Operating Area: Motel

For any visitor to the island of Sundown, it doesn't take a discerning eye to see that the Ellington Arms motel is not the lap of luxury when it comes to places to touch down for a night. Because of its close-to-port location and its extra low fare for a room, it is a popular destination for tourists who aren't planning to stay in town for very long. A sort of seedy location that has tried to put on the air of being a much more posh and regal hotel, anyone who steps inside is likely to want to check out as soon as the night is over.

--7:22 AM--

A few men who had taken residence in the hotel awoke suddenly as a loud burst of noise bounced easily through the thin walls. They could scarcely believe that its point of origin was a gunshot, but it had all the makings of one. Had the sound not been so distinct, they might have thought they were still dreaming. They awoke to find that their room looked unfamiliar, almost as if somebody had moved them while they slept. The sheets were fresher, the rooms looked newly cleaned, and furthermore... the temperature had dropped. Just what exactly was going on?

The men didn't know what had happened, but they were awake now, and a sense of dread prevented them from getting back to sleep. Furthermore, it seemed to be a decent time to take advantage of the motel's advertised "home-cooked breakfasts" that supposedly lasted from 7:00 to 10:00, served in the main lobby. That is... assuming that sound wasn't really a gunshot.

Zeek, despite disbelief at his surroundings, found he was still in room 110. The others were in nearby rooms on the second floor, 202 and 212.

As the three each pondered how to start their day, nausea overtook them. Not just nausea, fear. And not just fear... Suddenly they were becoming someone else... They found themselves staring into the face of a man with a pistol in one hand and an artist's brush in the other. With the brush he was scribbling randomly on a large easel with childlike, ignorant strokes, while held the gun limply in the other. "Dear, you're not doing the pose correctly. Do it like we practiced, dear," he muttered, broadening his grin. Although he was wearing shades, it was clear that blood dripped from beneath them, streaming from eyes to chin. The woman he was speaking to was crying and everyone who'd come to reside within her felt like crying as well. "Dear, you're not being very cooperative," he groaned, dropping the brush and holding the gun with both hands. Panicking, the figure tried to get up and run for the door, but was shot dead, tumbling backwards into the bathroom. The man who'd shot her came over to look at her, framing the corpse with both hands in an artistic gesture before she passed out. (Sight-Jacking Unlocked!)

If this was a dream, it was a bad one. Breakfast be damned, somebody had to do something.


Objective: Head to the Main Lobby.

DIRECTIONS: Zeek is downstairs in room 110. A door opens up into the first floor hallway. Iden is upstairs in room 202 while Alistair is in room 210. Doors in each of their rooms open out into the second floor hallway.

No players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Zeek O'Reily: 10/10 Vitality
Iden McGrubbs: 10/10 Vitality
Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality

Iden and Alistair detect nothing. Zeek detects two figures nearby.

Unidentified Figure?
Unidentified Figure?
Alistair found himself sitting huddled on his bed, knees tucked against his chest and his fingers clenched tightly in his hair. His eyes were shut tight, the image of the strange man trapped behind his eyelids. What the hell had just happened?

"Maybe...Maybe it was just a dream?" Alistair said aloud in a low voice.

The sound of his own voice, halting and odd to his ears, woke him from his stupor. He unclenched his hands and glanced around his room. The back of his throat was burning with the bitter taste of bile. He felt like throwing up. He pushed himself to his feet and strode toward the door, hand reaching for the handle. As his fingers touched to cool metal, he paused.

Wait... He thought.

He glanced around the room once more, noticing subtle differences in what he remembered from the night before. A feeling of uneasiness spread over him. Goosebumps spread along his arms and he rubbed his hands together briskly. It was cold.

It was probably just a dream, but...There is no way I am going out there without something to defend myself with.

Alistair rummaged around the room, looking for a weapon or anything useful. He didn't know what the hell was going on, but if a lunatic with a gun was running around the motel, he wasn't going to be caught unprepared.

[Look around room for something useful]
The man in the room numbered 202 jolted upright from his sleep. Something loud, like a crash of some sort, went off and disturbed Iden's sleep as he suddenly recoiled from the amount of light floating into his eyes. GOD DAMN IT BRIGHT AGH. He almost thought out loud as he blinked his eyes over and over again, gradually adjusting to the light in the room.

