Landon McCoy and The Nav With No Name

Quote (Operator)

"This Old Bastard Still Has It"
Name:Landon McCoy
Age: 68
A man, appearing to be in his early fifties. 5'5" tall, weighs 150lbs.

His green eyes sparkle at you. His hair is white, parted evenly in the centre, each side equally long, extending from centre to ears. His face is clean shaven, save for his small beard. The beard itself extends from one side of his square jaw to the other.

He typically is dressed in a black, vest sweater. Beneath, a black bowtie, and a white short-sleeved formal shirt. Black slacks allow him to easily blend into the suits-crowd, and yet stand out.

He wears silver bracers, black-half gloves for typing.

Landon is a happy-go-lucky type. He seems to be searching for an apprentice, somebody to pass knowledge on. He looks forward to retirement. His sense of humour has been twisted by years in the IT industry.


PET Modifications:
His PET is black, with white trim. It seems to be quite old, and has a few scuffs on its edges.

Quote (NetNavi)

Name:The Nav With No Name
Element: Normal/Null
Subtype: Cursor
Epic image by hub's friend, high res edition

Framed against the starry night sky, frozen on the sand dune, is the enigmatic man of mystery: The Nav With No Name.

At first glance, you notice his brown cowboy hat, a cross between a fedora and a sombrero. The next thing you notice is his brown shawl. Below the shawl, black pants that melt into his boots.

As you get closer, you'll make out his face. He appears to be in his early thirties, but his face tells of hard grit. His impressive mane appears not to have been shaved in months. A lit cigar is in his mouth, a red flame against the black sky.

He smiles, revealing impossibly perfect teeth.

And then his cloak flies, like a bat, behind him.

He's wearing a brown vest, and a blue denim shirt. He has a brown belt, and two silver guns holstered. In the blink of an eye, a gun is in his hands.

You see light.

You are dead.

A wolf howls as gun-lightning breaks the silence.
The strong, silent type. The Nav With No Name is loyal to two people: Landon, and himself. With a devil-may-care attitude, a dark sense of humor, and a habit of cigar-smoking, he's the dude little navis want to be.

Custom Weapon: Peacemaker
The Colt Peacemaker. A black sixgun, a favorite among law and rogues alike. Packing a heavy punch, this gun could stop a charging warhorse.
Signature Attack: Sawed-Off Shotgun
A small, silver-barreled shotgun, with most of the barrel sawn completely off. Compact, it packs a powerful punch, but isn't so easy to reload...
Deals 2x30 damage (60 Pts)
2 turns of CD


Quote (Initial Loot)

Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw, Barrier
Hey there!

Since I'm up at the opposed time-zone to most I'll drop a note in here quickly, to help speed the registration back-and-forth along.

There's some statistical detailing that needs to go in here, to make him play-ready. Just the hard numbers for his signature, and your choices for your starter pack (Which NCP and Chip you're picking from the options). The things you have to choose from are listed Here, and you can find some more detailed info and help on creating the formalisation of your signatures Here (Sig Attack System) and then Here (Signature Effect List)!

Hope that helps speed things along for you, hehe, I can see you've got a taste for the dramatic, so, the quicker the paper-work gets sorted out the better, right? Remember, if you've got anything you're unsure about or questions you want to ask, just swing by the chat, and there'll usually be someone about who'll be happy to answer questions!

Edits made.
Looks good now to me, so I approve. Be sure to update your board signature and post both profiles in information databases before you start. Thanks!

GET CHIP: Cannon, RageClaw1, Shotgun, Barrier
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, ResetStage