Resolutions 8: Scourge and Sleuth

Welcome! Thank you for participating in the Donation Drive by offering your resolutions. I hope you two will encourage each other to be your best in times to come!


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Pleased to meet you, Scourge! Why, based on your name, I feel as though we perhaps deserve each other! I'm a scourge in certain ways, myself. As you might guess from my name, I am a detective. I apologize if you were looking for a brief nugget of reflection or perhaps an idle musing, because the worst of my thoughts are never idle; I act on them every day! And none of them, no, not a one, is ever brief. Apologies in advance.

I can't decide on just one resolution, so I'll provide you with all of them! While I strive for perfection, I fall just a little short, from time to time. I'd like to ease up on the drink, of course. When I first tried, well, I found that I developed a real liking for recreational hallucinogens! So now I need a break from those as well. I discovered a nice, risk free one recently, though, so perhaps rescind that one. Beyond that, I suppose the most important resolution I can make is to wrap up work on a very intriguing case I'm working on now... Perhaps you can help! Have you ever heard of a navi developing split personalities? I believe there's a reason for everything, and a good friend of mine provides me with quite a conundrum. At times, she's a sweet creature, a little dull though if we're being honest. At other times, she's a wild, free spirit whose whims most often run counter those of others. I'm the same way myself, to an extent, but I just love to help people! And I'd like to get to the bottom of why the lady behaves so strangely.

In conclusion, that is my chief resolution: to solve the case of my dear friend, discovering the reason for the development of this split personality and how to either fix it or at least make it a little less troublesome for her and everyone around her. If I were to say a place where I'd lost my footing on this goal throughout the course of the year... Well, I recently spent some time with her and, instead of curing her, we got caught up in some funny business that, as I recall, involved both of us naked, under the effects of mind-numbling (but certified organic) liquid, and well, perpetrating some other acts that are probably best not described to you, a new friend with whom I'm not yet so well acquainted. There. I can't be more open and honest than that!

At my heart, I am a person who loves to help. A kind soul. So I hope that I'll be able to help you with whatever resolution you're needing to keep.

Sincerely yours,
Hmm... Detective, huh? Sounds like a decent living. Ehhh... Y'know, have you tried actually like, asking her about it? Sounds like something you eggheads would never actually try. Also, uh, that's a little bit more "open and honest" than I expected from this thing. Sheesh. Don't need to know about your emotional process mod escapades, thanks!

Oh, oops, I forgot to introduce myself, though the thread topic isn't exactly anonymous. Scourge.EXE, um, not exactly sure what I'm supposed to be. Lost my memory and all, kind of hurts if I try to recall anything from some time ago. All I know is that I look kind of purple, I got some grey old wrappings for the sake of decency, and I get seriously grouchy if I don't beat something up while I'm awake. Probably screwed up somewhere to lose something like a memory file, so I'll probably resolve myself to get that fixed up. Heh, you're a detective; got any tips for finding a lost memory file? Preferably involving beating some worthless schmucks up, that'd make me feel great in the process too. Virus busting is the best stress reliever, let me tell you!

... Oh, right, I've also got to somehow deal with this chirpy operator of mine. Sweet merciful daemon, if she was any more optimistic and diabetically happy you'd have thought she was being mind-controlled. Maybe she is, I wouldn't know. I mean, granted, she did pick me up off the street, but I'm about to lose my mind if I have to deal with her anymore. Ugh, it wouldn't kill someone to just maybe put up show some front other than "saintly" once in a while, right?!

- Scourge.EXE
Ha! Why yes, I've asked her about it rather extensively. I understand the sentiment but know that my interrogations are exhaustive. Just as exhaustive as the list of misdemeanors I provided you.

My my, amnesia is catching. Perhaps I should start investigating your case as well? You and my friend could turn out to be sisters! Gray is such a drab color though. I'd recommend... depending on your skin and color palete, you may want to try a handsome hickory brown or a regal chestnut wardrobe. Also, treat yourself to something other than rags! You may find yourself to be a fashionista.

That said, I'm supposed to be giving you useful advice, not fashion advice. Well, I can't say for sure how to investigate the root cause of your amnesia, but if you have found thugs in need of a beating, don't forget a thorough interrogation. After all, birds of a feather flock together... any miscreants you happen upon may know the perpetrators, or even be the perpetrators, if your amnesia is not the result of happenstance! Personally, I don't believe in true coincidences.

It sounds like your operator may be pretty similar to my own. However, as someone who occasionally sees the world in not quite so rosy a light, I cherish those who can remain blissfully unaware of the darker parts of the world. They're like pleasant, pretty flowers that someone just hasn't gotten around to trampling yet! Rare treasures. I'd say you should let her enthusiasm rub off on you as much as you can, so as to avoid ending up smoking alone in your homepage. I've been there.

Now, while I have your attention, please: tell me more about this "amnesia!" No reason I can't work two amnesia cases at omce. Maybe you just need a second set of eyes or ears? I can provide decent sets of other things as well, if you need those. Going back to that staving off the doldrums thing...

Hm... Well, it's hard to detail much of anything when you don't remember it, you know? Kind of depressing to be honest. But yeah, all I remember at the moment is my name, how to breathe, maybe a little fighting experience, and this speaking accent. S'pretty much it. The Navi that found me was called "BakerMan", if you know him. His operator's the aunt of my current one, goes by "Judith Langley". Looks like he walked straight out of Gingerbread Man except made out of white bread, doesn't like water too much, talks like a displaced Creamland expat in the middle of bloody fuckin' rural Electopia? Still don't know what that's about, he's seriously weird. But I guess I owe him part of my life so, y'know. Plus he's got this mysterious air about him for some reason.

And, eh, I don't think I'll need much of a makeover, really. I mean, I wouldn't know the first thing about it; empty head, right? Plus that'd probably cost money. Blugh. I'd rather grab some fresh battlechips off of some mook for a flash and a buck so I can beat the stuffing out of him and get my buck back. Economical, right? Hahaha! Oh, right, and about that split personality friend of yours, maybe, like, I dunno, throw her in a cage of Spikeys or something. Maybe the high stress would snap her out of that headcase she's having. Or maybe she's just really good at acting, y'know? Some people can put on some seriously convincing faces sometimes. I think. Not sure where I got the idea, but it doesn't sound implausible.

- Scourge
Very nice, very nice! This "BakerMan" and his connection to your mystery are making my mouth water! That I partially attribute to the aforementioned gingerbread, but also because describing his unknown origins, the way he discovered you... I'm just positive he'd be worth an investigation! Don't worry: if he spots me snooping around, I'm only freelancing!

As for fashion, you have a point: on a net full of free fashion, only those who are willing to go out the way and spend a penny will find themselves on the cutting edge. Beating up mooks is a good idea, though. The net never runs out of those and nobody particularly seems to mind if you loot them when you're done. They know the lifestyle, right?

As for the cage of Spikeys, while I agree that there are some on the net who are extremely adept actors or great at concealing their secrets, I think I'll stash that idea away only for a last resort. One of her personalities is a wimp and the other is a masochist, so either way, she would not fare well in there.

At any rate! I'll dabble some more into your mystery if I find the time. For now, it sounds like you're more of a danger to mooks than you are to yourself, so you'll be fine even without my considerable investigative skill for the time being. I wish you luck.

((Sleuth and Scourge get 7FXP!))