Drakim presents: [inset title here]

Okay, after showing it off to the chat room filled with many people to ensure great success for the glorious nation of Japan, I've decided to make a thread about my latest little experimental game. This thread is here to educate the public regarding the existence of this game, to let the players brag about their score, and provide a two-way communication medium for suggestions.

(url is prone to changing)
Note: Only works in updated versions of Firefox and Chome, also requires flash for sound.

Enemies are approaching you! Defend yourself with the handy cannon before they reach you and sap your health!

You hold the left mouse button to charge up power in your cannon, releasing it to release the missile in the direction of your mouse pointer. Right mouse button detonates all missiles on the screen, causing splash damage around them. Missiles bounce on the ground once and detonates upon the second impact.

You WILL need to use the detonate trick to be able to fight enemies properly, especially the bats.

Suggestions thus far:
Game Title: Cross Cannon

Want to be helpful?
Post the FPS you get, what browser you are using, and any bugs you encounter.

High-score table:
Heat Sonata: 3113
Goroke: 2721
Kazuhiro: 2046
Score 1450

51 FPS


That is all.
FPS 41-48


FPS Around 40.


Couldn't match my old unrecorded high score from when I was shown this in the chat, but got 3113 this time.
Latest score is 2046... boy, do I blow at this.