Fera's Boredoodles.

> Obtain SCANNER.

Yes! You have obtained a truly magnificent artifact, the SCANNER! Now, you may post BOREDOODLES of which to amuse your acquaintances with their utter CRAP.

Meh, my first doodle, the hell. First ever lineart cleaned in PS. It's my navi, Eternalis. Completely redrawn with the Pencil tool of my mousework. >_<

Delicious lineart goodness. Support program I made. ^^
not bad, but if the jagged/squiggily lines are getting you down, draw the picture at x4 the size, then shrink it(change image size) to the size you want.
Ah. Thanks for the tip. I wondered what I'd do with those. =D
Gah, seems I forgot some lines.

Also, new sketch. Support program. A yogurt to the one who guesses her name. =|
(( Sorry for the double post. ))

Anyway, here's a boredoodle of an original char I made. Dunno her name, though she bears a very striking resemblance to my mother, which I never intended. Of course, constructive criticism is helpful and appreciated. =) My first real shot at background drawings, turned out a bit on the rough side to my liking.
when you are posting the artings, it's ok to double post...

it's your netOps mother, that's how it's related...
Are you doing all of these with just a mouse and MS paint? >___>

Thats got to be annoying.

Looks good though. You should probably put an end at the bottom of the counter to show it ends and the ground begins.

I think you have a horrible representation of what stoves should look like, but it's ok for the first try.

Anyway, 8/10
Sy, I'm not doing it with MS Paint. I doodle on an exercise book and scan, then I draw over it with a brush in Photoshop. That way I can erase any mistakes I made during the rough pencil. I REALLY wish I had a proper tablet, though. =(

RS, like I said, first background try. Never really messed with them before, so.. >_> I don't think I'm worth the 8. Thanks for being frank with the criticism, though, I'll try improving. =D For the stove, I just copied the one I had at home. From memory, though, so yeah, it's fudged.

I was bored. 4-man battle is going at an insane speed. Manly beard is manly.

Felt that my poor mousework was bleh, and decided to upload the original sketch. Harke Ezarith, operator.
Good job. (^.^ )b Like the cloak.
All right, so I ditched Photoshop and went for Gimp. Go me. All this is exercise book doodles, grayscaled and healing brushed.

Subplot characters, yeah? Bottom, the operator, Ema Ezarith, my character's big sister. Top, her Navi, Demi.EXE.

Further in, the villainous creature known as RenonRC.NVR. Was never intended to be a subplot character in the first place, but I just doodled when the teacher was out.
Gimp is fun, HAHA. Many apologies if the top 2 images are much too big, inform me if this bothers you.

Aaaand, messing around with Gimp made me this blueprint. The result of hours of revision drilling.

Memory-Mode Rage Form.

Self-portrait. Wasn't meant to be, started out as a simple handsketch.

Some weird armored thing I dreamed up during Physics. Any ideas for a name?

Fun question: What is this guy angry about?

Quote (Fera)

Some weird armored thing I dreamed up during Physics. Any ideas for a name?

WROUGHTWEILER. [/inside joke]

Uh, wow, you look like you're having fun. XD
I looked at your armoury thing and instantly thought "Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past - 1st Dark World Dungeon Boss" - Early Years. <__<
Aaaaand more subplot doodads.



Bored, I think I could draw someone else's stuff. Gimme something to do, people. : D
Finally going to dump some arts I'd done over the boring exam drill season. So sit down, and be entertained by my absolutely mediocre drawing skills.

Seraphim.EXE, Knightly Armor Form. Drawn out of sheer boredom, with no references.

Renon.EXE, Fire Elemental Female

Some robot I decided to work on, then decided the tattered scarf would look cool. Suddenly, I was reminded of...

...Pianissimo.EXE, which I tried drawing without references at first, then tried a little refinement with some reference. I don't really like how he turned out, though.

Eternalis.EXE, new and improved, combines elements from the versions of Chardes and AR, plus some of my own.

Ouranos.EXE, Thunder Elemental. At request of my friend Drylyon, though I don't like how his hands turned out. Look more like fire.

A little boredoodle collaboration with Drylyon.

Eternalis.EXE, Implicity.GMO

Ocular Chess Set.

If the text in the corner bugs you so much, it reads Lihat Sebelah, SULIT. Which means Look to the Side, CLASSIFIED.