Megaman Star Force 2

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Now, discuss any horribleness you have found.

... You know, that really didn't do this fail justice.

Dammit, Bomber!

Real frustrated people don't facepalm, they headdesk! Properly, I might add!

I think capcom of america should just die if they keep pulling this shit on us. no. i'm not kidding.
Meh, the first Starforce was a pile of interstellar crap. Did you really expect the sequel to be any better? I better prepare for the massive emo fest....

Also...Zerker..........? German to Japanese to English.....Geez.
The hell is that? .____.
*Sigh* I Purchased Starforce... Being a MMBN Addic, I was really dissapointed. There's no strategies, tactics, combinations anymore. No P.A. either. You move left or right, WOW.

Where are the good old Battle Network we know?
It died after the fourth installment. <<;
Meh, I didnt like Red Sun / Blue Moon...

The 5th was not bad, as well as the 6th.

But I agree, thought, that Megaman Battle Network 3 Is by far the best.
I never finished BN four...

Five was okay...and so was Six.

Starforce...I don't know what to say.

There's only one thing good about Star Force...

Gemini Spark...that is all.
Oh yeah!

Gemini Spark also makes his return in the second installment of the game. Don't know how though. *shrugs*