It's Been a while, guys.

Well, I'm back after a while, you've probably seen Eon's exploits in the colosseum unaided and unoperated by me, but now I'm back, and I'm hoping he'll accept me as his operator once again, as he's been dominating the competition without me, together we'll be practically unbeatable.

I'm eating some stuff while typing this, so excuse my typing if I make any typoes. I find it quite interesting that the new developments in the net have gone almost completely unnoticed.

Anyway, I'll be off now. If you've got any questions as to where I went, I'll do my best to answer them, as well as as to what's going on with Eon.

If any newbies have got some questions as to the occurences in the net, I can answer those as well, if you wish.

-Dethis Harbin
I don't know you, nor do I really care about where you've been or what you've been doing. However, you seem earnest for some attention so I'll humor you. What have you and this "Eon" been up to?

~ U. N. Owen
Huh... I think I remember someone named Eon in the Yumland tournament. Of course, I was only ten at the time, so my memory might be a bit fuzzy on some parts...
It was the Yumland tourney, right? The First Annual?
Oh, by the way, I'm Swift. Nice to meet you.
I don't know you, but I do remember this Eon guy. Completely trashed Swing in the first annual Yumland tournament, if I remember correctly.

How's he been lately?

-Duke Rigel
My former Navi participated in the Yumland tournament, and he met Eon on numerous occasions.

Do you folks remember the scandal at all? It was rumored that Glenn Mihara was actually giving the proceeds to the Mafia. The NetPolice never made any headway on the case, though.

Yeah, I think I heard something of that. What's become of Mr. Mihara now?
And 404... I could swear I heard that name too.
But aside from that, I'm afraid I can only recall a couple of competitors. I remember a black and blue navi with daggers or something, a robot with four arms, a dark-looking guy garbed mostly in black and carrying a halberd... And that's about it.
Ah, but I'm getting off topic.

Hi all. Nice to see some activity around this BBS again, I'll admit.

Tetra went out against Militiaman, blasting him with a some seven hundred damage attack, but Militiaman countered with a charged shot blast, and Tetra apparently didn't have an undershirt... so yeah. Militiaman won that.

[404] got into the match somehow, and fought Eon, disabling him severely until Eon turned that against him, using one of his glitches to reverse all the changes done, and summoning on his eigth glitch to blast [404] repeatedly into submission. Eon won that.

Yeah, Eon just barely pulled out a win from Elma, due to her sustaining some permament damage from her assault on Militiaman, which almost completely destroyed him until he came back from behind with a sudden transformation into some type of beastly version of himself, slaughtering her back until she was brought down to almost nothing. She blasted him in the face with a shotgun at pointblank range, somehow, and ended the fight.

I'm not too sure about the other matches, I was busy trying to... un... control my navi's Impulses.

I'd rather not talk about how Eon won.

Doctor Infernos, the man who had been kidnapped previously was shot at the ransom handover by the netmafia, apparently. I didn't hear that much about it.

Glenn Mihara fell into a depression for a while, then made the netcolosseum with the remainder of his funds, reportedly laughing as he signed the go-ahead documents.

He earned back many times the amount of the money he had put into it, gaining prestige and power once again. That was probably due to the legalizing of the growing number of navis being able to kill each other in a set setting, with differing arenas to suit their tastes and strengths.

Eon has accepted me back as his operator. Hopefully, we'll be a fearsome team again.

The netcolosseum isn't open right now, though. Apparently something went on a rampage there and it's shut down until they can make repairs.
Elma... supposedly, she became a vigilante of some kind, hunting down those who were the "Flagbearers of Destruction." She deleted her former partner, Surline, and apparently found MilitiaMan to be one of the "Flagbearers of Destruction" as well.

[404] fought bravely. I remember that match vividly.


Maybe it's better if we leave the past behind. I'm in no position to talk, as I wasn't aware of any of this, but it seems like we're just letting the past weigh us down now.

I heard about the tourney, it was supposed to have been crazy fast. Like, some of the strongest navi's entered. Some of them didn't even stand a chance against the stronger ones. But in the end, it was all the way people thought it would go.

i never realy payed attention to everything that happened......i'm timmy by the way....i hope that i never have to face you in a net battle Dethis.

hi, i'm his navi, nikko.exe, i hope that nothing bad happens while me and timmy are fighting on the net.

~Wouldn't you like to know