Kurbee-O-Matic, Spritesource and Animachine Shop

Recently, i've become more comfortable with roleplaying here, so I believe it's time to set up shop once again. My 3 main services are up and running, for a price, yarr! Special requests are acceptable. Remember, i've been doing this for years, so everything is qualitylicious!

ATTENTION DUELI.... I mean, OPERATORS!: Grand Emperor Leon requests your souls Kurbeed navis! So for any Kurbees of your navi are now HALF BLOODY PRICE! Huzzah! This offer will last until I have 12, so get a space while you can.

Kurbeed Navis: 4

Acceptance posts: These are just for me to see what you want and to clear up anything I might get wrong. Call it customer service. Yarr.

Kurbee-O-Matic©: My first invention brings back many memories. Basically, you put in a sprite and the machine changes it into a Kurbee (a Kirby with the hat of your sprite). Each costs 200 Zenny. Pictures into Kurbees cost an additional 50 zenny.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you do not receive your Kurbee within 24 hours of your acceptance post, then you are entitled to pay only half of the origional price. This is for a Kurbee only order.

Spritesource: My latest offer in quality goods and main method of spriting. Spritesource has me linching a sprite to your request, such as my Forte/Nebula Grey below. Each costs 400 Zenny.

Animachine: Dabbling in the art of Gifs has surfaced some of my greatest creations. Although, the machine is severely untested and certain colours may be removed so it wont work with everything. Each animation costs 600 Zenny.

So if you need a sprite of your character, or want to see how something moves, just leave me some money! (^.^ )b


Current orders:

Grand Emperor Leon's Kurbee Army

Zyborg's Aliens - Kurbeeing, 750 Zenny

Zolem's Geyser - Spriting, 400 Zenny

Darkstar's Siren - Spriting, 400 Zenny

ForteZanzo's Nachahmen- Spriting/Navi Kurbeeing, 500 Zenny

P.A.'s Voltman - Navi Kurbeeing, 100 Zenny
So... the Kurbee-O-Matic© only makes kurbees with JUST the character's hat?
You still owe me a Kirby banner, you nab D:<

Just kidding. TPTB would probably remove it if I added it.

Quote (zyborg)

So... the Kurbee-O-Matic© only makes kurbees with JUST the character's hat?

In Kirby terms, a "hat" has a much more flexible meaning.

And sorry, Mr Kennedy. What banner was it?

EDIT: I remember it now. The Kurbee banner for the site. I need at least 12 navis for that.
How about... any three Ben 10 Omnitrix aliens through the Kurbee-O-Matic©. Do I give you the zennies before or after the sprites are made?

Quote (legoroy2)

the fire...


If you have it you owe a project with me for avoiding me like the drunk guy at a gay party that your girlfriend made you go to (that didn't happen to me, I am just making an example)
I was unaware of that. It was just a sprite sheet of fire.

And Zyborg (thankyouverymuch<.<), I can't put anything in the Kurbee-O-Matic© if you don't give me it. <.<
Zolem didn't ask you for anything, unless you were PM'd.... what kind of pictures do you need? Sprites, or will any pictures work?
I NEVER ASKED YOU FOR ANYTHING! YOU ARE CHARGING ME NOTHING FOR ZYBORGS PICS!...I was thining of asking for somthing though. A new charecter sprite for my navi.


Aparently, it took a good long time before sombody got the courage to tell me that, due to my color blindness, I had gotten the colors wrong. It's suposed to be sea green with red eyes. How much woul it cost to get it recolored and looking cooler?

(GAH, Imageshack is bugging on me. I'll get this pic later.)

Quote (zyborg)

Zolem didn't ask you for anything, unless you were PM'd.... what kind of pictures do you need? Sprites, or will any pictures work?

Well, see, I can't use my machines to make something if I don't have the proper materials. Can't make bronze without copper.

Although I can and have made Kurbees with a picture, rather than a sprite, I will charge a slight fee of 50 Zenny for them.

And i'll take that job Zolem. Try photobucket.


So... how and when do I give you the zennies?
Afterwards, in here. And it'll be 750 Zenny for the three.

If you accept, i'll get started. Will that be all?
*gives 750 zenny (has 880 zenny left)*
Here you go. THat will be all. Thanks.
Alright! Expect it in 24 hours or half your Zenny back!
Cool! Can't wait to see them. I like your Kurbees.
Image shack is back! And I'll take that 24 hour gurantee.

Remember, it's suposed to be sea green with red eyes, and please try to make it look cooler?
And that's 400 Zenny. When you accept, i'll begin.
Lego you forgetful d00d

were's my stuffs?
Ah, Common. You hound me like the local mafia.

You realise under my new prices, your order goes well over 2000 Zenny.

Plus, i'm afraid to say, I have little motivation. Sorry.

Lego, mind making a sprite of siren? *gives lego 400z*