Iden had been drinking again. His head felt a little whacked, but nothing like that time where he and a bunch of US troops snuck off to a bar and got wasted. He found himself still wearing the clothes he'd been wearing since yesterday. Ah.. screw hygiene... I'm too tired for that shit. He though as he moved his hand over to the side of the table and reached out for a bottle of...



...Wait, wasn't his bottle of water on the desk next to his bed? No... where'd the bed table go? Oh wait. There it is. And...

...When was there a table lamp?

Iden scratched his head. Sure, he drank quite a lot last night, but he didn't recall being over-the-top drunk to the point he couldn't remember whether he'd did something stupid. Then, his mind felt light, dizzy. It wasn't a hangover, it felt... sinister. Not even being under fire from insurgents back in Iraq had brought in such fear. Then, his sight completely went whacko. He felt himself placed in the body of another person. The vision was blurry, but distinct enough to tell the difference between objects. Wait... is that a gun?

Horror washed over him like a tidal wave. Oh shit. ohshitohshitohshi- He found himself running next, then suddenly tripping and tumbling over onto the ground helplessly, and then a feeling of absolute pain washed over him, and then he saw the last glimpse of the man making a frame with his fingers, and then...


When Iden came to, he found himself on all fours on the ground. He wanted to throw up. It wasn't just like any other normal day when he drank too much and had to cleanse his stomach, but it was a feeling where he just wanted to puke everything inside his body out. Even so, he fought the urge back and raised himself up. What in god's name was that all about...? he thought to himself as he struggled to his legs.

The feeling didn't feel like a dream. It felt... like one of the 'Psychic Premonition Event' thing he used to see on TV. It was so sudden, so shocking that his mind was still trying to reorient itself after the horrific murder image. Iden had seen death. But this... this wasn't a death where war was concerned, where two people were fighting each other to defend themselves, and those who failed to do so died. This was cold murder. Akin to that of watching tapes of executions.

He was planning to fill his stomach up before he resumed his activities on the island, but screw that shit. His appetite went completely out of the window. Right now something was going on, and he was going to find out what the hell was that sound that woke him up. As soon as he geared up, he opened the door to his room slowly and quietly, peeking outside whether there was any psycho like the guy in his... 'premonition' hanging about outside.

((Spot Check for any notable items within rooms))
((Cautious Movement: Open door and peek outside.))
"Friggin' tequila..."

Zeek groaned as his hand covered his eyes, his head pounding as he awoke from the nightmare, half scared to death. It was one thing to be dealing with firearms at work, but when they started getting into his head while he felt helpless it was crossing the line. Dreams were zeek time, and only zeek time. Slowly he sat up and looked around the room, thinking there might be some left over liquor. If it helped create the dream, it could sure as hell make him forget about the dream.

The thought lasted abouty all of one minute, until he realized there wasn't any liquor from the night before. As the he slowly began to recall, he was much to tired and couldnt be bothered to get hammered, so he just went to sleep. He scratched his head as zeek tried to figure out if maybe it was something he ate, but drew a blank on that one too. He had never had a nightmare that realistic before, nor one so messed up.

"This... totally doesn't feel like a bad omen at all... definitely not." he spoke to him self, full of sarcasm as he rolled out of his bed fully clothed. Turns out he had also been to tired to get undressed last night. As if the morning hadn't already been wierd enough, a sense of dread overcame him as he realized most of his things were missing. Most importantly was the bag which held his gun. Fear, anxiety, and lack of firearm began to set in as his heart raced a little faster. As his eyes shot around the room, his body felt different. Somethign was telling him he wasn't alone, granted he was in a motel, but dispite the sheer logic there should be someone around it was as though he could sense it.

It was getting beyond creepy at this point, even for a cop. It seemed like now was time to investigate, but first things first... he needed to arm himself. He opted to look around and see what might work. Carefully.

(spot check)
(use caution)
All of the rooms were laid out pretty similarly. Looking around themselves for useful equipment, the three visitors reached different degrees of success. Zeek and Alistair each discovered a rectangular door weight, used to prop doors, and a coffee pot. These were rather poor weapons, but on short notice, they'd have to make do. Looking around a bit more closely, Iden also discovered a rather over-sized but sharp letter opener, a shower curtain rod that he might be able to take down, and a heavy steel iron.

