper, looking as though they were created hastily from some cheesy template. It contained some weird things that didn't sound very appetizing, but that was a little expected. With the required item handed over, the search was going well, one item left on the list.

"Oh, and tell that someone you're getting stuff for- he's welcome to come himself next time he wants these," he said with a little guffaw.
Rose was very happy to see that Sabrina had succeeded in getting their Scavenger Hunt's next item. It had been so easy and straightforward that the back up had been entirely unnecessary.

All the same, the girl was in line, and decided she might as well take advantage of this. She arrived at the front of the line rather quickly, and placed her order. She decided on something fairly straightforward for herself, since she knew what she liked.

"Hello there, could I get a Medium Cappuccino?" she requested politely. Then she flashed back to her friends, and decided she should order them something, too. She didn't really know what they liked for hot coffee-like beverages, though, so she raced to think. "Also a, uh, " she quickly searched the menu. "Well, Zeo had chocolate ice cream earlier," she mused, as her eyes settled on " Mocha Latte. And maybe a," she looked more.

She had no idea what Sabrina would like though. So she went with a stretch, "Well, she is Netopian." She mused. ". . . Café Netopicano?"

With her order placed and quickly filled, Rose paid and tipped generously. Then with poise usually held by Waitresses, she held her tray on one hand as she easily maneuvered around the scattered tables and people.

Upon arriving at her friends, she smiled. "Congratulations. You guys looked like you could use a little pick me up, so here's your reward for this one," She went to the tray and grabbed the Café Netopicano, "For you" Rose said, as she handed it to Sabrina. "And for you," she added, as she handed Zeo his Mocha Latte. "And for me," she finished, taking her own Cappuccino and disposing of the tray. She had to catch herself before she asked the customers if they were ready to order their meals.

"She took a sip of the drink as she looked out the window, and then at the clock. "We've been on this mission for a while." She thought. They were almost done though. "Well, only one stop left. Shall we?"

She didn't await a response, and instead headed through the door and to the car, sipping her Cappuccino along the way. The thing was heavenly, and Rose could see how the plce had gotten so famous, despite its bland appearance and name.
Wow, that was almost too easy. As if whatever divine powers that were dictating their success on this mission were urging them to finish. Kind of an odd comparison, though, Zeo thought to himself. Regardless, he thanked the man at the counter and turned to navigate the room again. It wasn't long before he made it back to Rose, who apparently had a reward for their swift retrieval of the menus. "Oh, thanks," he said, accepting the drink. Zeo wasn't much of a coffee drinker, but it was technically a gift and looked appetizing enough. He tried some. Hm, it works, he thought dismissively, continuing to drink.

Judging from how Rose had already handed Sabrina her own drink, it seemed she'd followed him back through the crowd. Almost time to go.

Rose agreed with this, seeing as she was now making her way out. Zeo took one more look at the NetCafé, smiling as he thought about how oddly easy it was. The smile changed to a frown as he realized their next destination was NetVegas. He took another sip of the coffee before following Rose out. Maybe it won't be as bad as I thought. Zeo frowned. Or maybe the caffeine is messing with my outlook somehow. Eh, probably not. He shelved his paranoia for the moment and focused on not hitting anyone else until he got outside.
It actually took Sabrina a moment to accept the listings; she didn't exactly expect them to come that easily. "Er, thanks! And I'd tell him that, but I honestly don't think he'd listen..." At any rate, another item to cross off. And after putting away the surprisingly hassle-free trio of items, she did just that. "Just one more left...we're almost done!"

But first, a surprising drink interlude courtesy of Rose. "Thanks, Rose! I was getting thirsty!" And she was. Enough that she didn't care what it was, as she took a big gulp of it right away...though she nearly gagged. What was it, swamp water? No, it tasted too much like coffee to do that. Not that coffee was much better, mind you. But at least it was something, plus Rose went out of her way to get it. So...down the hatch!

...Yuck. On the plus side, she wasn't as thirsty. And she didn't make any faces in the process of consuming it. "Phew, that hit the spot!" Well, it kinda didn't, but she didn't feel like letting Rose know this. Throwing the cup away, Sabrina joined the others in leaving, probably to head for NetVegas. Just one more item left, and a little extra speed wouldn't hurt if they wanted to be sure they finished on time.

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Scavenger Hunt

1- Batch AA-00001 Process Upgrade ~SciLab (Suitachi's Navi Shop)
2- Nil-Zenny Poker Chip ~NetVegas
3- [Neuronomicon], author Maya Frasser ~Bookstore in ElecTown
4- Previous three NetCafe Secret Menu listings ~NetCafe
5- Two (2) Tier-3 Battlechips ~Dad?
6- Thousand Year-Old Spring-Boiled Egg ~Yoka (Mom?)
7- Dentech University 200X Vision Statement Plaque ~DenTech
Zeo x Sabrina: 1 FXP
Sabrina x Rose: 1 FXP
Rose x Zeo: 1 FXP