Starting Over

Greetings. My name is Wes and I was Majin's apprentice. My navi, Soulman_Junior.EXE is the son of his old navi. I am restarting the organzation, as you probably all realize. We can make plans in a bit, bu right now, how about we start with introductions?

Pft, like you need my name anyway.
Well, just for future reference, I'm Fujiwara Shin and my navi is Red_Riding_Hood.exe.
Glad to be of service.
-Fujiwara Shin

<Red is currently in battle>
The name is Duke Rigel. Most of the old members will recognize me, but I doubt they\'ve seen my new navi, Pianissimo. That is, unless they have run into me recently.

-Duke Rigel
I'm Leon, the operator of Junior's late mother, Ayumi.
I was also the operator of Illumina early this year, until her owner came to pick her up.

Currently I'm working with Celeste, another navi of my own design. Full custom navi's are by far the way to go anymore.