Don't use Java?

I saw a story on the news this morning, saying the makers of Java were warning people that they had detected some huge flaw that would let anyone get a person's information through java. They advised not to use it until the issue is resolved.

You guys heard anything about this? And what, if anything, does it mean for our chat?
What you heard is correct. The fix will be out on Tuesday, supposedly. Java 6 is still safe to use, but it is advised that you disable Java 7.

No, this does not in any way change that I don't need to be involved in future Java updates. That remains true regardless of Java hackers being jerks. =P

To disable Java 7, go to:

Start (start screen on Win 8) > Control Panel > Java

Go to the Java tab in the window that opens. There is a button on the tab called [View]. Click this button. There will be a list of Java currently running on your machine.

If you do not see any Java 1.6 in the list, go to Oracle and download Java 6u38 from their page.

Anyway, supposing you have a 1.6 Java on that list, find any Java 1.7 and uncheck the box for it. Click OK. Click Apply.

Okay, the Java fiasco is not over, apparently. The feds issued another warning following the tuesday update. Java is not safe to use outside of RE:RN, and within RE:RN it is advised you get and use AdBlock Plus. If you do not have NoScript, get that as well. These two programs make it somewhat safer to use java. Without them, you may as well paint a target on your forehead.

I would also like to note that with this recent wave of java attacks and how they are being spread and executed, Java will be on the decline and possibly no longer used. Smug mac users/employees may take this moment to grin. Yes, Java is possibly on it's way out. Why? Because 50% of all network attacks were java based in the last few years. That's a big number when you realize that's globally.

Either way, get NoScript and ABP. Use caution with Java, even then.

-- Pally
Is it Java in general that's vulnerable or just programs running Java Script through browsers? Because I'd really like to keep playing minecraft... :/
It is kinda in general. Though Java 6 is more secure than Java 7, but only just.
The biggest threat comes from browsing while using it.

I would be careful with minecraft, too. For example, don't load mods you don't trust. As long as you don't load strange mods, you should be fine.

And yes, Java 6 is marginally safer than 7.