Anonymous on Fox


Fox, learn internet, plz.

Oh gawd! That's hilarious!
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but I didn't want to say it right away in case everyone else thought otherwise.
I laughed so hard to that. And I still am. Seriously.

Fox breaks new limits we didn't know existed.
Intercontinental televised stupidity is boundless.
No, Fox ... Epic Lulz comes from watching that.
Well... uh...
The death threats=not fun. Don't jump down my throat about this. I've seen the demotivators. "Anonymous does not forgive" and such.
But Fox actually saying, and dedicating time to explaining, "LOL"?! COME ON!
I was laughing so hard when they said explained what LOL means...Christ, that video was funny.

And about the stadium bombings, Fox? That was just one crazy guy...give poor Anon a break.
WEll, think about it this way...

Fox is watch by very comp illiterate ppl. If they dont explain it you'll find about 50,000 old people going WTF IS LOL!?!?

That, and they take their scources and fly with it, so when they read about the meme, they take it as an actuall organized group of people. They didnt reaserch that afar toherwise the story would be all..out of place >_>

yeh, blah :3
Oh dear... I was browsing /b/ and hearing rumors about them posting a response... But I didn't think they would do it.

I was wrong.
Actually, no. You're right. They didn't, Ebaumsworld did. Hence the Ebaumsworld spam posts and many 'lurk the fuck moar' posts to people asking about it.

Regardless, lol wut?
Fox habeeb'd it wrong.
If you divide the quality of Fox's reporting by zero, it actually becomes better.