Naah, I'm still around.

People have probably noticed my unusual absence from the site as of late.

Well, several reasons for that, mostly being stress from real life situations that are long and slow in getting dealt with. Likewise I've been sick the last two weeks so really haven't been motivated to post. I'll be around again hopefully soon, until then, to any that cared, I'll return as soon as I can. Take care all.
Get well soon.
Looking forward to your return. :V
Come back soon... I still need more LuciaCross levels.
To say I have returned might be a stretch, but I find myself missing this place and wanting to return. Hope to see you all again soon, and post as often as I can. So sure, I'm back!

Quote (Azureink)


^ see above

Er, welcome back.
Modding will resume when I am un-sick, that is all.
Take good care of yourself, man. D: Get well soon!