Dwarf Fortress

If you don't know what Dwarf Fortress is, shame on you.

It's that ASCII game that everyone talks about but you were never nerdy enough for. The one where people talk about the incredibly elaborate deathtraps they made to deal with goblin invaders. The one with the catsplosions.

I've picked it up. I've learned the barest of the basics. All I have to learn left now is how to use levers (those things that everyone makes death traps with) and learn how to play without dying.
Good lord you're late to the party.


rename it to DF2010, then we'll talk.

also, if you want to play a bloodlines game, *raises hand and goes "OOH OOH ME ME ME ME"*
Just so everyone knows...

DF is the reason I don't talk on here anymore, the Bay12 community kinda absorbed me.

And bloodline games = succession games = Games where you take turns running a fortress. Sorry for response to old topic when I shouldnt be checking back at all.
You barely talked before, so don't worry, I didn't notice. ; D

That was honey mustard and pickles hardcore, Aim.
It was nicer than what crossed my mind. XD