Now, as most of you don't know I am a spriter.
I also like Drawing things.
I have comics as well.
I will be taking requests.
If you want to see your navi come to life, I would be more than happy to serve you.
I may also display a whole lot of my work.

Hiko - Enigma.EXE
The Grim Reaper - Machman
Darkstar - Koumori
Dark boy - Dark boy
Navi Sprites-
(My old computer, which was given away, had most of my navi's and stuff from way back. Since then, I've been lurking around on a Fire emblem forum, which is why I've got so much Fire emblem.)

I also have a comic:

If you have free time--my navi, Enigma.EXE.
See his tab in my signature for other takes and his description in his profile.
Hint: he's purple and he isn't just a human figure.
Alright. I'll try my best to get it done tonight. I do, however, have an essay to write.
But, I'll get started.
There's no rush like that. Essay first, drawing within maybe a week whenever you have nothing to do. :'D
But I don't like essays.
XD Fair enough. I'm just saying that I don't mind if it takes a while.
And damn, am I really the only request?
It's just one of those days I guess.
Sounds interesting, everyone's always happy to see more artists around here.

I'd say if you want to inspire interest, the best way to do so might be to post up some samples of your previous work so we can get a taste of your style.
Thank you for your suggestion. I shall do what you say.
Some of my old stuff is crappy though.
Nice work man, but, I has a request, mind spriteing my navi, koumori? But, go do your school work first, THEN you can do spriteing, and, of course, Hiko gets first dibs on you, I'll wait. A link to her profile is in my sig under the name, of course, Koumori, right under the word "NetNavi"
I'm still not done my essay.
Thanks for the request man!

Quote (Johnny)

But I don't like essays.


Hm, the work you have is fairly decent. <makes useless correcting comments and suggestions here that are useless>
Most of this stuff is old things I dug up from my Photobucket.
Thank you for the compliment.
Nice spritings. The drawings could use some work, but the sprites are alright. I guess I'll just scootch in line behind Dark.


You want your navi I presume? You get a Sprite AND a drawing!
What an offer!!!
Seeing as you put your own picture in the 'SHOP', for how much can I buy you? The guy in the red shirt is fine too, I guess, but I'll only take him if he's on discount.
5000 Zenny for him, 10000 for me, and an extra 2000 for the kids.

Done Sprite. Drawing next.
Your navi is really hard to do anything with btw. I might as well've just made a purple dot with blue eyes and other dots.
I made more versions too, but I gotta go eat now, so I'll show later.
Hmm-mm. If you scale it down, I'll put it in my sig.
(Looks nice, by the way.)
Cool stuff! I'm wondering how you would interpret Machman's appearance. May I request a Machman sprite or drawing? (whatever is easier for you)