Other environmental aspects around each man included a radio and TV, rather small shaded windows through which little light entered, and a closet in every room.


Objective: Head to the Main Lobby.

DIRECTIONS: Zeek is downstairs in room 110. A door opens up into the first floor hallway. Iden is upstairs in room 202 while Alistair is in room 210. Doors in each of their rooms open out into the second floor hallway.

No players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Zeek O'Reily: 10/10 Vitality
Iden McGrubbs: 10/10 Vitality
Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality

Iden and Alistair detect nothing. Zeek detects two figures nearby.

Unidentified Figure?
Unidentified Figure?
"Bah," Alistair mumbled softly. "Nothing."

Alistair didn't see much use in the two items that he found, but he figured he was better off safe than sorry. He picked up the door weight and slid it into his pocket and grabbed the coffee pot by the handle. He hefted the glass pot, testing its weight. It was heavy enough, though it would probably shatter on impact. Still, he would be able to get in one good hit if he could sneak up on the loony with the gun.

Alistair nodded to himself, visibly strengthening his resolve, and moved toward the door. He held his breath as he let his free hand grasp the knob. He moved closer to the door, standing just to the side of where it would open. He turned the knob slowly and opened the door a crack, taking a peek out into the hallway. He still didn't know what was going on, but he was determined to find out.

[Pocket door weight]
[Equip coffee pot]
[Peek out door]
The journalist closed the door and leaned his back on it. Iden still couldn't shake the traumatic image off his head. Executions were one thing, the murder of a civilian by a psychotic person was a different story completely. He had expected his trip here would've been just a boring trip to cover yet another hotel opening, but circumstances right now changed his entire view. Stay calm. Professionals stay calm. You've seen death, so why should this be any different? he thought, but instead of calming himself down, it served only to instill even more fear into him. He laughed at how silly this whole thing was. It served to relax his nerves, if only albeit.

Amazing how a weapon could be really reassuring right now. He thought to himself while patting the letter-opener improvised knife in his pocket as he opened the door with his other hand. With the hallway clear, Iden stepped out slowly, looking both ways to assure himself it was empty.

He closed the door, and then proceeded to open the closet to scavenge for anything else that could be used as a weapon or would serve a purpose later. He also pulled the shower curtain rod off from his bathroom. If anyone was going to ask why the hell was he walking around with that rod in the first place, he could just make up an excuse about it being way too loose and demand for someone to repair it.

[Pocket Letter opener]
[Examine closet for anything pocketable]
[Pull out Metal Rod and equip as weapon]

Not really having much of a choice, zeek decided the weight and the pot would have to do for the time being. Worse came to worse he could throw them. Picking up the weight and placing it in his back pocket, he then turned towards the coffee pot and sighed. If he got lucky, he could use it more then once, but even a one time shot should be enough for self defense. Wrapping his hand around the handle, he quickly lifted it up. Next on zeek's list was to check the closet.

He slowly made his way over to the closet door, and placed his free hand upon the handle. If he was lucky there would atleast be some kind of steel bar to hang clothes on that he might be able to use. Oddly enough though, the scenario made him hesitate just to open the closet. The urge to stay cautious was filling his body as he cracked the door, only a little bit, then suddenly pulled it open and jumped back with pot readied.

Provided nothing was an immidiate threat, examination would follow.

(( Check closet ))
(( Pocket door weight ))
(( Equip Pot ))
((Zeek equipped Coffee Pot and pocketed a door weight.))
((Iden equipped Shower Rod and pocketed a letter opener.))
((Alistair equipped a coffee pot and pocketed a door weight.))

All that anyone found inside the closets, unfortunately, were coat hangers. Which would be useful and fine, except the situation demanded something a little heavier than unwrinkled clothes at the moment. It might also make a nice place to hide if things got too hot, though.

Alistair took a few cautionary steps outside of his room... Nobody around. He could see down over the second floor balcony into the pool area, which was sparse and empty. It looked like there was a long stretch of poorly tended land past that, which did not seem to be overly populated. His room was right by the stair well, so it would be only a simple turn to move down into the main lobby. Almost like a warning, however, the flashes reoccurred along with the headaches. He could sense people in the lobby... Doing what, he had no idea. Possibly they were ignorant of the situation and needed to be told that there was a mad gunman on the loose? Or perhaps one of them was the gunman himself...


