Spiral Knights

So yeah. You are probably already playing/part of the RERN guild.

I've started a googledocs spreadsheet so we can keep track of who has which mat/recipe.


Please add your stuff for the good of everyone involved.
Okay , a few things.


Two, I got a Wolver cap recipe and am ready to make caps for everyone.

Three, Magneto isn't going to play (much) and gave his account to me, which I'm now offering as a communal account for keeping stuff. We could use his char as a crafter/trader/inventory guy as well (so we could have it learn all the recipes from now on so if you want to craft something you can just log on with him).
I think that database is annoying to use, so I'll just post my recipes here. I'll update whenever I find something new.

Swords: Spur (2*), Arc Razor (3*), Winmillion (4*)
Guns: Autogun (2*), Firotech Alchemer (2*), Prismatech Alchemer (2*)
Helm: Angelic Helm (3*), Wolver Cap (2*), Dusker Cap (3*), Gunslinger Hat (3*), Heavy Demo Helm (4*)
Armor: Dusker Coat (3*), Gunslinger Sash (3*), Sunset Duster (4*), Skelly Suit (2*)
Shield: Horned Owlite Shield (3*), Wise Owlite Shield (4*)

I am searching for the following recipes:

- Mega Magnus recipe (4*)
- Shadowsun Slicker recipe (5*)

If you see any of these and can buy it, buy it for me and I'll pay you for it in crowns/materials/energy/soul.
Just if anyone can't open the spreadsheet:

Swords: Calibur (2*), Tempered Calibur (3*), Cold Iron Carver (4*)

Guns: Firotech Alchemer (2*), Firotech Alchemer MkII (3*), Firo Driver (4*), Frost Gun (1*), Pummel Gun (1*)
Helms: Miracle Hood (3*)
Armor: Wolver Coat (2*), Dusker Coat (3*), Cobalt Armor (2*)
Shields: Defender (2*), Owlite Shield (2*)

Looking for following recipe:
Cold Iron Vanquisher (5*)
Ash Tail Coat (4*)

Spare Items
(unbound) Owlite Shield (2*)