Thing about picking up...

I'm thinking about picking up ygo:wc2011 today what do y'all think?

Thinking was supposed to be where the word thing was in the title :/
A little unsure of what you're talking about, do you mean the new card packs that were being released? If so, I plan on picking some of them up to boost my decks, so, I guess go for it xD.
The only cards I have in my possession are used to buy stuff, store contact information, or identify myself.

Used to have MS War and Magic: The Gathering cards though. No idea where they're at.
I think that's the abbreviation for Yugioh: World Championship 2011, which I'm imagining is a video game of the card series.

I've heard some people play and enjoy the recent games here, but I don't have a first-hand recommendation one way or the other to give on it.
Heat's right.

Also do what you want with your own money. (The plotline is actually ok but your plot powers got a little bit ridiculous at the end)