Objective: Head to the Main Lobby.

DIRECTIONS: Zeek is downstairs in room 110. A door opens up into the first floor hallway. Iden is upstairs in room 202. From here he can move into the second floor hallway. Alistair is at the second floor hallway. From here he can descend into the main lobby or move into rooms 202 or 210.

No players are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Zeek O'Reily: 10/10 Vitality
Iden McGrubbs: 10/10 Vitality
Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality

Iden detects only Alistair. Zeek detects two figures nearby....

Unidentified Figure?
Unidentified Figure?

Alistair detects two figures nearby, as well as Iden....

Unidentified Figure?
Unidentified Figure?
Blood pounded in Alistair's head as the visions appeared once more. There were people in the lobby; two individuals, though he couldn't tell who they were or what they were doing. He rubbed at his temple with his free hand, hoping to quell the oncoming headache. He swallowed back the bile that rose up in his throat.

"Ugh," he said softly. "What the hell is going on?"

The two people in the lobby. Did they know what was going on? Did they know about the gunmen? He stepped through the door and closed it softly behind him. He wad to warn them before they ran into the murderer.

Wait, he paused. Maybe they're with the murderer.

The thought caused him to pause where he was, standing on balcony and overlooking the pool area. He gripped the coffee pot tightly, unsure of what to do. He hesitated, glancing around, but his decision was made for him as one of the doors behind him swung open. Alistair spun around, raising his improvised weapon with the intent to strike.

"Come on out of there," Alistair whispered fiercely. "Or else I'll smash this pot over your head. I don't know what the hell is going on in this damn motel, but there is no way I'm getting shot by some freak with a paintbrush."

[Softly call out to/threaten Iden]
Iden left his room, and noticed a rather well-built man whispering with a rather tenacious tone. "Why you... I would've"- something stopped him midway. Did the other person just say freak with a paintbrush? Was he... related to the crazed gunman in that vision earlier? Choosing to adopt a non-aggressive stance, he walked out calmly.

"Freak with a paintbrush?" He called out. "Getting shot? You saw the crazed gunman too?" Iden wasn't exactly sure whether the other person was related to the murderer at all. He gripped the shower rod with his right hand and reached for the pocket knife with the other, but not drawing it out.

"I don't know who you are, but I won't be hostile if you do the same." He called back out to the coffee pot wielding man. "Besides, if I had the gun you would've been dead now."

((Reply to Alistair, non-aggression stance but ready to defend if attacked))
Zeek looked at the coat hangers, and let out a heavy sigh as he turned away from the closet. Not really finding anything else of interest in the room, he thought to himself on where he should begin his investigation. he new there was someone near by, but since he couldnt deduce wether they were friend or foe he had to take his time and take caution into account. Zeek slowly motioned towards the door of the room, and slowly reached for the handle.

opening it carefully, zeek peered out and kept listen for anything in the area, pot held handy.

((open door)

((check outside))

((use caution and ready pot))
Iden and Alistair, despite their aggressive threats towards each other, realized that there would be no need for mutual violence as neither of them appeared to share the grisly appearance or lackadaisical voice of the artist they'd seen earlier in the vision. They could work together now, even if it was a grudging partnership.

Peeking outside, Zeek saw no one outside in the hall. As he stepped out further, he noticed that the lobby seemed to be in an odd state of disarray, although he couldn't make out why from such a long distance, being near the end of the hall. Spotting around, he noticed a fire extinguisher on the wall just outside his room and a flower vase behind him on a small table. Alarmingly, he took in a discouraging fact: one of the doors, 106, was opened with a sort of whimsical humming coming from inside. It could just be coincidence, but it seemed as though it would be awfully dangerous to act on that assumption.


DIRECTIONS: Zeek is downstairs in the 1st floor hallway. From there he may enter room 110, 106, or the lobby. Iden and Alistair are now together at the second floor hallway. From here they can descend into the main lobby or move into rooms 202 or 210.

Iden and Alistair are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Zeek O'Reily: 10/10 Vitality
Iden McGrubbs: 10/10 Vitality
Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality

Zeek detects two figures in Room 106 nearby, as well as the two figures in the lobby....

