Regina Rosenberg & Veda.EXE

I'm rebirthing both VenusMan and Djinni. As I've discussed with Bomber, I'm taking everything VenusMan has except the NaviCust upgrades and parts. I'm taking those from Djinni. The resulting Navi will be level 10. Resulting carryover items:
9 chips from VenusMan (Navi+20, 3-Way, BusterBomb, BusterPunch, BusterSword, Woodtower1, ElementLeaf, WideShot1, LilCloud1)
1 Buster Upgrade from VenusMan
2 Sig Upgrades from VenusMan
8 NaviCust Upgrades from Djinni
FloatShoes, AirShoes, Undershirt, Shield from Djinni
This has been approved by Bomber.

Summary of background story and reasoning for mixed rebirth:
- Satou loses VenusMan to the Carnivore virus that was fused to VenusMan. VenusMan goes rogue and vanishes.
- Satou talks to his 'favourite teacher', Regina Rosenberg, and eventually decides to give his chips and upgrades to her in the hopes that she'll one day encounter VenusMan to take him out of his misery.
- Na'im, a secret agent of the Whazzapian police force (for real), finds out about the rogue viral Navi and having experience with fusing Navis with dangerous programs, he offers to train the teacher in fighting battles.
- He also offers a part of Djinni to strengthen the Navi, Veda.EXE, because Djinni managed to succesfully fuse to her 'evil program' and does not need most of her strength anymore.

Name: Regina Rosenberg
Age: 26 years old.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Regina is a dark skinned woman with a modest height, modest body size and big bust size. She has light blond hair at shoulder length. She has styled it entirely combed to the back and made it fan outwards at the bottom. Regina also wears a pair of large round glasses with a black trim over her light brown eyes.
Regina's work attire is usually a short white lab coat, only reaching her hips, and a long white skirt down to her ankles. The attire below her coat depends on her mood. While she also wears this for casual wear, otherwise she'll usually pick jeans and a loose-fitting top.

Personality: Regina is a peaceful and calm person with a shy side and is employed as a teacher, so she is also good at teaching others. She teaches biology But she also has a violent and mean side that becomes completely noticeable once she drinks alcoholic beverages. She is a lightweight, but also a heavy drinker. She especially loves beer.

PET Modifications: Regina's PET is designed in the form of a flip phone with a top and bottom screen. The battlechip slot is in the bottom part. The 'flip PET' has a silver appearance all over. The top part has a projector in the back to produce a holographic image of the Navi inhabiting the PET. While the screens are smaller than a regular PET, it can be hooked to Regina's laptop in order to use the bigger screen.

Name: Veda.EXE
Gender: Female
Element: Null
Subtype: Guts

Appearance: Veda is a short, thin, flat and lightly tanned girl. Her black hair is styled in a neat topknot which is held there with a white strap. Attached on the front of the topknot is a large round pin with her emblem on it. An opened hand with 108 small beads around the edge. She has sharp looking green eyes and a small mouth on her youthful face with somewhat bigger ears on the sides.
Hanging from the back of her topknot is a long chain of silver beads reaching to her back with a paintbrush hanging vertically from it. The brush has a silver handle and can produce any color from its bristles.
Veda wears a black skinsuit over her body, from the top of her neck all the way to her toes. She wears a pair of wide pants made of blue cloth held up by a big light blue sash. She wears a pair of short silver gloves with banded cuffs and has a necklace of 108 silver beads entwined around her right arm, with the 108th bead in the palm of her right hand. Veda also wears silver boots, but have the shape of her feet.
Attached to Veda's body and outfit are 8 hands, nicknamed the Matrika Hands, which are all entirely silver with a rounded wrist at the end. She's got a hand on the back of each shoulder, the fingers on top of them except the thumb. Another pair of hands covering her breasts, positioned inward from the sides. The next pair is positioned downwards on her hips, with the wrists below the sash of her pants. The final pair of hands is on her behind, positioned downards, with the wrists behind her pants' sash as well.

Personality: Veda can be most easily described with: loud, strict and calm. While Veda was originally programmed to be a teacher's assistant, she is perfectly capable of fighting and has downloaded the necessary techniques for combat. And being a teacher's assistant, she also has the necessary skills to teach others in various subjects.

Custom Weapon: Veda is a martial artist, but only uses her hands to fight with. Veda can make The Matrika Hands adorning her body float and use them to attack with at any range. She can also perform some ranged attacks with her paint brush, but mostly uses it to enhance her many hands.

Name: Matrika - Agni
Description: Veda draws the symbol of 'Agni' in the air and launches one of her Matrika Hands through it at an enemy, setting it on fire with the help of the symbol.
Shot Base (40)
Fire Element (20)

Name: Matrika - Akasha
Description: Veda draws the symbol of 'Akasha' in front of her and moves her own hands through it. The first target she touches that is between her hands will get healed.
2 Support Base (40)
Approved, be sure to update your signature and your profiles in information databases before you start RPing. ALSO I would recommend that you clarify that although your second Sig has 40 support base, it is not actually 40 healing, it's 30; that comes at a reduced value from points input. Thanks