Griffin and ScorchMan

Adding these two to my merry band of misfits.

Quote (Operator)

Name: Griffin Reim
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: Griffin stands at a respectable 6'2", weighing in at a hefty 210 pounds of solid muscle. He prefers to keep his hair buzzed and his chin shaved, though to his despair, both grow so rapidly that it's usually all he can do just to keep the stubble under control. His face is strong-jawed and friendly, with a hint of dimples around his cheeks and the beginnings of laugh lines around chocolate-brown eyes. His outfit largely depends on whether he's on-call or not. If so, then he's dressed in full firefighter's regalia, thick fireproof turnout coating him head to toe and a solid fireman's hat capping the ensemble off, plus or minus standard tools of the job. When off-duty, he's partial to form-fitting raglan shirts and whatever bottoms seem convenient for the season; shorts in summer, long pants in winter. His PET hangs on a fireproof belt holster that never leaves his side. While it isn't immediately obvious with clothes on, Griffin's left hand, shoulder, and upper back are a shiny mass of burn scars; they aren't debilitating and he is allowed to serve despite them, but the afflicted areas can still ache on bad days.

Personality: It has been said by many that Griffin somewhat resembles an overgrown puppy in personality; as friendly and loyal as he is, this is hard to deny. He's very outgoing and social, and rarely has a bad word to say against anyone. He's also fairly excitable, and prone to going off on tangents when riled up; as such, he relies a little on ScorchMan's comparatively level demeanour to reel him back at times. Griffin has a strong sense of loyalty and duty, which serves him well in the Kotobuki Fire Brigade, in making friends, and in the orphanage he volunteers at in his off-times. Of course, even he has his serious moments, usually coinciding with his duty and the reality he's reminded of every time he catches a glimpse of his scars. True to form, however, he never lets the blue moods get him down, and presents himself firmly as a beacon of positivity.

PET Modifications: Due to the nature of Griffin's job, his PET is by necessity completely fireproof, resplendent in a dark grey cover that can fully shield the delicate hardware from the intense heat of a house-fire. As he uses it for work as well, the PET is equipped with an extremely fine-tuned thermal scanner, capable of pinpointing human activity within a blaze so Griffin knows exactly where to work during an in-house rescue op. ScorchMan usually operates the scanner in these instances, relaying the information to Griffin as they go.

Quote (NetNavi)

Name: ScorchMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Guts
Appearance: Standing a little under six feet and mildly built, ScorchMan appears much less physically imposing than his Operator. His bodysuit is a deep, royal red lined with a few navy-blue stripes, mostly visible around his neck, upper arms, and midsection. His upper torso is covered in a gunmetal-grey piece of armour, segmented around the abdomen for mobility. His emblem, an eye surrounded by fire, sits in a recessed cavity in the centre of his chestplate, ringed on all sides by a series of vents that periodically spout small bursts of flame. His shoulders are covered in sizable plates that extend well past the joint to end in sharp triangular points, the backs similarly covered in metal slats for his internal fire to vent from. His arms are unadorned above the elbows, his forearms dominated by his dual Scorch Busters.

Only ScorchMan's bodysuit covers his midsection, armour starting from his legs down. Metal armour the same gunmetal shade as his chest-plate adorns his legs, the outer plates again strategically adorned with more heat-vents; his left leg, incongruous with the rest of his ensemble, bears a noticeable chink in the otherwise-flawless armour, and his gait makes it very clear that he favours it. His feet are covered in blocky boots in common Navi style, once again featuring heat vents on the soles. While ScorchMan is incapable of true flight, he is more than capable, and in fact prefers traveling via bombastic, flame-propelled jumps.

The red body suit extends up the neck to cover some of ScorchMan's cheeks. Much of his face is obscured by his helmet, a simple form-fitting apparatus made to fit snugly over the head. Two earpads bearing his emblem are fitted with backwards-facing heat vents, creating a steady stream of fire licking at the sides of his helmet. The only unusual feature to the helmet besides that is the lack of visor; rather, the helmet extends all the way down past the eyes, leaving only the nose down exposed. Even with the visor in place, it's still possible to see the twisted mass of burn scars that extend down beyond the metal blind, annihilating his eyes.

Personality: In contrast to Griffin's hyperactivity, ScorchMan comes off as much more subdued. Though he certainly doesn't lack the hot blood characteristic of most Fire Navis, it's somewhat dampened by an aura of sternness mixed with melancholy. Having been blinded long enough ago that he relies entirely on a sort of thermal mental-map for guidance, he can occasionally be a bit disconcerting to deal with due to a few side-effects to his condition, such as not knowing where exactly to look at somebody. Just as Griffin relies on him for a level head, he in turn relies on his Operator's innate ability to keep the mood light. For all his melancholy, he does have soft spots; specifically, for children and child-Navis, owing to a particularly character-shaping call that Griffin undertook once upon a time.

Custom Weapon: Scorch Buster
Both of ScorchMan's forearms are equipped with bulky, gunmetal-grey buster-gauntlets, built a full arm's width out to retain a free range of motion for the hand. When prepared to fire, a thick barrel extends from the gauntlet, sheathed in a cooling jacket. ScorchMan can also vent fire from the various ports on his armour, if need be, but prefers to stick with his gauntlets for out-and-out attacking.

Half Charge: Scorch Shot
ScorchMan builds up heat, then unleashes a small fireball from one gauntlet.

Charge Shot: Scorch Blast
ScorchMan builds up an intense amount of heat, and unleashes a torrent of flame from both gauntlets.

Signature Attack: Conflagration
Description: ScorchMan opens his shoulder and chest vents and expels an impressive amount of fire that settles around him in a protective haze, simultaneously locking his gauntlets together and firing a long stream of flame towards an opponent.
Effects: [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] {A}, 20-HP Barrier]; 2TCD

Starter Pack:
NaviCust: SetLava
Battlechip: Heatshot
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GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, RageClaw1, HeatShot x1
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