Unidentified Figure?
Unidentified Figure?

Alistair and Iden each detect each other and two figures downstairs....

Unidentified Figure?
Unidentified Figure?
looking at the fire extinguisher, then the coffee pot he held in his hands an obvious choice had to be made. Placing the coffee pot on the ground, zeek moved over to the red tank and picked it up into his hands. Wether it was as a blunt object, or to fire off at something, all in all it would be more efective then the pot to say the least. it was definitely a more comforting feeling having it, instead of a coffee pot, this was something zeek was certain about.


As the cop held the tank in his hands, his head began to get a sharp pain. he couldn't quite explain it, but the feeling was definitely not something he was used to. Slowly it felt like he was spinning, as his vision began to fade. It seemed as though zeek was going into some kind of trance. His mind was only focusing on one thing at this point; What was going on in room 106, and should he be wary of it.

((drop coffer pot))

((get fire extinguisher))

((initiate sight-jacking on resident of room 106))
"That sounds reasonable enough," Alistair agreed as he lowered the coffee pot. "And you don't seem crazy."

The man glanced back at the stairs, remembering the two figures he had sensed in the lobby. If this guy wasn't insane, maybe the two people downstairs weren't either. However, what if they were? He didn't want to head into the lobby just to be shot, but there was no way to be sure who's side anyone was on. Or was there...?

"Hey...Um, what's your name? Look, I know this is going to sound a little crazy, but when I woke up this morning I had a strange, uh, vision I suppose. I saw a man with a gun shoot some woman. I would have dismissed it as a dream, but I am almost certain that it was a gunshot that woke me up. And then, when I walked out of my room, I had a second vision. There are two people standing in the lobby, but I don't know if they're nuts like the gunman or just innocent bystanders. But, I think I might be able to find out. Cover me for a bit, will you?"

Alistair turned toward the stairs and settled down to one knee just shy of the first step. He closed his eyes and focused on the people in the lobby. He had experienced two of these visions before. They had both come suddenly and unbidden, but there was nothing to say that he couldn't force one. He focused his mind, willing himself to see through the eyes of one of the people standing in the lobby. His stomach clenched and bile worked its way up his throat. His head began to pound and he could feel a monster migraine forming. He opened his eyes, not knowing what he would see.

[Attempt sight-jacking of one of the figures in the lobby.]
[Spot check while sight-jacked]
"Tch. I've been in crazy places, but that doesn't make -me- crazy." The journalist said as he lowered his metal rod. Jesus christ, was he seriously going to bonk the murderer's head with nothing but a friggin COFFEE POT?

Any weapon's better than none, he thought. Next thing Iden knew was that the guy started babbling. Iden didn't exactly pay attention, since it was more or less the same thing he saw in the vision himself. Still, something weird's going on. If there was a gunshot sound, why wasn't anyone panicking, or even evacuating this area? The air felt tense. Suffocating, even.

Iden steeled himself. [i]This is no time to be panicking, damn it![/B] He yelled in his mind as the other person suddenly started closing his eyes and reopened them, except he look... blank. There was a visible expression of some bearable pain, but his face was concealing it. Iden waved his hand across the coffee pot-wielding ally.

"Jesus, tell me when you're gonna do this next time." He mumbled to himself as he stayed in the lobby, checking from all directions whether there was any hostile figures around.

((Spotcheck - Keep watch around Alistair))
((Zeek dropped Coffee Pot, picked up Fire Extinguisher))

As Iden kept watch, it luckily seemed to be all clear upstairs. Nothing was rustling or creating any sense of chaos.

Unfortunately, the matter was far different for Alistair. Forcing himself into another vision, he entered the head of one of the figures occupying the first floor lobby. He barely recognized the lobby from when he'd checked in that morning, such a state of disarray it had been thrown into. Everything seemed not only bashed up, but also wet. Alistair had the vague sense that he was the one who had caused all of it... Only it wasn't him, it was the man whose eyes he was now behind.

