William Gottally and Wizard

I wish to replace my current team with a new one.


Name: William Gottally

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: For a 19-year-old male, his appearance is quite feminine. His skin is fair but not pale. he wears his hair in a pompadour. His facial features are quite soft, almost pretty, with a smaller nose and jaw. his green eyes are fairly noticeable as is his He is about 5 foot 5 inches tall, with just a touch of pudge for body fat.

Personality: William is high-energy, unrestrainable, and fun-loving. He can be quite sarcastic at times, and has an odd sense of humor. However, despite sometimes coming across as a bit of a punk, he does try to get along with everybody. William has a lot of knowledge when it comes to arcade games, especially pinball. He can get a bit obsessed with the subject, and will never back down from an arcade challenge.

PET Modifications: Silver PET with a chrome finish


Name: Wizard

Gender: Male

Element: Normal

Subtype: Summon

Appearance: A tall, lanky navi in white armor. His armor has trims of yellow surrounded by red. His right arm is like a normal navi's arm except bigger and armored, but his left arm is a permanent buster. This buster is chunky, with a clear top, where you can see that it is modeled after a pinball machine's ball launcher. His shoulders have shoulder guards shaped like bumpers, with a red star with a hole in it for the paint design — also the navi's symbol. His helmet has a yellow and red crest down it, and the black visor goes over most of his face, obscuring it. However, this visor is also a dot-matrix display. His back has two pinball-flipper-like attachments, like non-functioning wings. His chin has a spike that looks a lot like a beard.

Personality: Wizard is a cheerful navi, although one not accustomed to battling. As a former mascot and repair navi for Pinball Paul's Arcade, he knows a lot about pinball. He seems to be an old man, as he calls everyone things like "kid" and seems surprised at how big the net has gotten. He'll complain about battles on occasion, but is never one to shy away from a job that needs to be done.

Custom Weapon: Pinball Cannon: seems to work more like a pinball launcher than a buster. A ball materializes within, and is launched out. Charging is done by him pulling back the plunger.

Signature Attack: 10-Point Bumper
Wizard summons a giant pinball bumper that looks like his icon, but in the middle has the number 10 in it. It has 10 hit points, and if it is struck, counters once with a 10-damage microburst. [10 HP object + Counter: Microburst(40)+Counter:10 damage]

There's nothing I want from Aaron and Vax, nor do I want to shelf them. I wish to make a completely new start.
This seems like a drunken submission, I recommend a more sober revision.
Ouch...I didn't think I did THAT poorly...sorry... I'll fix my post as much as I can, but since this was done when I was sober, I don't see much hope.

EDIT: Is this any better?
Odd, I don't remember making a post at 7:34am yesterday... maybe I was the drunk one.

The reg looks good. Funny enough there's another "Pinball Wizard" themed Navi, but has a different name (Pinball) and a significantly different design, so no issues there.

For your signature attack, just add the 2-turn cooldown, and Counter"(on hit)" to specify the object doesn't need to be destroyed to trigger its effect.

Finally, please choose 1 of the following NCPs and 1 Battlechip: HP+50, Shield, SetSand, SetLava, SetIce, SetSea, SetGrass, SetMetal, SetSolar, SetGlass, or ResetStage

Fire: HeatShot, FireHit1
Aqua: Bubbler, AquaNeedle1
Wood: CactBall1, RollingLog1
Elec: ZapRing1, MaruBlaster1
Null: ShockWave, MiniBomb, AirShot1, Vulcan1
Support: Recover30, Barrier, Guard1, PanelGrab
Thank you. I choose HP+50 and CactBall1
It's fine, approved. Also, be sure to add the "on hit" clause to your signature attack's description, clarifying that the counter activates when the object is hit.

Get: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1, CactBall1 x1
Get: MiniEnergy x2
Get: Undershirt, HP +50