Arch and Hex

Quote (Operator)

Name: Archibald Voldt ['Arch']
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Physically speaking, Arch can roughly be summed as the epitome of the Netopian everyman, boiled down into a single human being. His features are all properly in place - straight teeth, brown eyes, generic dark straight hair, and all of it almost predisposed to being forgotten, or at least mixed in with the myriad faces people see from day to day. He stands of average build, perhaps a little taller than most and a tad overweight, and seems to wear nothing but jeans and button-down shirts in various shades, possibly with a windbreaker hastily thrown on overtop. The only constant features to him are the leather satchel permanently at his side (at least, whenever he chooses to leave his apartment), which is ostensibly for carrying his laptop but tends to wind up holding a bit of everything, and the huge, bulky headphones that never seem to come off his ears.
Arch is, above all else, a bit of a misanthrope. This reflects on just about everything about him: his anonymous job as a Net architect, his solitary lifestyle and resulting shut-case apartment, his perpetual headphones, etc. He tends to come off as outright rude around others; in truth, human interaction alternatively scares and disturbs him, depending on what mood he's in. He makes an exception with Hex, if simply because the Navi's demeanor is so obviously artificial that it doesn't hit any of the usual triggers. He's fond of a couple certain chemical vices, which do generally alter his behaviour to make him a little easier to be around, but given his tendency to reserve this to his apartment (and his reluctance to leave), this is rarely witnessed.
PET Modifications:
Arch's PET is a standard, chrome-silver Link model: full media capability, holographic interface both for access and to manifest a 3D image of Hex, etc, but is largely unused in favour of his laptop computer. The only customization present is a series of binary code streams stenciled in black onto the back casing, ostensibly for identification purposes.

Quote (NetNavi)

Name: Hexidecimal.EXE ['Hex']
Gender: N/A
Element: Null
Subtype: Bug
Hex's body appears to be comprised of a mishmash of an innumerable number of Navis, smushed together Frankenstein-style in a veritable freak show of mismatched limbs and pieces. It can potentially have any number of arms, legs, heads...even torsos at once, but there are two defining features no matter what body parts it's using. The first is the general look of decay and deterioration to it; humanoid parts will look a bit...dead, maybe even rotted, whereas more robotic, Navi-esque armour will invariably be cracked or broken in places. The second is the matter holding its parts all together: a translucent, gelatinous white protoplasm with nigh-endless morphing capabilities, filled with tiny moving ones and zeroes that swim erratically. This is in fact Hex's true body, which is present both anchoring each part of its ramshackle body to another another, and seeping from every crack or hole in its body. They can form into long tendrils protruding from the core body, spread across the surface of its armour like parasitic growth, or simply pool at its feet. The pool displays a slight wormhole effect; Hex can, at any time, add or replace parts of its body with 'new' (but similarly damaged like the rest of it) pieces, which emerge from the pool at its feet and are rapidly integrated into its body.

[Picture to be added later maybe.]
Hex can't be said to have much of a personality, owing partially to Arch's utter lack of skill in Navi programming and partially to its own origins: an inexplicably intelligent mass of glitched data that infested the 'junk-heap' of Arch's many, many failed Navi projects, and somehow gained a semblance of sentience. Its voice is clunky, robotic, and tends to glitch at random, keeping in line with Hex's buggy code that never fails to resist deletion and potential patch-fixes alike. However, emotion is not unknown to it, as it has been known to exemplify the odd trait that can't be explained away as anything but an emotional reaction, such as sudden panic or fear. These tend to happen extremely quickly, and may very well simply be more bugs in the glitch hot-pot that is Hex's code.
Custom Weapon: Hex Buster
Hex's array of body parts includes a veritable arsenal of ranged weaponry, though of course every last one of them is defunct. Instead, it can simply funnel a bit of its own protoplasm through the barrel, and fire it in a reasonable facsimile of a normal buster; Hex's glitch-ridden code tends to disagree with physical contact. It can also produce a melee attack in a similar manner, using either protoplasm-tipped melee weapons or simply attacking with a sharp tendril.
Signature Attack: Infect
Extrapolating off of its normal attack, Hex forcefully infects the target with a sizable quantity of its own code. Given the sheer amount of glitches that somehow comprise the Navi, this can result in just about any number of potential results
(40 Null + Glitch, 2TCD)

Starter pack:

Subchips: Minienergy x2
Navicust: Undershirt, HP +50
Battlechips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, Recov 30
THIS SEEMS FAMILIAR BUT I DON'T KNOW WHY. Oh wait, yes I do. Approved, you know the drill, and welcome back Sage.

GET CHIP: Cannon, RageClaw1, Shotgun, Recov30
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP+50