Spider-Man 3

I believe that enough time has passed, with enough of our member base having had the time to go see the movie, to open discussion on the film. Now, many people seem to be disappointed. I can understand that, though I do not necessarily agree. Of course, with the nature of this topic, there are bound to be some spoilers given. Therefore, if you have not seen the movie, I would advise you not to read this thread. Now I know we do have a form of "Spoiler Protection", but the white quote box thing is a tad silly. This thread is about discussing Spider-Man 3, and as such you should expect spoilers to be present. Don't like it? GTFO. Now, I will start by saying that I enjoyed the movie. I'll post a more in-depth opinion once there is an interest in this discussion and once I have some points to expand upon. Discuss away.


That was, beyond a doubt, the funniest part of the whole movie.
In a way, he hair fit. I mean, Peter is, for the most part, a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, He deals with his problems with a sense of humor and a cocky attitude. What is the opposite of that? An Emo! Therefore, as the symbiote altered his personality, it is quite reasonable for him to become such a character. However, that being said, his actions certainly weren't emo. I mean, that swagger down the street with the finger pistols? That's cocky to the max and I loved every second of it. That's how I walked from the theater to the bus stop.
True. That was pure awesome. But it really did feel like they were making him go emo (or at least making fun of emos) when he walked into a store, and came out wearing all black. After all, he combs the hair over his eye right after he's done being an angry person.
True that, those he did do some pretty wicked things. I think they did a good job of showing how the suit changed him. His violent, potentially fatal, strikes against the Sandman, his retaliation against Harry, beating up those bouncers and backhanding M.J. Of course, the slap was an accident, though he was there to piss her off.
Spidey 3 was ok...

It wasn't as great as the previous two movies, and I almost had coke come out my nose when I saw emo Peter.
I didn't see it yet. D:
Hiko, you better be kidding.

Anyway, Venom. Yes, it was rushed and Venom did not get the screen time he deserved. However, since Raimi wasn't planning on adding Venom in this one anyway and he was forced to add Venom, Brock, and Gwen at the last minute, I think he did a fine job. Honestly, given the actual Spider-Man storyline concerning Venom, Raimi had two choices: Either do one movie with Venom coming in towards the last third or do two movies with the black suit in the first one(And possibly Venom at the very end) and then have the next movie concern Venom completely. However, his hand was forced and, due to the whining of various officials and the "fans", he was forced into using the first, scrunched option. Given that, I think Raimi did a fine job.

Anyone else have any issues with the movie? Come on people, I was hoping for a larger discussion then this.
I have a random comment to add in, but bear with me. Bruce Cambell(sp) was excellent in this movie, perhaps even better than in 2. I absolutely loved his cameos in the series Raimi presented thus far.
Yes, yes he was. I love Bruce Cambell and I think it is awesome that Sam Raimi is always giving him cameos. Same with Ted Raimi. And of course, any time Stan Lee is in a movie is awesome.

Quote (Zanallen)

Hiko, you better be kidding.

No, I'm not. I'll just not look at this thread.
Geez, zan, you're writing Venom off a bit early, aint ya? There's good reason to believe that he survived the explosion. First off, as I noticed, both Eddie and the symbiote were engulfed by the explosion, but afterwards, only a bit of black slime was left. No charred body. If Harry can get hit with one of them and only suffer some burns on his face, it'd be really weird if that one blast with the exact same type of bomb would completely incinerate both Eddie and over 90% of the suit. Also, this guy I was talking to at the video store last night said something interesting: in the comics, as long as a small piece of Venom remains, it can regenerate itself and the person inside, in this case Eddie. So, according to my sources, since there was a bit of the suit left burning plus the bit that Peter's professor had, Venom should still live. So he will be back. Maybe not in the next one or the one after that, by golly he'll be back. Cause let's face it, at some point they're gonna need to throw in Carnage and when that happens, even Spiderman's going to need some help.
Oh I know. There is no way that he is dead. Venom is like the Guyver in that aspect, reforming from practically nothing. I was just saying that the reason he had such a small part in this movie was because he was never originally supposed to be in it. Raimi had his hand forced and he worked with what the producers and the "fans" gave him.
Yeah...Venom should get more screentime, and hopefully he will in the next? movie.
OK, level with me here... I just saw the movie and I have to ask... Is this an action movie or a romance?
It's a chick flick disguised as a superhero movie.
I had only two problems with Spiderman 3.

1. The first part was very rushed; tons of scenes went by very quickly, and before ya knew it, Sandman was born and New Goblin was chasing Spiderman. This was small, though, and I enjoyed the movie.

2. THE FUCKING AUDIENCE. At random intervals, the back row with 8 or so girls in it would giggle really loud, and at the SUPIRSING, not SCARY parts, not only the girls would scream. THE WHOL THEATER would shriek at the top of their lungs, even the 30 year old guys.

Yeah, Venom was quite rushed. My problem with Venom was two-fold:

1.) Almost EVERY TIME HE TALKED, he pulled back his mask to reaveal Brock. I know he did this sometimes in the comics, but come on, it made him way less cool.

2.) At times, when Venom actually had his mask on, and when he was jumping around and moving, his head looked like a silly rag doll or something. Like when Sandman first grabbed him and shook him, I almost laughed out loud, it looked so stupid.

As for the other bad guys: New Goblin was an interesting twist on Harry's Green Goblin, and Sandman was done much better than I hoped, although I felt he did't get as much development and screentime as the previous villans, probably due to Venom's inclusion.

Other than that, chew on this with Venom: In the comics, Doctor Octopus didn't die. They could have easily taken care of Venom for good, at least in the movies. There are still plenty of Spidey-Villans to choose from before they have to go to Carnage, and several are already IN the movies, such as The Lizard, Man-Wolf, and whatever that one girl's name was.

Personally, I'm hoping for the Lizard, although they took heavy elements between Lizard/Spiderman fights and used it for the Doc Ock/Spidey fight in 2. If the opt for a fresh villan, I'd like to see Kraven the Hunter, Chameleon, or Scorpion.
I haven't seen it, but from what I've heard and read, it won't be very good. The don't pay nearly enough tribute to SpiderVenom, which did not in fact alter his personality that rapidly. In the original Spiderman cartoon, when Peter first donned the badass suit and became SpiderVenom, his personality did not change. It gradually changed until he became that evil, maniacal, destructive Spiderman that J. Jonah Jameson was talking about when Spiderman first appeared. He became exactly what the public originally thought he was, exactly what they feared he would become. A quick 20-minute jaunt with that suit isn't nearly enough. Also, I noticed that he didn't have one of the SpiderVenom suit's best abilities: the ability to alter your clothing to become whatever you want it to be. In the original cartoon, he became Peter Parker in his normal clothes, he had the suit morph into a normal business suit, it was just plain awesome. Peter had instant disguises and never had to take his suit off except for when he was showering. They just don't give SpiderVenom enough screentime.

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The don't pay nearly enough tribute to SpiderVenom

They couldn't without making the movie like four hours long. The producers forced Raimi's hand, telling him that the "fans" wanted Venom and that if Venom was not in the movie then he'd be out. He did what he had to do.

Now, I would have liked Spider-Man 3 better without Venom, or at least have him as a teaser at the very end. I would have liked this movie to have been more about the black suit and Peter's personality change, while dealing with Sandman and New Goblin(Who are cool enough villains on their own). They should have expanded more on the characters, and then gradually led up to where Venom would play central figure in SM 4.