Siri Lundgren and Nakkna.EXE

Name: Siri Lundgren
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Fairly short at 5'5", with very light skin and a shapely, but more heavily built figure. She had brown eyes and matching brown hair, fairly short and messy but usually hidden by a hat. She typically dresses to the weather. In Sharo it's usually heavy clothes and a knee-length coat. At school in Electopia she'll dress much warmer: even in winter she'll drop the coat for lighter clothes and a sweater, and in summer she'll go all-out with a tank top and short shorts (or less if she can get away with it) and frequently carry a personal fan. She'll keep a toboggan or similar hat on in all but the hottest weather, though, simply because it keeps her from having to try and make her hair behave.

Personality: To put it bluntly, Siri is incredibly odd. Not even touching (yet) on the fact that she designed a navi for day to day use whose theme revolved around stripping, she's still the one person in a group of people who you sometimes have to wonder if she's off in her own little world. She's prone to flights of fancy, and prone to sharing them despite seeming to be aware of how ridiculous they are. She hates being forced to do things, but once she gets started she tends to finish in record time (usually even doing a thorough job) and wonder what's taking everyone else so long. She's also fond of telling stories, especially about her home. Almost all of these stories are completely made up, and most of the rest are ridiculously exaggerated. If Siri were to be believed, Sharo is a frozen hellscape full of yetis and angry bears that can eat yetis in one bite. Needless to say, she claims to have lived an interesting life before starting college.

As for her navi, all of Nakkna's stranger quirks are entirely Siri's idea, from generating weapons by removing clothes to the intricate and completely unorthodox navi emblem. It should be noted that Siri prefers the company of other women, and in that regard is a bit of a pervert. She wouldn't readily admit the latter, though it's not all that difficult to figure out.

PET Modifications: Black with silver trim. No mechanical modifications.

Name: Nakkna
Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Speed

Appearance: Nakkna is a female navi of moderate height, standing approximately 5'7", with very light skin and blue eyes. She has dirty blonde hair, naturally just a little wavy and falling just past her shoulders, but tied back with a simple hairband. Her body, as expected for being designed by someone with a healthy appreciation for the female figure, is slender and well-proportioned, with a moderately large bust and just enough muscular tone to not detract from her figure. Under ideal circumstances, she's covered enough to not be able to show much of it off, but...well, suffice to say, things happen. All the time.

On the surface, Nakkna's outfit is fairly ordinary. It was designed much like a human's from Siri's home in Sharo: made primarily for warmth and comfort. Most obviously she wears a gray shirt, fairly thick but tight enough to hug her figure, similarly thick black slacks, a pair of black boots made for moving in the snow with extra thick soles, and a fairly heavy dark green coat, lined with fur on the inside. She also wears a pair of black gloves with padded grips and, underneath her sleeves, a pair of leather bracers. Likewise, her shirt and coat usually hide a belt around her waist that appears to serve no purpose, as it's never visible when she's fully dressed and her pants are already tight enough to not need it. Because of the nature of her design, she was also designed with undergarments, consisting of a simple black bra and panties. In addition to all of this, she wears small-framed glasses and a necklace bearing her navi emblem. The emblem appears to be a featureless circle of galvanized iron, but on closer inspection is covered in miniscule engravings of various weapons.

While Nakkna's outfit may look ordinary and simplistic, however, it's far from it. Her shirt and pants come apart in several places along hidden seams which appear to have been conveniently placed so that everything could be easily torn off. Her bracers, while only one piece, are similarly designed, with the laces holding them together able to be pulled apart in a single motion. And, in fact, that was exactly what they were designed for. Nakkna's clothes were made to be removed, in pieces if necessary, and when they are each individual article (or piece of an article) becomes a weapon. As in, they literally turn into weapons. One piece could become a sword or a tomahawk, while others could become handguns, rifles, or even grenades. And this applies to everything she wears. She isn't truly out of hidden weapons until she runs out of clothes.

Although what weapons correspond to what pieces of clothing can seem unpredictable at times, there are a few that are definitely consistent. Her boots, which contain rocket thrusters for jumping and dashing even when worn, are still rocket thrusters when removed and can be used for fire-based attacks. Her navi emblem necklace, when removed, becomes a sniper rifle with the emblem still inscribed on the stock. Her coat becomes a long-barrel laser cannon. And finally, the lower half of her left sleeve tears away to become a small bomb in the shape of a playing card. Specifically the Ace of Spades. Siri thought the idea was funny.

