Last Lights

I've mentioned this idea to a lot of people already, and in all honesty, it's already more than an idea. Descriptions, subforums, the stat system, the special ability system, stores, and stupid little things like a "Shopkeeper" account-- they're all there.

A link to the site.

I made the site because I miss the setting and RP-freedom of Last Breath and Blazing Lights. Last Lights, will, hopefully, be an extremely rich RP with a cohesive storyline and little emphasis on stats. Those who remember LB and BL will probably know what I'm talking about. The greatest thing about Last Breath was that you never walked out into the woods and found a random encounter. Every single fight had a reason to it, and every single thing that happened to you was unique and, more often than not, linked to the deep, underlying storyline of the RP.

However, I don't want to open a site that no one cares about. Please post here if you're willing to help me with the site, especially if you're interested in joining.

I'm also looking for advice on the system. Eon hates it, so maybe if more people tell me so, I'll take a hint. I'm also considering just throwing the whole stats thing out the window and have encounters with mod-controlled characters exist only to draw characters into the story.

Post here with suggestions, questions... and shows of support.
Looks interesting.
It reminds me very strongly of Last Breath. Which I liked, so for me, that's a good thing. I never saw Blazing lights, so I don't know how similar it is to that.

Anyway, I like it. It looks pretty great from what I can see. Personally, I like the system.

So, since I don't think that there is anything I can really offer or help with, I'm just showing support.

I will most definately join if you are going through with it, since it looks like fun and I miss RPing at Last Breath.

So basically, Great work, Keep going, and all those other supporting statements.
This seems very interesting- and the story is quite good. Almost fit to be a video game- now THAT would be interesting!

I think I'll join once I get my own computer.
Hm...seems I'll have to do some actual work.

Count me in, if you'll still have me.
Oh wow... I just read the intro, and I like what I've read. Very cool premise. I just might check this out.
I have joined, and I'm currently trying to make sense of the rules...

VERY good idea. I like non-battle RP's sometimes, and this looks quite interesting as a combination.
I'll join, help if you need it.
Wow, by "show of support" I didn't mean "register your character."

Looks like I have no choice now. Registration is open! Come on in, the water's fine!
Yes, despite my lack of a power cable, I'm still gonna be hogging the home computer. All is well!
sigh, so many people seems to miss Last Breath. ><

I feel guilty for closing it.