Hello there citizens.

My name is Zanallen Espial and I work as a Detective for the ACDC Police, NetCrime division. With the recent surge in criminal activity within the Net, I have decided to open this BBS to discuss NetCrime as a whole. Please feel free to voice your comments or concerns. Also, any tip-offs can be reported here anonymously. Remember, we are here to protect and to serve.

~ Det. Zanallen Espial
...I was once like you kid.

Perfect record; slept well at night because I felt I real manly putting the bad guys in the slammers. I felt like the next coffee slurping chap on the 9 'o clock patrol, and even when my feet were up on the desk.

To protect and serve? Bull. The only reason the officials wear the uniform is because the dirt comes out of it easy. But just because they don't seem dirty don't mean they're not crooked.

Keep greasing them palms and getting on your knees for the higher ups and you'll rise fast, kid. You seem just the kind of boyscout the coppers need for a little ass-kissing here and a trigger pull or two there.

But when you find yourself up there, you'll find your uniform just as dirty as the sons-of-bitches around you.

Maybe you're still one of the clean ones; and maybe you don't have enough grit under the fingernails yet to tell the difference.

Don't be naive. This farce of a tip-board is just an ego stroker unless you make it otherwise.

Well sir, I am truly sorry that you feel that way. I suppose that we all become a little jaded through our experiences and I am sorry that you have come to mistrust the NetPolice in such a manner. However, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that I here for one reason and one reason only: To ensure the safety of the Net and those who dwell within it. NetCrime is a terrible epidemic that affects us all. I urge you, despite your misgivings about my department and I, to do your part in keeping the Net safe for future generations. And in return, if you are ever in need, do not hesitate to call upon me nor my Navi.

~ Det. Espial

My liege speaks truly. We have sworn a solemn oath to protect the Network and I would gladly give my life in the defense of another Navi. Doubt not my intentions for I am a man of honor and I shall not sit idly by while another Navi suffers. We humbly ask that you do your part, citizen.

~ Runeknight
I agree with what Detective Espial has said here, however Mr. Marlowe raises some valid points with his statement, namely that sometimes the police can be corrupt, as I have sometimes learned on some of my court cases. Men of the service being bribed to keep quiet or look the other way, fulfilling their own greedy desires before thinking of the others that really need their help. I am unsure if I have ever worked with Mr. Marlowe to solve a case, however if I were to in the future, I know I would definately agree with his sentiments, if they were put into a testimony or affidativ.

- Hisai Kurushimi, Prosecuting attourney.
i......agree with the person before me, everyone, whether they say they are a good person or not will let themselves go along with a crime, wheather what they do is small or big, no one can keep their nose clean forever. everyone commits a crime at least once in their life, i haven't yet, but soon enough, i will, and i'm normaly a 'good' person. anyways, that is all i have to say, even if i should have not posted on something like this for i do not know the full story.
Sadly, few men are saints and many fall victim to the Temptress' sweet embrace. There is corruption in the NetPolice, as there is corruption in all things. I will not deny this as it is a fact. However, I have never succumbed to the temptation of a bribe, nor have I fallen sway to the, shall we say "lucrative", aspects of crime. I can only hope that this shall always be the case, but as I am not a psychic, I know not what the future may hold. However, as are all men, the NetPolice are to be held accountable for their actions and if one of use does commit a crime, I expect them to be arrested like any other criminal.

As I stated earlier, my Navi and I are here to protect the Net and the people who dwell within it. I would like to officially offer my assistance to anyone who requires aid.

~ Det. Zanallen Espial
Espial? Is that you?

It's me, Kazu! It's great to see you back on active duty. How have you been faring these last years?

~Kazuhiro Sachio Ishihara
Kazu? Well, it has been quite a while, hasn't it? I have been well, as has Runeknight. Of course, this isn't the proper place for a such a discussion. Send me an email if you get the chance.

~ Det. Espial

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Now that things have calmed down in Electown Net, I would like to extend an invitation to all citizens who witnessed the horrors commited by the NetMafia to send me their statements, along with any information available on known NetMafia members. The assistance of the public is greatly appreciated during these stressful times.


Detective Zanallen Espial
Sir, what are the most wanted criminals at the moment?

Condor EXE