ART BATTLE!: vs claw7705

I love the feel of a challengse. The excitement when sailor moon charges head on into battle wielding her twin crescent axes to grant the negaverse a taste of its own gore and bloodshed, purging the world of its horrific diabolical cruelty with an amazon's battle cry and famous finger poking thing she does! The thrill of trying ones best in able to best others, the confert of renown! I envy all who achieve it effortlessly.

I! THE ANONYMOUS CLAW7705 (8ballhead) ! Challenges this forums most talented artists. (Probably just pointing at English Ninja and Lunarlion but there must be others around.)


You threaten my people with slavery and death!

I've chosen my words carefully, 8ballhead. Maybe you should have done the same.

Er... in any case, I'm up for a challenge. >: D I need an excuse to draw moar.

(Although, what is the challenge? o.o)

Epic speeches are FTW in my eyes.

(^.^ )b

Pity I can only do sprites.

But! Surely the fates will grant us both a chance to duke out a competition! Be wary, Stranger. The "sights" are now upon you.

For epic lulz, I believe that I shall toss my black "Aurors" baseball cap into the ring.

Suddenly, a white flash - something in the sky! The shape whizzes down towards the challenger, landing with a piercing screech and flying dirt and rocks. Small bursts of smoke and flame erupted from its teardrop-shaped nostrils as it approached the 8-Ball-Head. Snorting, it leaned down to expose a single humanoid form. Taking a jump off of the side of the behemoth, the figure approached cautiously.

Looking towards the challenger at last, he nodded. Handing him a slip of paper, he swiveled on his heel and stalked back off to his mount. Scampering up the scales with inhuman strength, he found his place on the dragon's torso, between two spines. At some unseen signal, the dragon reared, and jumped into the air, letting its colossal wings catch the air.

Opening the note, the challenger rolled his eyes.

'Challenge accepted. Terms?' was scrawled in dark ink, in a curvy style of print. An awful lot for a simple note...

(Love doing that kind of shit. XD)
RAWR! WE'll do this the very same way I did my first art battle (maybe slightly different)

1 I draw a picture to the best of my ability. At the same while you're drawing a picture to the best of your abilities.

2Then you draw my picture, probably a different version of it, but one that displays that character, scene or whatever the picture is trying to show. Who ever has the one who looks best... has the one that looks best.

That's a round one!

Then we reach neutral round where we get some random bystandard from this forum (Perferably a moderator or administrator) then they would give us a request as to what kind of picture idea would they like us to fight over. Then we battle with our pencils and pens to create what they find most favorable.

then we do a happy collaberation because we're such good sports...(maybe)

THEN PERHAPS!!! THE PHYSICAL ROUND!! A page by page comic featuring our star characters combatting in a fierce conflict of MORTAL KOMBAT!! But Beware!!! The fight isn't about who's the best character... after all, the most thrashed, blasted, humiliated and otherwise pwned character can still belong to the superior artist.

With that said. ART BATTLE!!!!
Rising from the ground in a thick sludge, Void joins the battlefield. "So, this is exactly what I was looking for," He chuckles darkly, "I wasn't sure if I was ready for the big time yet, but this will be a good battle to test my mettle on..."

I'm in...
Now I'm starting to wonder if I'll have the time for all this... ><

But, er, on the note of the first contest, I see how that would work with just one-on-one, but if more people are into this how can we do each person drawing what the others drew? Does everyone have to draw everyone else's?
Might I sugest an alternative?

A neutral, non-entering party (like me) give the subject to be drawn, the participants draw, and the winner of the round is the one with the best picture.
Zolem? I already said that. You the non-particapating spectator can offer any kind of picture idea no matter how strict or vague and we shall show you our vision.
and Heat, my dear rival (seeing what you can do), your true opponent is me. But if you wish to face other foes then go right and draw your version of their pictures.
This hand of mine glows with an awesome PENCIL!!!
It's burning lead tells me to defeat you!
Take this!
My Art, My sketches, and all of my Drawings!!!

*cough* sorry, you were just asking for that. I'll jump in too, provided I can get my shit together.
Ok, re-reading it, it says that there are three rounds.

Round1: You draw somthing, and then the others try to outdraw you on a similer piece.

Round2: Request from the audiance.

Round3: Overly complex battle comic that won't really work in my opinion.
Yeah, Round 3's in the maybe. That's the collaboration because we're such darn good sports that we'll engage in illustrated violence! As co -operatives... its still in the maybe section.... it's flashy fluff. Makes us all look cool in the end.
Hmmm, maybe if this were elimination, where the botom few were ko'd, and the last two standing did round 3?
Well, you are the one who issued the challenge after all. So, in the end it makes sense.


*grabs pencil with burning finger*
I will join, with MS PAINT (cuz I dun have acess to a scanner)

I can make good pictures if I take time to complete them

Promise D:



Yeeeeaaah.... I may be in this. Depends if I procrastinate or not, or if I have lots of work to do. XD

I forgot to log off of his computer.
mabey the first round is enter draw your char for the following rounds (char sketch) followed by introduction comic, where your char gets pulled into a tournament, which is round 3 - N, which is the end of the tournament...



hopefully i'm the only one that see the simmalarities to endzone's tourney...

aw poop, did I just type that out loud? stupid dragon neturally speaking. no dammit off. what? no, voice off. voice off! damm