Aim's Hand-Drawn Psuedo Fighter


Alrighty, so I'm going to start shelling out details on what I'm planning for my latest artscapade. Sit tight and listen for a spell, and I'll explain why you (echoed for emphasis) should be interested.

The game will start out with about... 8 characters. These characters will each have a moveset with 5 moves, a finisher, and the option to miss/zonk out (7 options total). I will first roll two dice to see who are the two fighters I'm pitting against eachother. After this, I will roll a dice for each of them to see what technique they're using against eachother. This will continue until one of the fighters has run out of HP. After this, any new fighters I've come up with will be added, and the fighter who was defeated will be crossed off of the character selection.

So where does the art come in? Well, you see, I'm going to draw about 4 or 5 mugshots for each of them (regular, taking damage, special attack, win, lose). I plan to make some nice little HP bars and so forth as well, as professional looking as I can, anyways. The last thing is that I will draw out an action scene to match every round of each fight. It won't be colored- likely just a quick sketch on paper- but it will help me to start practicing fighting positions and movement.

All of the characters will also be original characters that I create to help me practice uh... creating original characters. I really do too much fan art and gift art. XD

Now, why should you be interested? Well, I'd hope the art would be enough to catch your interest, but if it's not, here's how I'd like you to participate. Please submit a move set with names for 6 moves. For example:

Fighting Style Named Here
1. Weakest move name here
2. Mid-strength move name here
3. Mid-strength move name here
4. Mid-strength move name here
5. Powerful move name here
6. Special move name here

And that's it. You can make them sound more realistic, like, for example, "Tiger Uppercut," or "Spinning Haro Kick," if you'd like, or you could even try stuff that is more open for interpetation, like, entirely at random, "Downtown Boston," "Angel Slayer," or "Weeping Earth." Stuff that will make me think, you know.

3 Simple Rules:

1. Don't slip in "The WORLD" as one of them, please. >___>;

2. I'll choose at my own disgression, whatever I happen to be able to think up a character for best. If yours isn't chosen, please don't worry about it. You can submit as many as you like, so just keep trying.

3. Please type out only the name of the fighting style and the 6 move names. Don't describe the attacks or a character. Like I stated earlier, a good part of this is practice making my own characters.

And with those finished reading, please do submit anything you can think of. POST HASTE!

Watch this thread for updates. :3
Multi-weapon style!
Hallow Reap
Soaring Escapade Frenzy
Jousting Slasher
Raging Python
Graviton Drive
Close Quarters Martial Arts
Reed Bending in the Wind
Shadow Darting over Water
Tiger Leaping through Fire
Mountain Erupting from Earth
Might Tempered by Steel
Dance of the Glorious Dragon
Thanks for your replies thus far! I'll put em in the old think tank and decide if I can come up with characters to match them.

Anyways, here's a preview of kind of how the mugshots and the character select button will work. Using MeleeMan, of course. From left to right... then, er, down left... then right again...: Character Select, Defeated Character Select, Standard, Weaker Attack than the Opponent, Stronger Attack then the Opponent, Special Attack, Defeated.

By the way, these images are also saved as seperate transparent background files, just in case anyone was curious as to how I planned to put them in my pictures and what not.

Also, I'm Aim on Heat's comp. Forgot to log out. XD

Uh... I want to come up with some...

W: Spray Buster
M: Alpha Launch
M: Beta Roundabout
M: Lock-on
S: Seek and Kill
F: Omega Buster

I have more to use later.
Kick Edge:
Scorpion Sting
Hurricane Sweep
Heels over Head
Hammer Cross
Dance Macabre
Just found these from yesterday, I'd forgotten them. ><

Road Rage

W:Stall Punch
M:Cone Sweeper
M:Fender Bender
M:Pileup Hold
S:Limit Breaker Rush
F:Road Out

Warp Fist

W:Three Arm Strike
M:Double Combo
M:Surround Attack
M:Rebound Destroyer
S:Transmission Juggler
F:Nowhere to Run

Armored Fist

M:Arm Trap
M:Limb Crusher
S:Spiked Rave
F:Armor Crush
Ancient Art of the Insects
W: Sweeping Catterpil-leg.
M: Rolling Beetle Smash
M: 8-legged Spider Strike
M: Cicada Shriek
S: Twin Scythes of the Mantodea
Sp: Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee
((More contribution))

