While I personally am not a PS3 fan, I couldn't help but be totally captivated by this little gem. Have a look at some videos, then watch a demo run-through.

That water hose thing... I mean... wow.

And the skateboard roffled me to gaming glitz.
That game looks to be made of concentrated win in a solid state.

I want a PS3. If only I had the time to play it enough to make it worth the money. ;__;
i'm waiting for second gen games for all of the consoles......though i may grab a wii when metroid prime 3 comes out......I HAVE NO MONEY OR LIFE! i need to get a summer job when school is out......
My parents won't let me get a Wii, but they will let me get a DS. Go figure.

Anyway, I've clearly been underestimating next-gen graphics. Wow. It's loading slow for me but I have gotten to watch them throw objects onto the place and run around with that little guy.

Damn...And you know the graphic will get better. Go ahead and compare the game released on the first day of PS2 to the latest one on PS2 XD

A DS is all I need...but a Wii won't hurt XD (NO PUN :angry: )

PS: Pretty cute though X3
I know some people whose Wiis might hurt you.

Well, you asked for it. :3
Alright, maybe Sony's starting to get it, after all. That's innovation as only the PS3 can do. They need to worry less about uber-graphics and look more into some more unique applications for all that power.
Oh man... now I want a glass of concentrated win! But it's too damn expensive!