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Although I didn't get any input originally, I am still interested in seeing articles written by others. If you've written an article on any navi you've come in contact with (or, Heaven forbid, have been stalking), please submit it here for others to read. This BBS will be much better with the support of the readers!

-Donald Murdoc
Fan Article - Persephone.EXE and Soryu Gosthe
Written by Area Darkholme.

Shrouded under a veil of darkness and light, Persephone.EXE is a mysterious Navi with even more mysterious powers within her programming. This Navi is operated by my own brother who goes by the name of Soryu Gosthe and is currently the Chip shop owner. He and Persephone have quite a past behind themselves. I will start with the previous Navi of Soryu who was called Celsius.EXE. An aquatic Navi who was an expert in fighting with her fists was the base which would be used for Persephone eventually. The Rogue known as Stunt, from the Drakkas incidents seven years ago, deleted her completely with damage that was unrepairable. Therefore Soryu had to create a new Navi, which was Persephone.EXE.

Soryu nor Persephone know what happened during the process of creating the systems within Persephone, but an unknown power resides within her that has been used several times to help her out of the toughest situations. Her power, in a nutshell, is the power to summon beings from a world within herself to fight for her. This takes a lot of energy so the beings are only capable of performing a few actions before their time is up. The names of the spirits are: Hellpyre, Inazuma, Sylphaia, Execiel, Raikeito, Aranis and Celsius. Yes, that is correct. Celsius' data spirit had been reformed on the Net and was brought into Persephone's world. An example of her attacks was the Signature Program that involved Aranis. Aranis would storm out of a portal, created by Persephone's book which is her custom weapon, and slice the enemy with an ice sword and a fire sword. After that she'd return and defend Persephone from one attack. This had helped her several times and it was fortunate she excelled at elemental powers.

Around the time of 12 November, 7 years ago, Soryu left with Persephone to experience busting viruses somewhere else. He travelled towards a place known as End City. Arriving there and having given his old chips to me, he wanted to start anew with receiving data from viruses there. The stories he has told me were all colorful and the viruses are clearly different there. But the most peculiar part of his stories was Persephone being in a fight with her inner spirits Raikeito, Execiel and Celsius. There is a whole world within her programming, hidden in her book, and a war raged in it between the forces of light and the forces of evil. A long battle raged and it ended in victory for Persephone's side. This granted her the possibility of using all spirits to the fullest of their power while also merging their physical powers with her body. After this, things only went better for the team and they became quite known in the area of End City.

Lately, Persephone has had some various changes with the past design and the design of the present. Her previous design gave her a normal skin color, but lately she's been equipped with a black bodysuit like most Navis do. He's had comments that having no bodysuit lowers the defense drastically. Her book has been deleted in a battle between Persephone and a Navi that had attacks from various games and she now has 7 runes floating around her body in a circle with each rune representing a different spirit. She also looks more adult, having grown in length slightly and on her chest. For the rest she hasn't changed much.

It is rumoured that she sometimes can be seen on the Net of ACDC, looking for someone to fight to keep the passion of the war within her programming.

- A. Darkholme -
Thanks for that first guest article! It's extremely informative, I must say. I hadn't known any of the more recent information about the navi Persephone, even though I knew she was the net navigator of the chip shop owner Soryu. I remember him vaguely from a small ladder tournament I took part in... Lord, that was at least seven years ago.

Once again, thanks for the article. I encourage you all to provide me with anything else you come up with.