Damian and Celsius

(Rebirthing EMMA but keeping her operator, poor guy down on his luck.)


Name: Damian Richards

Age: 19

Gender: Male

A fairly standard body size for a man of 5'11, Damian has a pretty average look to him that doesn't really set him apart from the normal man. Not caring to much about his appearance, he doesnt take care of his hair or facial hair most mornings, leaving him with a rough look with his untamed brown hair, deep green eyes and stuble on his chin. Damians body carries a slight tan as while not usually partaking in out door activities, he prefers to work on and mess around with machines, electronics and vehicles outdoors in the fresh air opposed to a stuffy garage.

Damian's most noticeable and most often seen article of clothing is the dark blue overalls which cover most of his body, and mainly used for work. While not toiling away on machines, the upper half is zipped down to his waist and the sleeves are tied around him like a belt. The suit shows some signs of wear, as well as the occasional remnant of a oil stain here and there. All and all its a very comfy and functional piece of clothing. There's also a simple black shirt which Damian wears beneath his work suit. The fabric is soft and flexible, and its dark color tends to hide any stains he may have gotten on it. Damian sports a pretty simple set of running shoes, black in color and very easy to move around in. He fills them with a good quality insole, for the utmost comfort.

Personality: If one were to look at him, they would most often come to the conclusion Damian was quite lazy or disinterested in the world around him, but most often he is just lost in thought about his work or projects in machinery. When it comes to subjects that catch his interest his eyes brighten and mood completely changes to on full of excitement like a child with a new toy. Most often a kind and gentle man, he's willing to help out when he's needed though how fast he works is dependent on if something else catches his interest.

Sometime after creating EMMA, Damian's work as a self-employed mechanic took a turn for the worst. His business was starting to decline in clientel thanks to a larger competing chain opening nearby, and the cost of living was making it near impossible to keep the shop. Not having much of a choice, he opted to rent out the building while he chose to work from home part time, using his knowlege of machines and appliances to start as a multi-purpose home repairman ranging from kitchen ware to heaters and AC units, and various other electronics. Of course EMMA wasn't exactly an ideal assistant for the work, especially still being just a prototype, so Damian set her to take care of the home front while he developed a second Navi; the temperature controlled Celsius.

PET Modifications:
Damian's PET while having all the standard functionality, has been modified into a arm band of sorts, spanning the length of his left forearm. Black in color and outfitted with a touchscreen with various options, it provides easy access and use. One of his favorite features is the wireless and infra-red connection capabilities it has, though it does have a cable in the off chance its needed.

Net Navigator:

Name: Celsius
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Subtype: Variable

Appearance: Celsius's appearance is a bit of an odd one to say the least, contrasting colors hidden behind a shifting protective layer is the simplest explanation. She holds a fairly well maintained physique, standing at a height of 5'9, and tanned brown flesh. From her feet to her neck, Celsius is clad in a light weight cerulean blue suit of armor that conforms to and covers her whole body, Including a knights helmet, rounded in front with a spike on all 4 sides at the top, which reveals only barely her mismatched eyes.

While every day activities are fine, being exposed to continuous movement/combat in such a suit causes her to over heat, bringing her body and blood to a boil. When her body heats up the armor opens out away from her body in strategic locations to vent, as the hotter metal takes on a crimson glow. This quirk has been known to even extend to her emotions, causing them to directly effect its form.

The armor opens up at 4 specific spots revealing a black undercloth beneath: The armor at her bicep folds back onto the shoulder forming thick spiked pauldrons, the plates on her back shift and open at the center outwards, The armor at her thighs opens up forming a metallic knee length skirt, Lastly her helmet splits apart to the sides revealing her hair and face leaving only a crown around her head.

Her hair and eyes are a contrasting set, as her left eye matches her cerulean armor and her right the crimson. The right side of her hair hangs down to her chin and brushed to the side of her face in a straightened fashion, aqua in color. The left side however is shorter ruby hair, with a completely messy and unkempt look.

Personality: Celsius takes the idea of hot and cold to extremes, as the whole idea is integrated into not only her looks but her attacks and even her personality. One minute she can be calm, collected and completely reserved, but once she gets heated up she's exciteable, revealing and somewhat irrational. Do to her suit venting when she gets overheated and excitable, this often causes her to alternate from cold to hot and back again repeatedly throughout the battle which makes for an odd interaction to say the least.

Custom Weapon: Celsius bears a combination sword and shield which she uses for primary combat. Each tends to take on the element of her current attitude. In addition she can use either element for ranged assaults, channeling it through her armor or weaponry; sometimes capable of forcing a shift, be it intentional or not.

Signature Attacks:

Flash freeze: (20 points) self-centered medium ice terrain - 1 tcd

Celsius forcibly cools herself down using a built in flash freeze, helping her maintain her cold temperature while keeping herself calm and collected. This forced cool down is strong enough that it leaves a lingering layer of ice on anything else in the surrounding area.

Armor of Emotion:
20 hp planar casing + 1 hit planar shield (40 points) - 1 tcd

Celsius's armor takes on the properties of her current form, bolstering its defenses against the corresponding element.

Inherited Items (From Emma):

Navi Customizer contents: Undershirt, HP+50

chips: 1 x RageClaw1 - 40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting, 6 uses - Accuracy: B/B
1x Shotgun - 50 + Spread 1 - Accuracy: A
1 x MokoRush1- 60 + Ground Attack x 3 targets - Accuracy: C
1 x Guard1 - 1 hit shield. reflect up to 60 damage.
1 x twinfang1 - 70 x 2 targets. Accuracy: A

Zenny: 360z

2 x Mini Energy
Rebirth approved, but don't think you're the first with a fire-wielding Aqua Navi. D: