Corpse Craft

It's a puzzle/action game on a site called Direct links to the game seem to redirect you to the front page...

Simply put, you match up blocks, collect resources, and make zombies to fight.

There's multiplayer for up to 4 people a game. If you happen to have a facebook account, you can use that to log in.
Yeah. I checked out Whirled once. It has some decent games, and I like the whole "Make your own avatar" or buy from people who have made avatars. This results in HOLY SHIT sized avatars though.

I like that little beat 'em up too.

Also I rickroll everything.
That's quite fun!
Its free....

Until you try the entire single player campaign ;3

Yes, I go to whirled. I find it irritating that item prices are constantly going up. I'm STILL saving for my beloved blue chocobo pet
yeah, 350,000 is alot. but I've never made it to the end. the site keeps kicking me out for inacivity...