Test Format

The tests basically have two requirements. One is a simple multiple choice test. The other is a mission or in some cases an extended busting spree to determine whether the candidate is trustworthy. Now the choice I want your opinion on is whether we should attend to these matters with a simple sign up run by a Prog on the homepage or whether to simply seek out recruits whereever we go and putting them to the test.

The benefit to holding sign ups would be that it would allow us to increase our numbers a lot more quickly and it'd be more organized. The up side to recruitment is that the prospect would be tested without their knowledge, thus decreasing the chance they'd put on a friendly face just to get in. So you see, the issue is quantity vs security on this. Make a note that even if Sign ups do win, I'll still allow recruitment if a member feels strongly about a potential candidate. Also be aware that if recruitment won out, restrictions would be placed on who is allowed to carry them out. This would go along with the points system Majin used to run, which I'm currently trying to figure out which direction to take with. As always, I look forward to hearing your opinions and thank you for your assistance.
I'll say recruitment, it's better to have members we KNOW we can trust rather than just a bunch of sign-ups flowing in.

I'm seconding that opinion. If we let everyone in, we'll soon have too many members than we'll know what to do with.
I vote recruitment as well. As much as I'll probably hate acting out my identity, I heard about what happened LAST time we tried to do signups.

let's stick with recruitment, this way we won't let in someone that could hurt Requiem.