Mi'an & SG.EXE

I am canning my team of Auri and Zoe, including their items, for this new pair.

Name: Micaella Coleman (Mi'an)
Age: 21 years old.
Gender: Female.

Appearance: Micaella is a short dark skinned girl with a modest body size. She has black messy hair coming down to just below her shoulders and covering the top half of her face. Her face is host to the following features: calm-looking light brown eyes, almost sleepy, which are a bit higher than normal eyes; full lips; a nose somewhat longer than normal; a pair of large round glasses, with black rim, sit on her nose. Most of the time she wears black make-up around her eyes and black lipstick on her lips, but very lightly.
Her outfit usually consists of a long skirt reaching her feet, a dress shirt for ladies with a ribbon or tie and comfortable heeled shoes. The chosen colors for her attire are, most of the time, shades of brown, red and/or white. Other times she'll wear a one-piece dress, but always covering her legs entirely.

Personality: Micaella is a calm girl with a quiet and soft voice. She's very polite and kind, one might say dignified. Influenced by her family and standing, she's pretty much the model of a princess. As such she goes to a private school for girls and has little experience with male interactions. This doesn't mean, however, that she's afraid of them but just doesn't know what she can and can't do. However there is one thing about men that can break her 'princess-like behavior' and that is romantic scenarios involving men or boys.

PET Modifications: Micaella's PET is designed like a pocket watch. The outside of the pocket watch has a soccer ball printed on it on each side, taking the entire size of the watch. At the bottom of the watch is a slot for the chips. At the top is the mechanism normally used to wind up the watch, but for this design it's merely a container for a cord to connect to PCs or terminals. The inside of the pocket watch has 2 screens on each side. Because of the PET's design, it doesn't come with a function to display a holographic image of the Navi. Attached to the pocket watch PET is a silver chain which Micaella usually wears around her neck.

Name: SoccerGirl.EXE (SG)
Gender: GIRL.
Element: Null.
Subtype: Speed.

Appearance: SG has a fairly modest body with a somewhat larger bust and the finely toned muscles of a sports woman. Her skin tone is a shade between light and tanned. She has spiked black hair loosely swept backwards with her forehead covered by a strand or two. She has sharp, masculine eyes with her pupils looking like miniature soccer balls. The rest of her face is that of a tomboy, girly yet masculine. On each side of her head, covering her ears, are circular, white audio receivers with her emblem (a black and white soccerball pattern with the Venus symbol in the center) on them. A light green visor is between the two audio receivers, covering her eyes.
To cover her chest SG wears a white shirt with the following pattern on it: on the chest is a light yellow opened circle with lines spreading out to the shoulders and the bottom sides of the chest; on the backside is another light yellow opened circle except larger, this one also has lines extending to the same spots; in the center of the circle on the back is SG's emblem pictured; from the shoulders there's a single line along the outer side of the sleeves to the end; at the end of the sleeves is a light yellow line around it. This pattern alternates between its light yellow color and light green, like a pulsing effect. The shirt, however, is a tad too small for her and her midriff is visible practically all the time.
To protect her arms she wears a pair of white, fingerless gloves that come up to halfway her lower arm. On the outer side of the gloves there are two light yellow line with the same pulsing effect as her shirt.
Along with her shirt SG wears a pair of white, sporty shorts with the following pattern: at each side there is a light yellow line going from top to bottom. At the front of the shorts, at the top, is a small black label with 'SoccerGirl' written on it.
SG wears very short boots, only coming to her ankle, with a sport shoes' pattern on it. This pattern is light yellow, accompanied by the same pulsing effect as the rest of her outfit. Embedded in the outer side of each boot is a soccer ball, which allows SG to generate actual soccer balls from. She also wears a pair of white socks with leg warmers attached to them, reaching up to just below her knees.

Personality: SG is a gung ho girl with a passion for victory. One might say she's one of the boys, as her mannerism doesn't really suit that of a girl. Crude, loud and violent are just a few keywords for her personality. But this doesn't mean she's not friendly to her allies, it's exactly the reverse. SG will be very quick to consider someone as her closest buddy, also acting like it.

Custom Weapon: SG uses a soccerball for her ranged attacks of which she can summon an unlimited amount. For her melee attacks she'll resort to using kicks, but will still keep the ball between herself and the target.

Signature Attack:
Name: Flower of Gaia
Description: After kicking the ball into the ground, a large flower with black and white petals grows which propels the soccerball into the air. SG jumps after it and kicks the ball at an opponent with the flower petals flowing around it.
1 Target

NaviCust: ResetStage
Battlechip: CactBall1
I'd gripe about more female Operators, but all things considered, this is your only one. Exempt.

GET CHIP: Cannon, RageClaw1, Shotgun, CactBall1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, ResetStage