Cruxis Angel Style
Angel Feathers
Shining Bind
Divine Judgement

Seduction: Bravo Kiss ((Distraction?))
Bravo Back Breaker
Bravo Octopus Hold
Bravo Suplex
Smashing Bravo Barrage
Meteorite Bravo Kick
Melodious Dreamer
W: Staccato Striker
M: Spiral Rondo Sweep
M: Triple Bolero Burst
M: Lethal Sonata Drive
S: Victorious Anthem
F: Prelude to Infinity

Cosmic Fist
W: Comet Kick
M: Orbital Slam
M: Pounding Uranus
M: Ring of Saturn
S: Great Red Spot
F: Star Light, Star Bright

Count Down
W: One plus One
M: Derivative Driver
M: The Imaginary Number
M: Decimal Point
S: The Power of Ten
F: Divide by Zero
Lightning Fist

1. Static Palm
2. Thunder Wave
3. Paralyzing Touch
4. Lightning Web
5. Lightning God Fist
6. Electrocutioner

There...A shortened version of my Lightning Fist style over at Tenku.
W: Guitar Bash
M: Pyrotechnics
M: Megaman 2 Theme ((This one!))
M: Smoke on the Water
S: Thunderfish
F: Completely Unrehearsed Yet Awesome Riff Played Without Warning
Senior Brawling
W: Whippersnapper
M: Loose Teeth Punch
M: Wrinkled Assault
M: Mindless Blathering
S: Knitting Pincers
F: Full Force of Dementia

That's what I get for working with elderly people... :'D
Thanks for all of the wonderful move sets guys. I should get around to drawing the first of the original characters some time today. Feel free to keep submitting as many sets as you like! The more material I have to work with, the better.
Sorry to double post, but I got's an update. Check it.

Name: Fly Kimimela

HP: 10

Ancient Art of the Insects

W: Sweeping Catterpil-leg
Fly goes down for a kick toward the opponent's shin. It's not a very fancy move, but it's good at catching the opponent off his guard. [2]
M: Rolling Beetle Smash
Fly ducks in her arms and legs, drawing the wings of her armor tight around her. The wings harden into a shell-like structure for defense as she bowls into her opponent! [2 and +2 defense when used]
M: 8-legged Spider Strike
Using her antennae-like hair for brief static channeling, Fly is able to lift off the ground as if hanging from an invisible thread. She attacks the opponents with a frenzy of leg-attacks as she dangles out of their reach. [3, 30% chance for opponent to miss attack]
M: Cicada Shriek
After charging energy using her strange antennae-like hair appendages, Fly lowers her mouth guard and lets out an ear-splitting screech. Opponents have a hard time standing, let alone countering! [2 and disrupt enemy attack]
S: Twin Scythes of the Mantodea
Flapping her wings in a near blur behind her, Fly dashes through the air for a deadly slicing attack. Her thin wings gain extra power from her channeling, cutting through many objects effortlessly. [6]
Sp: Fly like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee
Fly takes to the sky, flying with such grace and accuracy that she is hard to keep up with. With a bit of embarassment, she lifts her wings to reveal an enormous stinger on the bottom of her armor! This powerful attack is good for gaining the element of surprise and playing it safe at the same time. [6, 50% chance to dodge]

That's all for now, but I'll try to type up a personality for all of them too before I actually start the game. Look for more later.

...Gawd, that took forever. XD
Asian Cinematic Theatre
Kung-Fu Hustle
Shaolin Soccer
The Promise
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
House of Flying Daggers

Silver Lightning Style
Ganreizu Zakeru
Jauro Zakeruga
Jigaridasu Uruzakeruga
Mmkay, looks like fun. Edit: Noticed that the weapon thing had already been done. Shoot. Added a new set.

Weapon Master
W:One Sword Slash
M:Spearhead Dash
M:Dart Barrage
M:Double Crushing Strike
S:Short/Long Combo
F:100 Blows

5 Hearts
W:Yellow Loyalty Strike Power
M:Black Strength Blast Power
M:Blue Mind Shield Power
M:Pink Heart Love Power
S:Red Leader Sword Power
F:Prismatic Omega Super Power

Graveyard Prowler
W:Feast of Flesh
M:Clinking of Bones
M:Hands of Necrosis
M:Strength of Undeath
S:Envy of Life
F:Rememberance of the Past
1. Under Arrest
2. Drug Deal
3. Gank
4. Shootout
5. Knife'd
6. Bust a Cap
*hugs Fly Kimimela* :'D