Motivation, why u no like me?

Hey guys, I've found myself in a bit of a rut as far as developing characters goes. I'm still trying to finish my profile, yet I keep finding myself second guessing what I want for a Net Op character on an EXE. based site. I've played almost all of the games, so I know what I should do and what boundaries I need to stay in, but I can't seem to find any good ideas that I want to pursue. My netnavi, Ryuman, needs to have a net navi that either corresponds with his chivalrous and honorable nature, or someone who's completely childish and irresponsible. At this point, I'm really not sure what I should do. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks!
As for boundaries, there are fairly little if you can sufficiently explain it and give a good background. So far we've seen:
- Children
- Old people
- Cripples
- Angry Cripples
- Drunk pervs
- Mafia family heirs
- Dudes in rollerskates and maid outfits
- Babies in a robo-carriages
- And much, much more

I can't even list all the different quirks and personalities there are out there. Generally the only limit we have is that these NetOps are human. No superhuman abilities (like "protagonist plot armor," or comic-inspired superpowers), no PETs that double as weapons... and that's pretty much it.

When you're trying to select a person or personality to match with your Navi, ask yourself "would this be fun to RP?" "Would I be able to RP this for a while without getting tired of it?" Sometimes having incredibly zany interactions between NetOp and Navi sounds like fun, but it can be tough to keep that up all the time.

Also, motivation is kicking my ass as well.
I've often found that, as I develop a character, their flavour begins to change from what I'd decided on when I first created them. This is usually a good thing. As you rough them out, you'll find them getting more organic, and that it gets easier and easier to place yourself inside their heads. Basically, you don't need to worry about getting it right on the first try; your profile is there not to constrain you, but to provide a helpful shorthand for other members. If you find that you'd be more comfortable playing your character after a few adjustments, always remember that you're welcome to register changes to your profile whenever you need to.
Also, you could make your Net Op similar to yourself, making it easier by playing someone almost like you.
Speaking from experience, you should be incredibly careful with self-inserts. They're capable of being some of the most boring characters to write for.