Secret or no?

Recalling the fiasco years ago where several of you were targeted because of the heroics of the original Soulman, I believe it might be wise to hide who the members of our group really are. However, if you believe that our identities should be public info, please state those opinions here.

There is also another issue that arises: Uniforms. If we go secret, then we could make a uniform that marks us as Requiem but hides who we are. However, if we go public, we could still wear uniforms in team situations to display our alignment. Of course, in either situation, we could also go the route of individuality. While our navi's could simply remain in there normal clothes if we go public, for the secrecy route, they could wear super hero-esque costumes, for the specific purpose of hiding their identity. So pick a choice from each category and vote. Once we have this decided, we can finish our preparations for inducting new members.
Though Swing was never targeted, I definitely remember that incident. Going secret WOULD help avoid another situation like that, so they don't know who to target. As for a costume of some sort, I DO have one I use for more social and less battle-oriented situations. Granted, I've never used it before, but that's not the point. In fact, it's probably better that way. With a few modifications, I could definitely use it as a Requiem identity.

I concur with Rigel. That incident... was kind of annoying. So yes, secret, and I do actually have a .GMO planned out for Red.
So, it'll be BlackRose for her from now on.

-Fujiwara Shin

<Red is currently being rescued>
As for the uniforms: nothing big. The emblem on a shirtsleeve/backpack/cap/etc. when we all plan to meet, to show who's who. But as for the secrecy, I'm fine with it. No arguments here. My navi's bipolar (to put it lightly) nature makes him highly remarkable, however, so I may want to look into a less conspicuous GMO. Perhaps I'll revive the GMO that made him look exactly like a NormalNavi.

Anyways, that's my two cents, and I'm so glad to see this old board is still online! Rockin'!
Haha, I remember that well enough. Especially when Ayumi sent a couple of their goons packin' with a hammer head up their asses.

Anyways, I'm not too big on hiding much anymore. I figure if someone wants to find me badly enough, they'll find me no matter what I end up doing.
Well, looks like the votes are all in, since there are only six of us right now. Secrecy with individual apearance wins. It'll be up to each of us to find a way to mask our navis identity, so try and snag a blank .GMO as soon as possible. When operating under Requiem, I suggest wearing a mask, just in case direct communication with your navi becomes necessary.

Now, next order of business is enterance exams. Requiem has always been about smarts, so something like a multiple choice test ought to suffice. However, since it won't take that much intelligence to pass this, almost anyone could probably get in. Since this makes it easy for us to be infiltrated, I propose a second part to the exam: Basically, a member in their own disguise would accompany the prospect on a Netpolice mission. This would serve two purposes: 1.) It would allow us to observe a netop/navi team to make sure they're trustworthy. 2.) It would assure that when the duo passed, they'd have a blank .GMO to immediately turn into a costume. That sound good to you guys?

Also, one last thing: Codenames. Since we're being all secrety, we can't go around calling each other by our real names. Should we each think up something cool/clever or should we just go by Roster Number?
Hmm... I suppose I could always find something to make Celeste into...

Two part exams sound good.

Codenames? Lessee... I have Valience.
("Make it so, Number one." XD)

I dunno about codenames, but not using our real names might just help with the whole secrecy thing.
I don't know about a codename, though. I just can't figure one out.

I have an idea for how to hide Volt, though, but I'm currently in a Colosseum event. I'll be sure to get one ASAP though.
And I like the "second initiation" idea.


This idea of yours... it wouldn't involve staying in child form, would it?


It would.

For Red, I have .GMO for it.
Call her BlackRose.
For me...
Call me, Bravo. Captain Bravo.
((And now for a name NOBODY would expect for my operator. *cough*))

I suppose you may call my navi "Erimus."
He looks fairly normal in that form until he starts pulling more weapons out of his jacket than should be physically possible. I won't say what he looks like in that form for the moment, just in case.

As for me, I have plenty of ways to obscure my identity, mask or not. I seem to recall making myself look like a decrepit old man a long time ago for that purpose. I actually surprised myself with how well that worked. As for a name...I suppose I could use a really old alias of mine. "Death by Infinity."

~Duke Rigel