The Rate-Yourself-As-A-Mod thread!

I'm bored. Very frequently this happens, but this is one of the few times something comes of it. Namely, this:


You get 6 stats to rate from 1-8 (0 is also an option).

SPEED is how fast you mod.
ORIGINALITY is how original you think your NPCs/plots/etc are.
DIVERSITY is whether you're a 100% normal mod or a battlefield painter, never throwing the same stuff twice.
ENGLISH is how eloquently you can speak (type) this language. Yes, this one. That you're reading. Right now.
RULES KNOWLEDGE is how well you know the rules.
PLAYER SATISFACTION is how satisfied players generally come away from your threads, for any or none of the above reasons.

Here's mine.

Speed is at 3 because I alternate between MULTIPLE MODS A DAY, HOO-RAH and leaving people unmodded for plus tax days.

Narcissism is at 100% because I actually came up with this whole spiel

Feel free to comment on other peoples' posts, but keep things lighthearted, please.
I guess I'll go with this...

Speed: 2
Originality: 5
Diversity: 6
English: 7
Rules Knowledge: 5
Player Satisfaction: Dunno.
Speed: Ranges between 3 and 6, currently 3.
Originality: 4
Diversity: 7
English: 8
Rules Knowledge: 4
Player Satisfaction: Dunno.
Speed: Used to be 7, now like, 2.5 or something
Originality: 4
Diversity: 6
English: 7
Rules Knowledge: 6.5
Player Satisfaction: 3
I coloured mine in.