It's a simple game, really.

BUMP THE TOPIC. Most bumps wins, you can't bump if you bumped it last.

Surprise me when I get back from work.
*bumps the thread*

I've seen one of these before

Are we bumping here because we can only bump in our threads once a day?

Also, bump.
Just for a minute let's all do the bump!

Bump, I suppose. Though I still don't understand the point.
Since when does anything have to have a purpose?

I like having a purpose to the events in my life. Bump.
How about this: it's either this topic, or I go on a random sign-up-to-forums-only-to-bump-every-possible-topic rampage.

Oh, and BUMP.
Raiding is a bad idea.

I agree with you completely, RevivedSin.

In theory.

In theory, communism works.

Does life really have a point other than live though?

I mean, as long as you are having fun, eating well and have a place to sleep, isn't that all you need?

aside from maybe having kids?

and bumping?
You say "maybe having kids".

Without offspring, your legacy cannot continue.

Your path in life will shrivel and die into nothingness as nobody lives on to carry your genes.

To live on to eternity, you must have offspring.

To do that, you'll need a good bump.
I don't know what the problem is, but the cure is always more bump.