I bet you 100 (FAKE) dollars that you will jump!


If you watch this video THE WHOLE WAY without jumping or getting scared,I will give you 100 (FAKE) dollars and 80 cookies.

Think you can tough it? B)

I don't get it.

Are we supposed to start from the beginning of the series or just watch that particular video? That video wasn't scary at all.
How can you not be even a tiny bit scared of that video?
Well,basicly if you want to get it,then look in the description. Its basicly part of an interactive game.
I was not frightened either. I find this thread unamusing. Let us drop the subject.
This was unfunny, unfrightening, and a complete waste of my time.
I'm on 0:30 in the video of the 0:38 in total. When does something scary happen?

The hand moved way and waaaay too slow to actually be scary.

This is scary.