Was nice playing with you, Jack!

Yup. not long after this debacle, we get some news we all wanted. Was fun while it lasted, but this raises one question ... does this mean that he might be replaced by someone actually competent? Or do even they know it's a false cause?
Most people who try and point fingers a video games usually are not competent, as the pay no attention to the ratings system and are oblivious to the fact that they should be debating the WAR going on in the Middle East, instead of "killing simulators".
wtf are you on Nale. It never was nice to play around with Jack. This man is the worst real life troll ever.
FINALY! Jack won't be trying to take our videogames away from us ANYMORE! DOOM TO JACKO! DOOM TO HIM! *throws a 'hooray jacko is never gonna try taking our videogames away from us again' party*

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wtf are you on Nale. It never was nice to play around with Jack. This man is the worst real life troll ever.

I find it hilarious how he desperately clings to the little limelight he gets. Heck, even the first article mocks him for that.
Yohoho! "Troll" was the word i've been looking for.
Honestly! He blamed all those school shootings on video games. He never pointed a finger at the peers of the students nor at the school or the parents. These kids were troubled. Hated in school by everyone, no friends, they were teased and bullied. No one at the schools even attempted to tend to them. They just waited and look what happend!!! And he blames games! If we push the blame on something else, this will continue!
An example of what Lunar just said... Note this is what I heard a few months ago happening

At the highschool here, apparently there is or was this kid that was constantly bullied by the same group constantly for his whole school carrer so far. One day they pushed the wrong button, what he do? nothing too big but enough to cause a lot of worry. What happened was he stormed out of his classroom yelling loudly that he was gonna get a gun and bring it to school. it was most likly a empty threat but it was a threat still, they had a lock down, which for those of you who have a school that dont do that its basically where they lock down the whole school and it stays locked up till the police get there.

I dont know what happened after that how ever. but I do know what it feels like to be in the kid's shoes since i was once in his position when growing up, but I was never pushed that far.

Also apparently after that they school realized that there was a growing bullying problem, a problem thats been there for 2-3 decades... at the very least... I put up with it, my big brother put up with it till he beat the shit out of one of the kids, my little sister had to put up with it till she smacked a kid for bugging her. I'm the only one who was never pushed far enough to go berserk in my family.
I remember a few years before I started going to my high school, some kids was a victim of bullies, and he broke into the metal shop, stole a giant monkey wrench, and beat the guy in the back of the head several times: enough to cause brain damage. It was a big deal for a while, but no one blamed like, mario games, cause he used a wrench or anything.

I hate all those parents bitch and piss about violent movies, television, and video games. If they took the time to actually parent their children, instead of diddle fuck around and spend most of the time bitching about how nothing is their fault, then maybe stupid shit like this wouldn't happen.
"Everything you do is because you choose to."

Or so The Matrix would have you believe.

At least, I think that's the moral...

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"Everything you do is because you choose to."

Or so The Matrix would have you believe.

At least, I think that's the moral...

Really? I thought the moral of those films were "The Wachowski brothers have no fucking credibility after that last movie"...

But yeah. Seriously. The Virginia Tech shootings. Jack, naturally, started his demented honking about Videogames causing the kid, whose name I forget, to snap and go out and shoot other kids, not to mention training him. The investigators took this and checked it up ... dinging out the kid was an avid book-reader and had never touched videogames in his life. Now, is it just me, or does the term 'lol pwned' come to mind? And, of course, back this up with the hard research proving that there is no correlation between violent videogames and the urge to commit mass murder (though I make an exception in Jack's case, just because the little bugger deserves it). High and dry, Mr. Jack. High and dry...
I wonder what trauma he suffered in his past to make such radical claims.

And i'm pretty sure VGCats did something similar too.