Rachel Brown and PoliceMan

Quote (NetNavi)

Name: Avery the PoliceMan
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Team

Avery the PoliceMan is about 5'11. He is light-skinned, green-eyed, blonde haired, and has a thin nose.

His outfit is a mish-mash of various styles; he has a long piece of black fabric tied around his forehead, trailing behind him. He has a red neckerchief. Below that, he has a blue jacket with yellow reflective trim. His black pants also have reflective trim. His shoes are sneakers.

His navi mark is worn on his shoulder in the form of a unit badge.

As the blue member of the Everyday Hero Squad, PoliceMan is cool, collected, and co-operative in approaching problems. He has little problem taking orders, and even less a problem giving them. PoliceMan considers himself the first line of defence in the eternal war against chaos.

Avery the PoliceMan is part of the Everyday Hero Squad user test. Tammel Incorpated decided to get into the digital market. How? By including a navi emblem in every package. Each and every character will come with one... sometime next year.

Avery the PoliceMan was raffled off on a popular gaming blog as part of an advertising promotion by Tammel. The winner? Maxine Power, a 55-year old IT wonk from Creamland. From there, Maxine gave Avery to her goddaughter, but not before making a few modifications.

So far, Avery the PoliceMan and Rachel have been together for a month.

Custom Weapon: 9mm Pistol
His custom buster is in the form of a matte-black pistol.

Signature Attack 1: FlakJack
HardBody is activated, halving the damage he takes that round. 40pts. 1CD.

Signature Attack 2: Inject+
With a "detonator gesture" (Step 1: form Thumbs Up. Step 2: bring thumb down to fist), Avery the PoliceMan can activate a recovery program. 20pts. 1CD. Applies 15 pts of Healing to user.

Quote (Operator)

Name: Rachel Brown
Age: 17
Gender: Female
A petite - 5' 3", 130 lbs high school student. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a ponytail. Her gray eyes seem to sparkle in the sunlight. Olive skin speaks of a middle-eastern origin, although her nose hints more closely to a Turkish heritage.

Her classic attire includes a emerald, turtle-necked sweater that looks woollen, sleeves stopping just shy of her wrists, revealing identical, silver bracelets. Black sweat pants and black moccasins complete the outfit- but don't forget about the green beret or the yellow silk scarf.

Friendly, outgoing. Also loud. As the second of three children, Rachel also tries to be the most of everything.

PET Modifications:
The PET has a Police Badge Emblem. It is mostly blue, with yellow trim. It has been modified to allow inserting to a wrist band or to also be worn by the neck strap. Has a custom screen cover, allowing the user to flip it up and brandish the badge.

Rachel is an exchange student from Creamland. From the slow, boring sea-side town of Noxford-upon-Upton to the busy metropolis, she's adjusted to city life surprisingly well. Since she can't legally work in Electopia, her godmother and aunt of sorts - Maxine - provides her with a stipend.

Quote (New Character Perks)

  • ZapRing1
Hey Lash- before I can approve this, please clarify the effects of your second signature attack, "Inject +." I gather that it has a recovery effect, but which effect is never specified (i.e. a specific value of healing or status cure).

Additionally, you will need to pick an NCP program and a fourth chip. The list of those available can be found in this topic here. Thanks!
I failed Math 12 three times, but I think my math's solid right now.


Since the maximum amount of Sig Points I can apply to that attack is 20, I have to apply a debuff to supply the additional 30pts. This brings my Sig Points in total to the cap of 90.

Selected program: HP+50
Selected Chip: ZapRing1
Heya Lash! I'll duck in and note this quickly for you, just to speed things up before an official gets back to you, but there's still a problem, I'm afraid.

The rules regarding applying nerf apply to individual signatures, and the over-arching figure is just the cap that that entails by extension; for any given signature you may only use a maximum of 50% of the pool points you spend on -that- signature.

So, with one signature that's 40 points, and no nerfing, that leaves you 20 pool points to spend; this means that you can apply a maximum additional 10 points of nerf to it, to have 30 points worth of effects, but no more. You can take a nerf that normally grants more points than that, but you only get the maximum allowed, in this case 10, from it.

If you're curious about the whys and wherefores of this, consider the situation where all the signatures essentially share pool and nerf caps together: a player could make one signature that was nothing but nerf effects, and never use it, then fill out all their other signatures with full nerf-cap effects, at no actual cost. That would be, understandably, broken.

Personally I don't mind messy numbers, but a lot of mods recommend that players keep their figures as neat as possible, at least to a denomination of 5. Your maths here is making healing cheaper than direct damage, when it's actually the other way around; you pay more sig points for less healing, as compared to damage. In the case that you've got here, with 20(30) to spend, the simplest option might be to spend 20 points, for 15 points of healing.

If you wanted to take the nerf to increase your spendable points to 30, the healing you'd get would be 22.5 points... which is messier than most officials would probably want to approve. If you wanted to boost the healing received to a flat 20 points, you'd need to take exactly 6.66r points worth of nerfing, which you might do by taking 10 points of nerf, and stating that you're not using the rest. Again, it's a bit messy, but since the final outcome is neat, others might be more ok with that. I would recommend the 20 points for 15 healing, though, since that's simplest... you can always bump it up later when you've got more points to play around with.

Edited to set Healing to 15.
It's good! AND HE GOES ALL THE WAAAY! Be sure to update your signature and to post your navi and operator information before you start RPing. Thanks!

Get: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1, ZapRing1 x1
Get: MiniEnergy x2
Get: Undershirt, HP +50