Show Thine Face

Hoping that this link works so that I can properly show off my sexiness and kick this thing off right.

I don't have anything new...But here are a couple of picks from a Halloween two years ago.

I'm the one in the leather jacket, by the way.

Hehe, I'm ugly :lol:

But look at that product placement! They pay big money for product placement like that!

Woooow.... Everyone is so much older than I thought. (I'm older than this pic, by 1 year, but I still look the same =/ )Here's my pic from camp:
I'll post a pic once I find one that gives serious doubts to my sanity. Everything I've found so far is too...formal. Or too serious.
I feel like showing my face. Sooner or later I will. Then you'll all find out that the Wooga you knew and grew up with, is just a fourteen year old who has great hair.
I like the heavy (either that or the picture just makes it look that way) girl on the left. Same with the redhead. They looks like they're enjoying that ^^ The rest are like "yep, taking a picture. And, yeah, I just love how you can see right down that blonde girl's shirt. *roll eyes*

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be looking at you. Yeah, you're hot too.

Cheesu~! Me at Ala Moana, Hawaii's trademark mall.

Me being too busy being sexy to notice my girlfriend taking the picture

I have a picture of a couple of my friends, my girlfriend included, but they'd kill me if I posted that. I'll send it out by request.
I'm a camera whore, so have some moar.

It's hard to see, but I'm wearing lipstick and mascara in these two. I did say that I hang out with all girls. Some girls happen to be more fun than others.

Me, right now. You know you like it.
Ignore the look on my face. Was trying not to laugh (and keep the cig in my mouth) while girls feel up my chest.

That's pretty hard to do. I feel for ya.
I would've very quickly bitten the cig in half from laughing.
In the words of Karnak, a true comedian...

If this is, "Show Thine Face", the legory's picture is WRONG. I still can't see what you look like.
I will be posting some up soon. I need to get Syriene and the camera over first. Maybe after that I will get some good ones up xD.
I has nothing... ;~;
Shoulda snapped a picture with my mom's laptop or something.
Nothing much to see, though... A skinny kid with weird Sora-esque hair.

Quote (ZeroSaber)

If this is, "Show Thine Face", the legory's picture is WRONG. I still can't see what you look like.

Meh. Pay it no mind. He posted another one where a toy gun was blocking his face.

It's just his style.
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