Warning Label: Episode One

Ok this thread is to warn anyone else who decides to do this kind of stuff to me. I've deal with shit like this often and I certainly don't need it here.

My name is Sora, both online and offline. Its my real name. I did not take the name from the Kingdom Hearts character with the same name.

I dont appreciate being the center of any jokes involving kingdom hearts, as a few found out earlier today in the chat, I basically go berserk. I have absolutely no tolerance to the jokes.

This also brings up another issue... Many assume that, thanks to Kingdom Hearts, that I am a guy. I am a girl, two X chromosomes. Ain't hard to figure out from my profile information.

the only jokes I'll really stand or possibly laugh with are the ones involving Digimon Sora. At least then you'll have the gender correct.

I have played some of Kingdom Hearts, mainly cause I was basically forced to play it by my friends even against my protest that any game that has caused me suffering before I even touched it I wouldn't need to play. The games are alright, they arent at fault, its all the other players or people who know about Kingdom Hearts that give me problems.

So please... No KH jokes... thats all I'm asking...

And this concludes this episode of Warning Label

You're OK with me, I touched that game once, said 'NO', and never looked at it again.

Somehow I doubted you'd name yourself after ...
No... no I wouldnt... Sora, to me atleast, and often enough in Japanese culture, a girl's name, more often than a guy's. Though I have seen a few Male Sora's in anime, like Sora Sensei in Girl Meets Girl, or Sora from .hack//SIGN. so it really becomes a Unisex'ed name.
This reminds me of the wookies from KOTOR.


Also, they sound odd when speaking english.

Quote (Shuryou)




Quote (Shuryou)




Dude, if Sora takes offense, I'll be hitting you for a warn for picking at the wound.

Sora, it's your call.
OH SNAP! *Hides in pillow fort*

That picture is going to make something bad happen....

Sora's gonna go Hulk on us, I know it. : o

But on a side note, I do greatly enjoy the KH games. And I already knew that you were a girl, Sora. Silly X chromosomes.
Eh.. unless you can warn Twi too then go ahead, I dont really care, its a gender bender pic either way. And what I mean by Twi is that Shur linked the image in the chat, which I didnt really care, then Twi went and then edited it with glasses saying "this is how Shur sees Sora"

Anyway, its not pictures that I will take offence to, its lines like "oh why dont you shut it and find that keyhole to your heart and unlock it" or such lines. So EN basically its Ok for that picture, its not a problem.

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This is a bad sign I've been on /a/ for far too long...
Sora and I are buddies and I didn't link it with bad intentions. If she wanted me to remove it, she would've asked so. At least... I think...