Personality: Nakkna doesn't seem to be bothered by much, and takes most of the oddities of her design and the net world around her in stride. Her philosophy seems to be "stranger things have happened, so why worry about it". She's typically calm, composed, easy-going, and rational. She prefers to think things through when she can, and when she can't prefers to go with the flow of a situation. If that involves doing embarassing things or fighting needless flights, then so be it. If that involves leaving something alone and letting it work itself out, that's fine too. One might think she doesn't have much initiative, and they'd be absolutely right. She believes that enough things just happen on her own (or because of something Siri did, which is also quite common) that she doesn't have to.

However, much like the most prominent quirk of her design, her outfit effectively acts like a switch. As she starts taking things off, she gets more "into" a situation. Much like the clothes to weapons connection, anything can affect this, even her glasses or her hairband. That said, she's usually still in control enough to not become a RPG-wielding berserker when she runs out of clothes in a fight. Usually.

Custom Weapon: Although almost all of her weapons are drawn by removing parts of her clothing, she does own one that is, in fact, a weapon at all times. It's a small handgun the fires bursts of compressed air, which she usually keeps concealed in her coat.

Signature Attack: 260/260 Total Points
Rocket Boots - Escape Thrusters [Active, 1TCD]: Not particularly damaging, but good for putting a bit of distance between Nakkna and her target. Nakkna kicks off an opponent with her rocket boots, knocking them back while launching herself in the opposite direction. It can also be used once her boots are removed, but it's much less controlled that way.
Knockback (10) + Feint (30), 40 Total Points

Card Bomb - Ace Up Her Sleeve [Active, 2TCD]: It's a bomb, in the shape of the ace of spades. Nakkna tears her sleeve off and throws it at someone's face, and it explodes. Simple.
60 Null Damage (60), 60 Total Points

Scrambler - Data Scramble [Active, 2TCD]: A device that generates multiple glitches in a target. Nakkna can use it on herself as well without removing it, which seems to only serve to do weird things to (or even power) other weapons. Glitches generated by the Scrambler seem to be entirely random in nature. No missile ponies have yet been observed. It seems to be tied to Nakkna's right glove.
Glitch x3 (60), 60 Total Points

Laser Cannon - Armor Buster [Active, 3TCD]: One of Nakkna's laser cannon's settings is designed to punch clean through armor and shields. Due to power requirements, it's not all that damaging, but she's working on it. In the meantime, it's still a big laser beam. As a bonus, it can go straight through some obstacles.
60 Null (60) + Break (20) + Phasing (20), 100 Total Points

Justification for rebirth: Due to a number of emergencies related to very old creations of Rachna and her siblings going berserk, Rachna is forced to play damage control full time. Being her only contact not in cyberspace who is still alive, Ellen was dragged in too, although a new (old, actually) chip folder was provided for her until the incident is resolved. In the meantime, she's loaned out the chips and upgrades she accumulated since meeting Rachna to a friend (that's Siri) who recently lost all of hers in a related computer crash.
Ellen's expecting her stuff back when everything settles down, but with new problems popping up every day, that could potentially be a long time.

Borrowed from Ellen and Rachna:
Navicust: Undershirt, Shield
Upgrades: HP Memory x1, Process Upgrade x5, +Knockback Buster Upgrade

Chips: (17 Total)
-1x Cannon - 40+knockback
-1x BambooKnife - 60+Wood+Slashing, Multiuse
-1x RageClaw - 40, multiuse, can throw enemies at other enemies for 20 each
-1x SummonBlack2 - 200+slashing+wide, can only be summoned from broken or missing
-1x ElementalRage - 60+Line3+Takes element of terrain under user.
-1x WhiteWeb1 - 40+Snare to up to 3
-1x BugBomb - Glitch+Plague+Blast3
-1x PanelShot - 100+5% Broken
-1x DashAttack - 90+Impact+Line5+Movement
-1x LilBomb - 50+Blast2
-1x Needler1 - 60 HP Object, 30 Null to three targets each turn
-1x QuickBoomerang1 - 10+Slashing+Group Attack (Arc)x3 Boomerangs
-1x SideBamboo1 - 80+Long Attack+Wood
-1x Sensor1 - 100HP object, 100 Elec+Beam+Stun to anything in its path
-1x BubbleStar1
-1x AirSpin1 - 100 HP Object, (10 Null + Impact + Slashing + Blast 3) x 3 on the next turn
-1x Arrow1: 100 Elec+Homing

Subchips: 2x MiniEnergy

This of course means Cray is going on the shelf as well, although it's doubtful at best that I'll use her again.
Shelving approved, rebirth approved, characters approved, and I maintain no responsibility for what Aim may do with this one.