Heat's Artwork

Well, since it's a new showcase, I'll start off with a new piece.

To my knowledge, this piece contains at least as scrap of every enemy and subboss of Mega Man 2.
... gawd... damn.... so many things...

I worked on this last night. I'm not really happy with the shading... I was trying out effects with the airbrush tool in my program, but I think it's just an unnecessary hassle in the end.

But yeah, that's a basic concept anyway.
When you draw him he seems less scary...
Sorta cute.
Like a loli Megaman.
But I agree, the airbrush thing just makes it look like it was photocopied or something.
Wild Passionman appeared!

Wild Passionman used Sweet Nothings!

Phoenix is paralyzed! He may not be able to attack!

Lol. Great drawing, though.
It occured to me recently that I still owe people requests. This isn't a commitment that I'm going to be able to get back to them any time soon, but I should mention where the lineup stands. I think that since a bunch of people changed Navis, they will probably want a different pic, so stand up if you'd yours changed. If not, please notify me anyway, as it is likely I don't remember what your request was.


Besides these, there were 4 I took requests for and only finished the lineart. I am willing to either finish coloring these peoples' previous pics, or give them a new one WITHOUT color. Please notify me as well:

I'd take a pic of Silas without color, if it isn't too much trouble. Just want to see what people think the old timer looks like.
Egh... Let's give you an easy task... I want you to draw me...

Area Darkholme in a Numbergirl outfit, including bodysuit and all. You can create the details yourself, as long as her 'helmet' isn't enormous like that of Numberman.
Meh, I'll give you a choice. You can draw the new Zan, Runeknight, Rayth or Chaos. If you decide on the new Zan, remember that he is a police detective now. I imagine him to dress something like Bogart with a fedora and an overcoat.

(Tentative design)

Just a quick sketch. Who's that good-looking guy...?

Anyway, I still have people who haven't given me the what's-what on their requests. Do so if you have not.
Wow, he IS blocky!

Hope you bring him back sometime. I miss Teethspeak!

Great artwork, though.
Oh, he's coming back... <<;

My request's still the same for now, even though... crap, the info's lost. Nevermind, I'll get Tetra in MM some other day.

Frag would be good.
Ooo... who's that?
That there's Teethman V2.

Teethman was Heat's Navi back in RECN. ;p
Ah... Awesome!
Holy crap, Teethman looks better than ever.
Yes...Teethman V2 has an awesome design. GOGO! HEAT!!!!!
Thanks for all the comments, peepz. :3

Kinda just fooling around with the pen and trying out some new stuff here. MeleeMan and design belong to Aim, Raiden and design belong to EN.

EDIT: Now with Chaos!

Still more... Gungnir, Divinity, and.... who knows who that bottom left guy is. XD

The designs of Gung, Div, and Chaos came from Albel, by the way, so thanks for that.
OOOooooo.....Spiffy artwork there, Heets.