The man was muttering something quietly to himself, rotating a mop in a giant circle upon the floor. The mop was wet but there was no method; in fact, he seemed to be knocking things over carelessly as he moved. The worst part was that the blood red film was covering the man's eyes, clearly giving a bad signal as to his status as a sane human being. As if all of that weren't enough, a second man could be seen in the room, a black man in a sharp suit who was fixing up a picture on the wall that seemed to have gone crooked. His face wasn't visible, but a small hole in the back of his white suit had already leaked out a lot of blood. "Boss..." the man with the mop muttered, looking briefly at the one with the picture frame. When the boss did not reply, he went back to his mopping.

On another note, there seemed to be little of immediate interest to Alistair lying around the room that could be useful to him. He spotted an ashtray, the boss's framed painting, and a metal trophy lying at the boss's feet, but that was about it.

Zeek was having a similarly gruesome vision, jumping into the head of the man he recognized as the one wielding the gun in his earlier vision. "Needs more red... more red," the artist giggled, splashing what looked like blood liberally onto his easel and flailing his paintbrush across it. After he'd finished, the man put down the paintbrush, turning to the hallway Zeek recognized that he himself was now in. He stared at the hallway for a moment, giggling to himself and hoisting the gun up at eye level. Seeing that there was no movement, he turned back to his easel and began painting.

Taking a close look around the room as the image flooded into him, Zeek noticed a spare paintrbush and painting lying next to the artist. On the dresser by the bed, he also spotted a small box of handgun ammo and a torn-out page of some sort of diary, which was covered in scribbles that he could not interpret from where he was standing.

DIRECTIONS: Zeek is downstairs in the 1st floor hallway. From there he may enter room 110, 106, or the lobby. Iden and Alistair are now together at the second floor hallway. From here they can descend into the main lobby or move into rooms 202 or 210.

Iden and Alistair are together. No player is detected by shibito.

Zeek O'Reily: 10/10 Vitality
Iden McGrubbs: 10/10 Vitality
Alistair Charlie Lorcain: 10/10 Vitality

Zeek detects two figures in Room 106 nearby, as well as the two figures in the lobby....

"Boss" @ First Floor Lobby: 10/10 Vitality
Janitor @ First Floor Lobby: 10/10 Vitality

Alistair and Iden each detect each other and two figures downstairs....

Painter @ Room 106: 10/10 Vitality
Unidentified Figure?
"Damn it," Alistair muttered as he shook his head to clear away the vision. He rubbed at the bridge of his nose with his free hands before glancing up at his newfound comrade. "So, your name? Things are probably going to get a little hectic soon and I can't keep calling you 'hey you' or 'Non-Loon'. You can call me Alistair."

The author pushed himself back up to his feet and tightened his grip on his improvised weapon while he waited for the man's response. He was going to need the man if he wanted to make it out of this motel with two more crazies lurking down stairs. If nothing else, the man would serve as a suitable distraction while he slipped away from the bloody-eyed freaks.

"Good," Alistair said once he learned the newcomer's name. "Now, you aren't going to like this, but you know those guys down there? I am pretty sure that they are just as crazy as the man with the gun. I was seeing things from the eyes of...Well, I suppose he's a janitor. There was a bloody film obscuring my vision, but the guy was mopping like it was nothing. And he was moving oddly, knocking stuff over and the whole room was a mess. I couldn't see the other guy's face, but it looked like he was shot in the back. It didn't bother him though. He was just standing there, trying to hang up a picture frame or something." He paused to let the reality of their predicament sink in. "If we want to get the hell out of here, we'll need to get past those two, and I don't know about you but I want out of this motel. They don't seem very observant, but I don't think we can sneak past them. I say we sneak up and knock them out. Once they are on the floor, then we can sort out what the hell is going on. You with me?"

Alistair waited a few moments before enacting his plan. If his companion followed him, then great. If not, he'd just have to make due with his coffee pot. He stepped slowly down the stairs, trying not to make a sound. He didn't want to alert the men downstairs until it was too late for them to act. He tightened his grip on the coffee pot, prepared to smash it down on the head of the janitor.

He hunkered down as he reached the bottom of the stairs, attempting to stay out of sight. He janitor was right in front of him. He stalked closer, raising the coffee pot above his head. He sprung up as he moved in range, swinging down with the pot in an attempt to bash in the janitor's skull.

God, I hope this works. He prayed silently.

[Sneak up to janitor]
[Attack janitor with coffee pot]