What other RPG's are you into

Just wondering what other Forum based RPG you guy's are in. If you could give a breif description/rating of them as well, so that others can see if there's something they want to join, that would be great.

here's a list of the ones Im a member of.

Full metal alchemist? Another good site. Very mature play, perfectly recreates the fell of the world of Full metal alchemist.

Kingdom hearts Good site if your a hardcore KH fan (like I am)

Zelda RPG The greatest Zelda Forum on the net. You can be anything in the Zelda univers. From a mighty warrior to average Joe Baker. Its all here.

Shadow of the Colossus
Though small, and very very new, this site shos a lot of potential. Has RPing for Shadow of the colossus, Final fantasy XI and Kingdom hearts.


Set in the world of Bleach, the site recently changed to v3. Despite this Rping will get started soon. A good site, great battles and excelent character development.

and yes, I am Bullderdash on all of them.
I'm on megaman.exe rpg, Rockman.exe chaos, this site, and that's about it.

If you want linkage to any of the sites, PM me, as I can't post them here without being suspended or givin a verbal warning.
Waoh... that movie on the Collossus forum is totally epic...

That's the stuff that rocks my socks.

/blush Woo... Epicness...
I'm on this awesome RPG forum called Last Breath. It's fairly new but the Admin is a totally awesome person, just like the forum itself. It has an interesting setting and is completely original.

I didn't get namedropping way back when, Shuryou, during the days of the ol' Growsie. D:



*shuts up* XD
I'm fairly certain someone gave us namedropping, eh.

I had an RP board but I never finished it... woes is me. XD
There's this good one I've been on. DigitalHarmony. It's like a Digimon RPG ( Yes, I have the heart of a kid ). It's a great RP that revolves around the 5th Season.

Here's the link.